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Lower Little Turkey/Upper Salome/Tank, AZ
mini location map2012-09-22
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Lower Little Turkey/Upper Salome/Tank, AZ 
Lower Little Turkey/Upper Salome/Tank, AZ
Hiking avatar Sep 22 2012
Hiking7.00 Miles
Hiking7.00 Miles
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Looking on the map program can get you in trouble sometimes. Or lead you to paradise. Back to camp near the start of Park canyon, take the pack trail past the head to a vague split. The map was incorrect over a small portion which had been rerouted past Rock spring. It was getting right toasty as we descended into dry Little Turkey Creek. We made a very short sortie up the confluence with Turkey Creek; short because of granite bound pools which made us do some short climb arounds. The canyon was shallow here and pretty, promised some narrow tall walls on up but with the sun high and lots left to do we left here and headed down Little Turkey. We were surprised by a slit pour off of about 30-40 feet with an overhung black pool at the bottom. The cold air wafting out of there was delicious. Tiptoeing around the edge on a game trail led us down then a short walk back up to Shangri-La. Huge trees up to 60 feet tall,some sort of hardwood, straight, with lush grapevines and poison ivy accompanied by huge rooted sycamores. We tarried here a bit then on down canyon, which soon broadened with large sheets of slickrock and some algae pools. Quite beautiful and easy walking, no brush in the watercourse. We came into just below the confluence of this canyon, Indian camp and Cataract, which becomes the head of Salome Creek. There was a gentle bench with a very old fire ring and cow evidence. Now down the upper Salome. The slickrock theme altered with some boulder hopping.
The pink/gray/white granite with large pools started in. The canyon here is still fairly shallow but the walls were rising. For some reason we elected to stay dry which was not easy in spots. We joked about making a first descent because we broke lots of brush going around things with no evidence of any traffic, unless you wanted to swim/wade it all which would certainly be not hard. I don't think much of anything has had first descents given the climbing talents of the old ones.
Another trail was supposed to come in but it was not evident. Whatever breaks we took were mitigated by masses of mosquitoes. Of course I had elected to wear shorts in this bug and poison ivy country. My legs looked like raw hamburger at the end.
More granite and bigger pools. The last one was huge and long and the climb around was exciting on high angle rough granite about 50 feet off the deck. We brought Charlie, and he swam most everything. I would not recommend a dog on the route though because he took several hard falls and limped a bit back in camp, seemed to be ok next day.
We took the small canyon that leads to Thoroughbred tank back, because it was late and we weren't sure about climbing around everything going back up Park. The section below leading to Park looked very interesting. Thoroughbred tank canyon has three pour offs in quick succession we scrambled around which got us a couple of hundred feet in elevation very quickly. Then it was a really nice walk up the small bouldery canyon with steady even gain. From the swampy muddy tank we took a quad trail back up to the pack trail and back to the car in twilight. Next day walked a little down the main Turkey Creek Canyon. It looks promising also.
Great country and look forward to exploring even more of it.
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