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Red Tanks Super Loop - Peralta TH
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mini location map2013-04-06
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Red Tanks Super Loop - Peralta THPhoenix, AZ
Phoenix, AZ
Hiking avatar Apr 06 2013
Hiking20.00 Miles 2,870 AEG
Hiking20.00 Miles   12 Hrs      1.82 mph
2,870 ft AEG   1 Hour    Break27 LBS Pack
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1st trip
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Executed this solo as a day hike, counterclockwise, hitting the trail at 7am and returning to the car, completely worn out, at 7pm (doing ten sets of squats at the gym the day before turned out to be a poor decision). Wasn't sure I'd find water on the trip, so started out carrying two gallons. As it turned out, finding water on the trail wasn't a problem. However, carrying that much water for the first seven or eight miles took a toll.

This was my first solo hike in the wilderness (moved here last fall so I've only been hiking the area for a few months), and I felt a bit anxious at times (particularly when I heard, much louder than I'd imagined it would be, the ominous rattle of a nearby snake for the very first time :scared: ). For the remainder of the hike--the snake was somewhere around the halfway point--I had a slight fear of being bitten, or possibly eaten, by one or more rattlesnakes. The fact that in many spots on the trail I had to walk through tall grass obscuring my vision of the ground below did not help to mollify my fear. I ended up hearing one more rattler close by (10-15 feet), and another farther off, but saw neither these two nor the first. Somehow I'm ok with that.

Felt quite secluded for the entire trip. Passed a group of four on Dutchman Trail just twenty minutes after leaving the trailhead; didn't see anybody on Coffee Flat Trail; saw solo guy on Red Tanks Trail (he remarked that it was unusual to see anyone out there). Two campers near intersection of Dutchman Trail and Bluff Spring Trail. Three people half a mile from the parking lot on Bluff Spring Trail.

This was the first time I've seen the desert really alive: butterflies, caterpillars, bees, ants, beetles, wildflowers, (rattlesnakes), and it was quite cool to be essentially the lone human observer of nature's grand design that day, to be the outsider. :D

I made really great time (4 mph) on certain sections when the trail was easy to follow, but lost the trail a few times (or the trail forced me to claw through cat's claw or crawl or climb, etc.) and trudged at a measly 1-1.5 mph for significant, and frustrating, portions. Often I traveled at 0 mph as I scratched my head wondering how I'd lost the trail and how to navigate through and over trees, brush, and boulders. Of course turning back to relocate the trail was not an option. I pressed relentlessly forward and have more than enough scratches to prove it. I stopped to filter water twice and I sat down to eat meals twice for about fifteen minutes each time, but other than that took no rests other than stopping for a minute or so on the trail during climbs (when my quads simply refused to cooperate anymore ;)).

When I got about a half mile from the trailhead I experienced a delightful endorphin rush upon realizing that I'd succeeded. Or perhaps it was just a wave of relief :y:
Fraley Pose Windmill
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