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Havasu Canyon Trail
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Havasu Canyon TrailNorthwest, AZ
Northwest, AZ
Hiking avatar Jun 14 2006
Hiking21.00 Miles 2,496 AEG
Hiking21.00 Miles
2,496 ft AEG
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Sun 6/11
Drove from Phoenix, hit the trail at 03:45m it was a full moon, didn't need headlamp. There were some loose horses on the trail about 100 yards below trailhead. The full Moon set at about 4:30 and the sunrise started about 0500 hike. Just before sunrise there was a pack of coyotes calling, neat as it echoed through the canyon. A few groups were hiking out.
Arrived Supai office at 7am. They advised us that the town's power was out and the campgrounds porta-johns were full, so we got a ½ price entry fee. What they failed to mention was that the lodge guests were being set up in the campground resulting in VERY crowded camping. There was a long line forming at the heli-pad.
Arrived at Havasu Falls and took a break, water was a very cool 65 degrees and very nice. Disappointed at the amount of TRASH left around. Set up camp on the east side of the creek, ¾ of the way to Mooney falls. It was the last spot with a table. The group directly across from us came with an outfitter, so we endured a day of yelling kids in the water.
Rested in camp for a couple of hours, then two of us decided to go to Mooney. Very large traffic jam going down the ‘ladder'. Nice shower falls 100 yd downstream of Mooney. Nice beach on west side on next turn, with ferns hanging above the water. Just downstream is a rope swing, then long lush valley of green ivy... glad it wasn't poison ivy! Continued on a HOT hike to Beaver falls with tricky ups and downs. Beaver falls nice, Mike went to "green room" then got scraped up jumping into a pool he thought was deeper than it really was. VERY Hot hike back to camp.
Dinner in camp was Vigo rice and beans in tortillas. Water filter broke, so had to hike back to Fern Spring to supply. Hot evening with a slight breeze. My solo tent had no ventilation so about 11pm I removed the poles and used it as a tarp, sleeping on my air pad under a sheet. It finally cooled off after midnight

Monday 6-12
Oatmeal for b-fast, rest of group wanted to go to Beaver, so I opted out. Water run to Fern Spring, then I went to Havasu falls for pictures. Followed creek back to camp for more shots. About 11am the helicopter started ferrying the ports-johns to the trailhead for servicing. Lounged around reading all day, cooling off by dunking in the creek occasionally. About 430 went to Mooney to take more pictures. Waited till 5pm for the shadows to cover the entire falls so that I could take slow shutter pictures. Then went up to Havasu, and saw that there were more people arriving. The campground was full past capacity, any space large enough had a tent or tarp in it. I overheard one unhappy customer complaining loudly to a lodge employee about the set-up, I guess it was too primitive for his taste. Arrived at Havasu Falls to find it full of people and trash. Towels hanging in the trees and tubes left in the water. Got a few good pictures. Returned to camp and the rest of the group was packing up. They decided to get as much of the hike back in the cool of the night as possible. As we were leaving we got to one of the creek crossings. There was a family sitting dangling their feet in the water. So we stood there for a couple of minutes waiting for them to move, when the father says "Oh, I guess you want to cross?" Yeah, like we're wearing full packs for the fun of it. Then they sat there for another couple of minutes ignoring us while we stared at them, they finally got up and let us cross. Met up with a scout troop at the Supai rodeo grounds, seems that they were missing four scouts, they asked us to keep an eye out as we headed out. About a ¼ mile down the trail we saw four headlamps way across the valley opposite the trail. We yelled for them to come to us, by then their leaders joined us so we left. Made good time up the trail, took a break at about half-way. The rest of the group wanted to stay in the canyon to sleep, so I continued on. The full Moon lighting th ecanyon walls was really cool! Arrived at the trailhead at just before midnight. Many groups were still arriving and off-loading for the hike in.

FUN Trip, even with the crowds. Hope to return in Sept!
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