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Cellar Basin, AZ
mini location map2014-04-26
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Cellar Basin, AZ 
Cellar Basin, AZ
Backpack10.00 Miles 2,500 AEG
Backpack10.00 Miles   30 Hrs      0.67 mph
2,500 ft AEG5 LBS Pack
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The mission was to hike to a remote spring in the western Bradshaw Mountains.
It was a low stress weekend, a time to breathe some fresh air and just putz around. I brought along my pack goat to test the “goat trek” concept, see what he could do.

Rain was coming down in buckets when we reached the trail head around 0800. Not a good start for my poor little goat, already burdened with a heavy pack load. In hindsight, it would have been much easier for him had we taken an established trail… my bad.

The main peak in the area is Horse Mountain at 7018 feet, with the western face dominated by scrub oak and Manzanita thickets. These were to be our downfall in the end, as the hedge became so thick at the 5000’ level that we could travel no further. The main issue was the width of the goat and saddle bags, together about three feet across. The space between the shrubs became less and less, causing us much toil in forcing our way through. Despite the setbacks, Nubie did great out there in my opinion. He made it through some tough country and found a way to cope.

We hiked four miles the first day, opting to camp back at the truck over in Cellar Basin. Having livestock at the camp seemed to attract the local coyotes, which howled and ran circles around our location all night. Nubie cried wolf several times, waking me up to peek outside with a flashlight. Not a single coyote, bear, or mountain lion was sighted. I slept through the rest of his false alarms, his credibility now in question. He was safe in his goat cage/camper, anyway. I was more concerned about my safety. Ha!

We had better luck on day two, completing the six mile trek to the spring and back, minus the pack saddle and gear. The spring was like an oasis in the desert, full of tasty green foliage for a hungry goat. Nubie was a mountain goat for a couple of days and seemed to enjoy the time out there.
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