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Ramsey Box Canyon (Nature Conservancy), AZ
mini location map2016-02-24
9 by photographer avatarJonnybackpack
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Ramsey Box Canyon (Nature Conservancy), AZ 
Ramsey Box Canyon (Nature Conservancy), AZ
Hiking avatar Feb 24 2016
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I was honored with a recent invite to all of the Nature Conservancy's preserves in Arizona. Not the Hiker, or photographer that I am, no that wouldn't garner much. They merely wanted me for my brewing company :) That's fine, I obliged. The story will develop more in time, but for HAZ I wanted to showcase some rarely seen areas, due to the fact that it's private property. First up: Ramsey Canyon. The box canyon is 1/2 mile into the preserve, and just amazing. Green, luscious, vibrant moss was seen through the crystal clear Ramsey Creek and as the canyon formed, towering red/blue/ grey rock instantly appeared as if we were transported to another world. At 10:45 a, as I waited for the perfect reflected Winter light, I got it. WOW, did it deliver! Blues, Reds, Orange, Yellow...the whole color spectrum really showed! Just a few hundred feet above, the towering pillars of sandstone showed some of the brightest lichen I've ever seen. I could have stayed in that 1000 ft long box canyon for days! But, onward, up the unkempt, natural, surreal Ramsey Creek. The igneous rock in this area was unlike anything else seen on the climb towards Miller Peak. A 10 foot waterfall sprayed over a mossy ledge, the right side of the falls being the base of an old sycamore. The roots shot under the falls, creating a ridiculously beautiful scene, straight out of the Pac North West. Above the falls was some scrambling. Choose left: one of the best lookouts one could imagine. Choose right: A playful creek meets hard rock, making its twists and turns more creative and impossible that its upstream showcase. Traveling upstream, we eventually left the preserve, finding the footpath used to climb the canyon. We turned around here. Why travel this when we are guests of the preserve? So, we took root, albeit for a day, in an area which gets little visits.

I hope my photography captures the magic, as I truly was in heaven.
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Ramsey Canyon
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