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Sierra La Mariquita, SO
mini location map2017-03-18
15 by photographer avatarjohnlp
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Sierra La Mariquita, SO 
Sierra La Mariquita, SO
Hiking avatar Mar 18 2017
Hiking9.50 Miles 2,379 AEG
Hiking9.50 Miles   3 Hrs   50 Mns   2.57 mph
2,379 ft AEG      8 Mns Break
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1st trip
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Mariquita is little butterfly in Spanish. It is a fitting name as we saw many small white and yellow butterflies on the upper reaches of the mountain.

JJ and I have been planning this trip for some time. It took a while to obtain my passport, but once I got it we were ready to roll. The drive down to Cananea Mexico was nice. I haven't been through Bisbee in a long time and have never been to the border this way. We checked in with the Mexican border agent in Naco and found we needed visas for our trip, but that we didn't need anything additional for the jeep. By the time we departed the sun was setting. It was a very relaxing drive into Cananea watching the sun set.

We located our hotel and began our search for pesos then La Terraza restaurant John had read about. The food was excellent as was the service and scenery. After a misunderstanding at the hotel we finally got to bed around midnight.

We located the beginning of our hike without incident even though the road is not marked. Two federal workers were in their truck where we parked. We began our hike and they waved as they passed by on their way up the mountain to the Guillermo Haro Observatory. Soon we passed by a fenced mine site. Two dogs started barking at us. One squeezed under the fence and came running at us. Turned out to be a waggy tailed three month old chocolate lab puppy. JJ became immediately attached. The uniformed armed guard with his pump shot gun wasn't quite so friendly. Once we explained what we were up to he relaxed and asked us to stop by on our way out. He hadn't met anyone he could speak English with in six or seven years!

Back on our way we had to climb a locked gate then pass by a bunch of "don't do this" signs. The hike up the hand built road was scenic and relaxing. A bit warm at first but cooled as we gained altitude and a breeze kicked in. Before long we made it up to the observatory enjoying the far reaching views. We then made our way to the high point of the mountain about a quarter mile away. From there we hiked down and up to the next little peak for the views there.

The hike back down the mountain was uneventful. We stopped and had a nice chat with Daniel the guard and his two dogs. He had lived in the US (CA) for twenty years. Sounded like he still wanted to be there.

On the road again, we drove west to make a loop, returning to the US via Nogales. We drove by a brush fire, bought a beer, and stopped for some street tacos. Yum. We had some adventure at the border as we found ourselves driving the wrong way against truck traffic with a Mexican hanging off the back of the jeep at 40 miles an hour waving us on! I met a few of John's Nogales friends as we stopped on the Mexico side for a haircut and some shopping.

Always a unique adventure with Mr Jaime! Thanks for everything John. I had a great time. :)
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