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Artist Ridge Trail
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mini location map2017-07-27
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Artist Ridge TrailNorth Cascades, WA
North Cascades, WA
Hiking avatar Jul 27 2017
Hiking2.00 Miles 120 AEG
Hiking2.00 Miles   2 Hrs      1.00 mph
120 ft AEG
1st trip
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For the second summer in a row, we travelled to Washington for a wedding. Last year our niece got married and this year our nephew got married. We made a week of it. This was our first full day in Washington. Aside from our family that lives in the state, none of the rest of our family was in town yet. So, I told my wife that “the chances of us making it up to Mount Baker once everyone else is in town will be slim. So, let’s go today”. She agreed.

We were staying in Lynden, about 5 miles south of Canada and off the beaten path. It’s a pretty town, but keep your windows closed at night because the smell of nearby dairy farms is strong. We took a different route to Mount Baker than I gave in the hike description. 99%+ of the people that visit Mount Baker will take the route I provided in the hike description, rather than the route we took. Our route was beautiful though.

Our plan was to hike to Iceberg Lake, but when we got to Artist Point, the parking lot was surrounded by 10 foot snow banks and I knew that the hike would be much harder and longer than anticipated with such a long stretch of deep snow. Also, the exposure on the early part of the hike looked pretty scary given how much snow was on the trail.

I looked at Mount Shuksan and really wanted to get to a nice vantage point to shoot a time lapse of the fast-moving clouds around the mountain. So, we headed up Artist Ridge instead. There was a lot of snow up Artist Ridge as well until we reached Huntoon Point. Once at Huntoon Point, the slope faced more southwest than the northeast facing slope that we hike up. So, I was able to find some bare ground to set up my tripod and sit and have a snack while my camera rattled off 600 frames over the course of 50 minutes. My wife killed time by exploring the rest of Huntoon Point. Here is a link to the finished time lapse: [ youtube video ]

All in all, I’m glad that we got to spend our time at Huntoon Point instead of Iceberg Lake. I’m sure that Iceberg Lake would have been beautiful, but Mount Shuksun was incredible.
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