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Aldo Leopold Wilderness Area Trails
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mini location map2017-11-11
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Aldo Leopold Wilderness Area TrailsSouthwest, NM
Southwest, NM
Backpack avatar Nov 11 2017
Backpack33.00 Miles
Backpack33.00 Miles
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Loop hike starting near Lincoln Tank. I hiked up to Sign Board Saddle on a well maintained trail. From there I hiked down Aspen Canyon towards Black Canyon. There was water in a few spots in Aspen Canyon, and it was mostly untouched by fire. Aspen Canyon trail is very well maintained. From there I hiked up Black Canyon. Black Canyon had water the whole way up to Reeds Meadow and was easy to follow, but there were several downed trees along the trail. It was mostly untouched by fire. From Reeds Meadow I hiked up the Black Range Crest trail towards Reeds Peak. This trail was damaged by fire but is logged. It is being overgrown by thorny bushes and there was several downed trees to get over. It was also difficult to follow in a few places. Squeaky Spring had plenty of water. From Reeds Peak I hiked down the North Fork trail which no longer exists. I was off trail throughout the whole canyon. The whole area was destroyed by fire and there is a lot of downed trees and flash flood damage to navigate. This trail was a nightmare. The North Fork meets the Mimbres River trail which was in the same condition, destroyed, for the first few miles before finally leaving the fire damaged area. Once free of fire the trail was some what easy to follow in places and some what difficult in others. There are dozens of stream crossings throughout the North Fork and Mimbres River trails. North Fork and Mimbres River had plenty of water. From Mimbres River it was back up to Lincoln Tank and the car. I didn't see a single person until the last couple of miles of trail where I saw one person camping. The area is beautiful but the trails are not well maintained or nonexistent with the exception of Black Canyon and Aspen Canyon.

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