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Tortilla TH Loop, AZ
mini location map2008-03-08
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Tortilla TH Loop, AZ 
Tortilla TH Loop, AZ
Backpack avatar Mar 08 2008
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Backpack22.00 Miles1 Day   6 Hrs   30 Mns   
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This was a loop trip which included the Hoolie Bacon Trail, Red Tanks Trail, Randolph Canyon, and JF Trail.

Seven of us met at the road to Tortilla Ranch, and piled into various 4WD vehicles for the 3 mile trip to Tortilla Trailhead. Along the way we picked up a cool dude named Roger who was escaping the snow of Colorado. He was doing a loop that included the Hoolie Bacon Trail, an off-trail route to the Peters Trail and the Peters Trail back to Tortilla TH.
When we hit the JF Trail it was overcast and temps were quite cool. We warmed up a bit on the climb over Horse Ridge. We made decent time to the Red Tanks Trail. The climb to Red Tanks Divide was not nearly as laborious from this direction. There was an area on the way down towards Randolph Canyon that was bursting with poppies.
We took a break at Randolph Canyon and then decided to head up the canyon instead of going down to Fraser Canyon. This was slow going. There is a lot of water flowing through the canyon, so we were trying to keep our feet dry. This didn't last too long. Even though the trails (like Red Tanks) were overgrown, I probably got stuck by more catlaw in Randolph Canyon. Thankfully there were a couple of small campsites right where I thought there would be, at the confluence of Randolph and some small side canyons.
Camp was uneventful. Just lots of food, drink, laughs, and indecent conversation. Camp as usual.
Sunday was warm and sunny, just in time for the long climb up the JF Trail to Tortilla Pass. From the Pass, the JF Trail is quite a pleasant stroll. Two small climbs within the first 2 miles or so, and then the trail opens up and stays high on some ridges. The views of the Supes and Four Peaks are outstanding. This was by far my favorite trail on the trip and I can't believe that I've have never done it until now.
These trails are all very rocky, and since our feet were taking a beating we did not make any side trips.
Thankfully Apache Junction is home to Tres Banderas, an eating establishment with your choice of Mexican, Italian or American food. Something for everyone. We fueled up there and then I went home and passed out. This trip was slightly strenuous but it was really awesome!

Thanks to everyone who came along! Liz and I had a lot of fun!
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