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Superstition Mountain - Near Peak 4175, AZ
mini location map2019-04-21
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Superstition Mountain - Near Peak 4175, AZ 
Superstition Mountain - Near Peak 4175, AZ
Hiking avatar Apr 21 2019
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The hiking destination was to be Peak 4175 and Peak 4102. One must venture up a ravine to the left of the much traveled path up to Flat Iron at the top of Syphon Draw. Initially, the route is pretty simple to follow and there are a few cairns in the much overgrown ravine that needs to be navigated. I made it about half way up and could clearly see the trek was going to be a bit more challenging than anticipated but I was prepared for it and didn't mind that part of it. However, little creatures that sting mercilessly and like to instill fear in anyone who might be in their vicinity will always turn me back on a hike quicker than anything! I came to a certain choke area I really needed to go through but an area that was really really guarded and inhabited by enough bees to cause me great pain! This would be the end of my pursuit of 4175 and 4102 for the day. I WILL RETURN TO COMPLETE THE TASK!
I refused to call it a day on the whole hike though. I made my way back down Syphon Draw but ventured off trail and climbed up a very steep hillside and into another ravine to see what I could see! Found a lot of bighorn droppings, coyote poo and a mass amount of feathers from some unfortunate winged creature who apparently met an unpleasant demise. What I also picked up on are other areas all around that mountain just begging to be explored. The climb to these areas will certainly be steep but do-able. The hoodoos back in those places would be fascinating up close and personal.
Turned out to be quite the nice solo hike!
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