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East Clear Creek, AZ
mini location map2008-07-30
1 by photographer avatarmttgilbert
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East Clear Creek , AZ 
East Clear Creek , AZ
Canyoneering avatar Jul 30 2008
Canyoneering18.00 Miles
Canyoneering18.00 Miles2 Days         
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Bob, Michelle, and I did a round trip cycling-canyoneering overnight trip. The whole trip was built around ultralighting a canyon. We determined ahead of time that pack base-weights would be as close to 6 pounds as we could comfortably and safely get them. We all wound up with base weights closer to 7.5 or 8 pounds, but we felt pretty good about it anyway. We started out by camping out on monday night at the trailhead to Kinder Crossing. Early Tuesday we hopped on our mountain bikes and headed back towards FR95. We found our way up to the Moki Lookout Tower where we had a nice chat with the fire-spotter for a while and then started across the plateau towards the Blue Ridge road. The road across the mesa is really rough but made for fun riding, and then turns into well maintained road as you approach the resevoir. We stashed our bikes, and locked them to a tree, near the the dam and started out on foot down the canyon. There was a bit of a trail for the first few hundred yards but it fizzled out and we were left with some of the most pristine canyon I've seen. It was amazing to see the old growth still down there. Every now and then we came across what looked like the remnants of an old road (maybe from when the dam was built) and some old signs with two "V"s on them, nothing else. There were lots of animal signs, more than you would expect to see hiking so close to so many roads and we even got to see a mother whitetail with two fawns. There were a couple snakes and what looked like javelina sign. We spent the night on a white sand beach next to a large swimming hole. Bob spent the better part of the evening trying to fish the hole unsuccessfully. The next morning we made our way to Kinder Crossing and found our way up and out. We went out where the map showed the trail. There is not a trail where the map shows it, only a lot of scrambling and exposure. Eventually we picked up the trail along the ridge and made our way back to the truck. We only saw five other people the whole time we were out. The fire-spotter, a family of three in East Clear creek where FR95 crosses the creek, and a nude hiker at Kinder Crossing (he put on pants when he saw us). After finding the truck we went and picked up the bikes and decided to get in another ride before heading back to town so we went out along Lake Mary road and found a turnoff. Michelle took a nap while bob and I cruised around the back roads for a few miles. We eventually found ourselves on a road that petered out into a field so we followed the edge of a canyon for a while before getting ourselves thoroughly turned around and somewhat misplaced. We finally managed to backtrack and find the road we started out on and promptly went back to the truck. The weather for the whole trip was great. It never rained and the low was around 50 or so.
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-Matt Gilbert
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