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Mount Hood Climb - Oregon's Highpoint
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mini location map2022-05-11
29 by photographer avatarStoic
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Mount Hood Climb - Oregon's HighpointNorth Central, OR
North Central, OR
Hiking6.82 Miles 5,450 AEG
Hiking6.82 Miles   13 Hrs   30 Mns   0.68 mph
5,450 ft AEG   3 Hrs   30 Mns Break15 LBS Pack
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1st trip
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A cousin invited me out for a Mount Hood summit. This would be her 42nd high point to my 40th. She arrived a week earlier, and met some experienced climbers in the parking lot. The next day was clear, so they offered to take her up. She was able to summit a week before I got there. She felt bad doing the hike, but planned on doing another summit when I got there.
The weather showed promise on the 11th, so I met her there on the 10th. I geared up and played around on some hills near the parking lot. I headed to bed early with a planned start time around midnight. I ended up starting at 2am. The weather was extremely cold. . At this point, I was guessing a 10% chance of making the summit. If I make it to hogsback, I would call it a win. There was a lot of snow on the ground, 25F at timberlodge, 3F on Mount Hood, and some fresh snow on the ground.
Knowing my cousin was going to catch me quickly, I left 90 minutes before her. I did end up off trail near the start, which killed some time. She caught up to me, long before the last Ski lift. At this point she was getting cold, and didn't want to go any further. She was a bit worried about me, so I came up with a plan. As long as I felt comfortable going up, and somebody was climbing up behind me, I would continue. It took me 10 hours to get the top. It was a bit chilly and windy at the top, so I didnt stay long. Overall I felt great. My body/legs where feeling amazing, it was the elevation that was kicking my ass. Sometimes, while ascending, I would only take a few steps, before I had rest again... This would have driven my cousin crazy. She is a bit younger and in better shape. It was best she was able to summit the week prior. Overall, an amazing hike with perfect weather. I didnt have any wind except on the summit. With a late descent, the snow was mostly still frozen, which helped me out a lot. There where some clouds that came through at lower elevations that made for some low visibility.
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