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Black Cave - Castle Hot Springs, AZ
mini location map2009-03-08
7 by photographer avatarankaa
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Black Cave - Castle Hot Springs , AZ 
Black Cave - Castle Hot Springs , AZ
Hiking avatar Mar 08 2009
Hiking4.75 Miles 400 AEG
Hiking4.75 Miles   5 Hrs      0.95 mph
400 ft AEG
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1st trip
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We had originally planned on hiking Governors peak, but on the drive out we decided to check out a cave shown on the topo instead.

We parked near Squaw Mesa and followed some old jeep trails to a point NE of the cave. From there we hiked SW on what may or may not have been a trail over a low saddle and then down a wash a short ways to the cave. We found the cave without much trouble, but there was a large bee hive just above the entrance. It looked more like a deep alcove than a true cave, but the unnerving buzzing noise kept our exploration short.

Since it was still early, we decided to add a few miles by following some of the old trails in the area to see if we could get a view of Castle Hot Springs. From the cave we continued following the trail down the wash to where it intersected with a pack trail shown on the map. From this point, for all intents and purposes, the trail shown on the topo no longer exists. Using a map and compass though, we stayed more or less on track. There were a couple places where there were visible signs of the old trail confirming we were on route, but the desert has claimed the rest. About 1/4 mile from Castle Hot Springs the trail made an appearance and was easy enough to follow to where it dead ends at the top of a small peak just to the East of and above the Castle Hot Springs main property.

Disclaimer: We only had a topo map, and it did not show where private property in the area was located. We did not pass through any gates, over/under any fences, or see any signage indicating we were crossing any, but I can't say for sure that we didn't. The topo was however necessary to stay on track, and I wouldn't recommend the hike for anybody that didn't have decent route finding and map skills.

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