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Jul 21 2009

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 Tucson, AZ
Box Spring Trail #22ATucson, AZ
Tucson, AZ
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OK this is my first triplog but after hiking this hell of a trail I feel it necessary. My bro and I started at the Box Camp TH at about noon and enjoyed the nice 1.8 mile hike to the Box Springs TH. With two thirds of our hike over, we figured we would be enjoying the spring in a matter of minutes. We were wrong! The trail started out very nice and simple but after about .15 of a mile we started to have difficulty seeing the trail. The trail got very thick with thorny brush and started to get what my what my brother called "pretty hairy." After about another .15 miles or so of switchbacks we got to to the drainage which turned out to be the rest of the trail but it did not seem like a trail at all. Rocks, downed trees and brush made the the longest .5 mile i have ever hiked. We eventually made it down to the stream which was a sight for sore eyes but we could not locate the swimming hole seen in photos here on this site. We traveled down stream till we got to a point were a huge boulder was wedged between the canyon walls. My brother, the younger more agile of the two of us, went ahead to take a look and reported that if we were to continue we would not be able to make it back up the way we came. We resigned to going back up the stream. Noticing some trail markers going up a hill we decided to take advantage of the easy climb in elevation to see if we could see the swimming from up there. This was the highlight of our trip. The view from up there was amazing but alas there was no sight of the swimming hole. We descended back down to the stream and hiked up stream a little to check for the swimming hole, no such luck. We decided to take our break at the original spot were the trail ended. Both my brother and I regretted not bringing our filter pump. Our water was running low. We had not anticipated consuming so much water during the first 2.6 miles or our hike. According to my GPS we had been moving for 1.5 hours and not moving for 2. After some chow and soaking out feet in the stream we headed back up. We decided to head up the mountain via a different trail well marked by marking take. What we thought would be easier was actually not. Although less technical the brush was worse and the majority of the scratches accumulated on my arms came from this part of the hike. This alternate trail eventually brought us back to the drainage we originally descended. The rest of our climb was a killer and at times required us to climb on all fours. After getting lost a little thanks to missing a left turn we finally made it back to the switchbacks and got out of what can best be described as a hell hole. Dead tired we made it the the Box Spring TH and gutted it out the rest of the way to the car. Total time moving was 3.5 hours and total resting time was 4. Total time on the trail was 7.5 hours. The next day i did some serious reading on here and found had i read a little further before the trip I would of never done this hike. I had anticipated camping but thank god i didn't. All in all it was a very gratifying hike and the hardest 5.5 miles i have hiked in my life so far.

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