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Apr 28 2013

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Grand Canyon - South Rim - AZT #37Northwest, AZ
Northwest, AZ
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Northbound: Grandview to Imax lot It's finally here: the long awaited 14.5 miler. We had Shawn and Tracy shuttle us to Grandview Tower TH leaving Tonto at the IMAX lot. After saying our goodbyes to campers, taking TH pictures and getting our Arizona Trail white bandanas, we started hiking around 8:30AM.

We would quickly learn while hiking with the Arizona Trail Big Kahuna, we were deputized to help clear the trail of debris from time to time. It was a task we gladly embraced. There was some deadfall that Shawn would have to do a waypoint for so that it could be cut and moved with bigger equipment. He would have to label the deadfall and had to be creative with naming the waypoints as he has so many DFs already. I told him he should name the DF like DF Tracy, DF Ambika,DF Angela etc but that would be too hard to keep track of I guess :lol: . Well that and I might be deadfall after about mile 12 ;) .

We hiked thru a lot of burn areas and past some clearings. I got into smashing pine cone mode as I find the sound of squishing pine cones with your boots rather entertaining when there's not much to look at. I would learn which pine cones made the best crackling noise and which ones to avoid. The threesomes of this years cone fall were the best :) .

We used the print out of the landmarks/mileage from the AZT Segment 37 guide to figure out exactly where we were and how far we had gone and how far we would be going to finish off a section. We would also try to match up their mileage with ours to see how accurate it was. The mileage landmarks were pretty much on the money. The big discrepancies was between Shawn's gps and Scout. We soon figured out that Shawn had his GPS tracking set to most frequent where Scout was set to normal and that's why Shawn always had so much more mileage.

We also used Ambika's maps printouts and were always elated when we had hiked to the next page :D . It's a wonderful trail where you can walk and gawk for miles except there isn't much to gawk at :-({|= .

In fact, WAIT FOR IT, I only took (guess here) how many pictures? during this six hours... place your bets below and I'll tell you later. I hadn't done this long a hike since the summer so I was a bit tenuous even though it was mostly down hill. We took two breaks, one up the hill just past Watson Tank and our lunch break at a log about 5 miles or so later. We didn't sit down the rest of the way but we were all feeling it toward the end.

I think when we had about 3 or so miles left Tracy mentioned the best ice cream in the world was at the end of the trail. Well if you're like me, having ice cream after a hike has got to be the coup de grace :DANCE: ... well other than a beer of course :lol:.

Somewhere soon I found these things called after-burners and I was off. I could feel the hot spots (blisters) starting on the sides of my feet by my heels so I seemed to walk faster. Get this, I had to actually look back to make sure the others were coming as I thot they might play a joke on me and stop and not tell me :-$ .

It was getting pretty warm at this point, well really for about that last 5 miles, with limited shade or a breeze so I think we were anxious to get this over with. The last mile and 1/2 or so is actually kind of pretty so I did take one picture through here :) .

Once back at the vehicle I shared my 1/2 beer left over from the day before and we headed for that world-famous ice cream only to have to wait in line for it. But Tracy was right, it was the best :y: especially considering the views of the canyon. Now that the day was complete, we took Shawn and Tracy back to their vehicle.

We took the 64 via Desert Tower and by the canyons of the Little Colorado. I had not driven past the DesertView Tower before so this was all new countryside. It is simply remarkable :worthy: and I look forward to making some stops next time. Currently my mind was on that Indian Taco at Cameron and as usual, it is worth the wait.

So two 20 mile weekends for me in a row... a record for sure. I loved them both. I love this hiking and backpacking thing; it really is all it's cracked up to be. :thanx: for putting this trip together and thanks to Ambika for another great traveling/hiking adventure.

Monday at 4AM I woke up with excruciating pain in my left foot; it felt like I had jammed or broken a toe which of course I hadn't. It is only today Wednesday that I can put decent pressure on my foot as it now feels like it might be more of a foot bruise. Guess I gotta learn how to better hike with after-burners on; of course, I don't use them very often :stop: .
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Named place
Watson Tank
For me, sometimes it's just as much about the journey as the destination.
Oh, and once in awhile, don't forget to look back at the trail you've traveled.
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