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Reavis Gap Trail #117, AZ

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Distance One Way 7 miles
Trailhead Elevation 3,240 feet
Elevation Gain 2,040 feet
Accumulated Gain 2,300 feet
Avg Time One Way 8 hours
Kokopelli Seeds 14.66
Interest Seasonal Creek & Perennial Creek
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Reavis Canyon - AZT #18
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Reavis - Pine Creek Loop
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Reavis - Pine Creek Loop
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Reavis Gap, Fireline & Campaign Creek Loop
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Campaign - Fireline - Reavis Gap Loop
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Author Fritzski
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Location Gilbert, AZ
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Rugged Peace-Rocky Rd to Reavis
by Fritzski

This out & back hike (14mi / 3030 aeg) from the far eastern edge of the Superstition Wilderness into Reavis Ranch starts from the Campaign Trailhead (formerly Upper Horrell). It starts on the Campaign Trail for a short distance then follows the Reavis Gap Trail all the way in to Reavis Ranch. Although not the longest of the three routes into the Ranch, it may well be the most difficult. In addition to being predominately "up and down" with scarcely few flat sections, the trail is also inordinately rocky.

From the parking area continue southwest about .2mi on the dirt road till you come to the signed start of the Campaign trail. The trail climbs the northwest side of Campaign Creek and offers some nice views of the "Reavis Mountain School" as you pass above it on your way back down to the creek bed. As you continue on toward the Reavis Gap trail intersection at 1.2mi you'll cross the vigorously flowing creek numerous times. It may be noted that during this driest of years, the lower section of this creek was flowing much more than Reavis Creek itself.

Once on the Gap trail you climb out of the lush bottoms and over to the dry, boulder strewn wash at the bottom of Reavis Gap Canyon (@1.75mi). From here it is a steady, if not grueling climb up to the Reavis Gap. The trail follows high up on the north slope of the canyon. At several points along this route, ruins can be found that I'm told date back to the Salado Indians over a thousand years ago. They are overgrown and quite obscure, but with a little diligence one can pick out the remains of various stone circles and walls.

At about the two mile point you will come to "Teva Joe Gap", an overlook which is a natural resting spot, and one chosen by the only other folks I saw all day.

The climb continues unabated all the way to the Gap and the nearby intersection with the Two Bar Ridge Trail (3.4mi). The grassy, open expanse of this area is very serene and one of the only relaxing sections of the hike. From here there are some nice views north down to the Salt River Canyon in the area of Roosevelt Dam and also out to Four Peaks. The climb actually continues a bit further till you finally descend into the Pine Creek drainage and cross it at 4.2mi. This spot has some nice shady campsites and water, although it was not flowing well. I call these "doggy pools" - he'll drink it, I won't. Hiking down stream in Pine Creek looked very tempting. Maybe a loop with the Two Bar trail for another day.

Continuing on, the climb begins anew. This second push is a real grinder to the high point of the hike, which is a saddle east of Boulder Mountain at 5.5mi and 5350' elevation. From here it's all down hill to the Ranch with some great views of the valley below along the way.

Once at the floor of the valley you'll cross Reavis Creek and enter the meadow at the north end of the orchard. Straight across is the Reavis Ranch Trail intersection at 6.8 miles. From here it's only a short walk of about .4 miles south to the old ranch site itself. For more information and photos of the ranch and its surroundings reference the Reavis Ranch via 109 South hike in the HAZ TrailDex. Enjoy a nice lunch break or overnight in this scenic valley, and then when you're ready to return just reverse the route.

This was a nice hike, but when I return someday for another day hike to the Ranch, the route from Rogers Trough trailhead via Reavis Ranch Trail is not only much closer to the valley, but also much less strenuous and significantly more scenic. On the other hand, the Campaign Trail really caught my eye and is now on my "short list" and as I mentioned above an exploration of the Pine Creek drainage looked promising. "Do one hike, and find two more you want to do". No wonder my "list" never seems to get any smaller - that's a good thing! :)

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2002-04-13 Fritzski

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    Reavis Gap Trail #117
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    I was watching the forecast for cloud cover and hoped to get another long hike in. There was an accident on US 60 just down the hill past the Pinto Valley Mine. It was just before 5 am and we were stopped. Fortunately we got by after about 10 minutes. The Nissan Kicks only had some damage on the front right so I would guess everyone was okay.
    From there it was on to FR 449. FR 449 is good but FR 449A is interesting. The sand isn't too bad but there are some washed out areas and where the water has gone through it's black. I got to use 4wd and throw a little mud around. It will be more interesting if there's a good hard rain. I would say high clearance 4x4 only for sure now. The narrow creek crossings are still narrow but deeper from erosion. I bottomed the tail section on one of the ditch like crossings.
    The Campaign trailhead is good if you make it. The area by the Reevis Mountain school wasn't hit too hard. Once you get beyond the school the area above Campaign creek on both sides is bad. Campaign trail may be bad but I only went to the Reavis Gap trail. The first mile of the Reavis Gap trail is toast. The good news is farther up the Gap trail is surprisingly okay. The Pine Creek area took a limited hit but a lot of the pines are okay. I hiked south toward Mound Mountain along Pine Creek and at the top of the first hill the fire stopped so I believe the Ponderosa pines near the Fireline trail are okay. I checked out Walnut Spring and there is very little water again so it probably will be seasonal at best. The sun came out and warmed things up so I retreated early on this one but I have some hope so it was good day.
    Reavis Gap Trail #117
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    With the weather cooling (a little) I thought the eastern Superstitions might be good. The hike started at 60 degrees and ended just over 80 degrees so no bad at all. The route took me up to the Two Bar trail, across Pine creek and into the rocky terrain. I was looking for petroglyphs but didn't spot any. There were several cows on the road in and on the first mile of the trail. I saw 4 deer on the hike and went down Pine creek a bit to stay in the shade. It was a nice day with no one else on the trails.
    Reavis Gap Trail #117
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    This started out as a search for another Superstitions landmark. The Indian post office is said to be located somewhere west of Walnut Spring. I didn't find it but after rereading the information I wasn't in the right area so I'll be back another day. I did see a deer on the hike up and another near Walnut Spring. On the way out it seemed like a good idea to hike up to 5522 and hike down to the Gap trail. During the exploration I did notice 7 ruins I had not seen before as well as taking in some nice views and getting new ideas for future torture routes along the ridge. The weather was nice and it didn't heat up until 12 pm on the way out.
    Reavis Gap Trail #117
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    We started up Campaign first, which treated us to a nice fall display and even a trickle of water in spots. Brushy, here and there, but not bad. The trail itself was easy to follow. Overcast skies and a cool, fall breeze made for very comfortable conditions. We continued on a nice little climb up Fireline. The catclaw and other stabby stuff is present, nothing that'll stop you in your tracks. We reached Circlestone as a light drizzle passed through. We enjoyed the first raindrops in quite some time. We skipped on by and started toward Mound. Naturally, I headed straight for the manzanita. Not Linda's favorite vegetation to fight, but she didn't complain. We broke free of the manzy and took a nice route to the summit. We enjoyed the excellent views, epic clouds, gorgeous weather and even a low level fly-by from 4 fighter jets during lunch. The trip back down went by quicker. We took the other side of the ridge and found an easier path, avoiding the manzy patch. Circlestone was busy and we knew we'd encounter people at Reavis Ranch. There were dozens of campers and a few more trickling in as we passed through. We jumped on Reavis Gap and left all of that behind. I like this trail and the views of Four Peaks along the way. After some advice for a group of distressed AZT backpackers, we started the loose, gravel-ridden downhill. We arrived back at the TH just before darkness fell. This was a great hike and absolutely perfect day to be in the Supes. Best day I've had in a long time.

    Sycamores along Campaign, with a cottonwood or two sprinkled in.
    Reavis Gap Trail #117
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    The mornings have been cool enough for me to do some short off trail routes. There were a few rock piles in an out of the way area that caught my attention. I made a loop out of it but it was ugly. There was steep, loose, choked, manzanita, boulders, ravines and some just plain thick but in a sick way it was good. the route took me though at least 10 rock piles and I'm sure there were others nearby that I didn't have time for. I saw 5 white-tailed deer drinking out of Campaign Creek, a turkey vulture and no one else.
    Reavis Gap Trail #117
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    Pine Creek was my destination for an overnight stay. Started from the Tule parking area at 7AM. The road is in excellent shape, all cars can make it. The first 5 miles are obviously all uphill. Previous descriptions include loose footing and sparse cairns along this route. Both still apply. Saw a group of maybe 3-5 hiking in behind me but never got too close. Made Two Bar intersection at 9:30. After a short break it was on towards Reavis Gap. Two Bar follows a fence line for the next mile or so before dropping about 800 feet down into what is probably a dry canyon other times of the year. About halfway down I came upon three hikers. The N, Dallin, and Alex were heading uphill on their way towards a pickup at Roosevelt lake the next day. Only people I passed on the trip. Good to meet Dallin and Alex, The N and I plotted a mission for warmer weather to Victorine Crossing. After a quick chat, Dallin pointed out my impending climb up the other side of this canyon so it was onto filter some water and then climb. Somebody left a clif bar by the creek? Once out of the canyon it was a pleasant stroll to Walnut Spring and then a right turn on Reavis Gap trail. Just 15 minutes more and I was hearing the rushing water at Pine Creek. Similar to Hells Hole, there are two obvious campsites here, one is sort of a double. I camped there and it was very nice. Lots of wood left over for the next camper.
    The overnight temps were mild and there was no wind to speak of. I packed up and headed out. Filtered some more water by the abandoned clif bar and made the push on up and out. The long downhill of Tule to finish was enjoyable during the heat of the day. Bummer traffic on the way back from the Renaissance festival.
    Reavis Gap Trail #117
    rating optionrated 4rated 4rated 4rated 4
    Started from the Reavis North TH with Dallin and Alex just before sunset. We hiked in to Reavis Ranch entirely by moonlight, no headlamps, which was a treat. Set up camp and enjoyed a chilly night at the Ranch. Jumped on the AZT in the morning. Reavis Gap is a nice trail. Love seeing pines in the Supes. Pine Creek was flowing well. We stopped here for a snack. Shortly after jumping on Two Bar Ridge, we ran into @ALMAL heading down for a solo night under the stars. Two Bar Ridge Trail offers great views and a couple of nice climbs. It warmed up during this sun exposed stretch. It was nice to be heading down into some shade upon reaching Cottonwood Trail. Started off kind of blah. An extensive network of cairns guides you through a dry creek bed and cattle country. Eventually things got green and shaded. I always enjoy Saguaros next to cottonwoods. Much more scenic than I anticipated. Wildflowers really came to life along here, as well. The road walk was even nice. Entire hillsides lit up with poppies. We cruised on down to Vineyard TH where my weekend ended and the fellas will continue on from. Great trip.

    A little of everything. Poppies steal the show.
    Reavis Gap Trail #117
    rating optionrated 4rated 4rated 4rated 4
    My third trip to the eastern Superstitions in the past 30 days. Trekkin_gecko joined me on this adventure, our first time hiking together. I often hike alone, but it's nice to have a hiking partner along to enjoy a hike as wonderful as this one, and having Kelly along made it all the more enjoyable.

    It was two hours to the trail head from Higley in Gilbert. FR 449 is in great shape (we made it in with a 2WD Explorer with no problem - thanks for the scouting report, Wally!). It was 30 degrees upon arrival.

    We got started a little after 8. The hike up Reavis Gap took the chill off in no time. Nice views along this segment, including that of a deep gorge a couple of miles in. Great views at Two Bar Ridge and Reavis Gap. A quick walk past Reavis Ranch and then up Fireline. We pondered taking a side trip to Circlestone, but Kelly had already been there and 17 miles was plenty enough for today. We stopped for lunch about 10 miles in, picking a sunny spot along Campaign Creek where we took a nice long break before continuing down the trail.

    The trek down along Campaign Creek went by quickly. We missed a couple of turns on the way down, but only because we were chatty and having a good time. The trails are easy to follow and in pretty good shape. Water was scarce along most of the route; there is water in Campaign Creek near the start/end and at Reavis Ranch of course.

    Although a bit cool and breezy at times, the weather could not have been better. Clear, blue skies all day. We stopped for dinner at Guayos restaurant just north of the SR 188/ SR 60 junction. The green chile chicken enchiladas are muy bueno! We had nice silhouettes of Picket Post mountain both at sunrise and sunset during the drive out and back, and a beautiful orange horizon as we headed over Gonzalez Pass shortly after sunset. I think we timed the drive perfectly.

    It could not have been a better day and the same goes for the company. It was nice to finally meet and hike with you, Kelly. I had a great time!
    Reavis Gap Trail #117
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    the eastern supes have been on my radar since our backpack to reavis ranch last year
    noticed that ray (and others) have been doing some cool hikes out that way, so i cold-called him for a hike
    he had in mind this loop, which is a good long intro to and sampler of the east side
    his silver bullet easily made it to the trailhead, and it was about 30 degrees when we set out on campaign trail
    after reading about the climb up fireline, we did the loop counterclockwise, taking reavis gap trail at about a mile and a quarter in
    sustained and at times steep climb up to reavis gap/two bar ridge
    great views from there, with grassy terrain, rocky outcroppings, lots of landmarks i've yet to learn the names of
    a gentle descent and another climb to the point where reavis ranch is visible, simply an amazing view
    we took a short snack break somewhere in there, ray sharing half of his sandwich
    familiar ground on a short section of reavis gap, the piece through reavis ranch, and fireline up to the circlestone
    we considered going up to circlestone, but both felt that was pushing it so we continued along fireline
    ray says he'll be back :)
    found the steep drop into campaign creek, had lunch toward the end of fireline, and eventually hit the intersection with campaign trail
    while very pretty with the almost bare sycamores, the creek crossings made for more difficult travel
    we got off trail a couple of times even with cairns at each crossing
    oh, and i blew one of the later crossings, dunking a foot; never my strong suit
    there was quite of bit of bear scat through here
    closed the loop and finished above reavis mountain school, enjoying late fall color and lush vegetation in the creek, which held quite a bit of water on the eastern end
    great hike and i'd do it again but clockwise, to see the views going the other way
    excellent choice ray, even with a long drive and a committing hike with someone you've never met before :lol:
    we did quite well together and even felt like having dinner at guayo's on the way into globe
    thanks for agreeing to a hike, for driving and for the chocolate milk/pringle's combo as a post-hike snack
    enjoyed the hike and your company :)
    Reavis Gap Trail #117
    rating optionrating optionrated 3rated 3rated 3
    Reavis Gap - Campaign - Fireline Loop
    This . . . this was a hike.

    We started up the Reavis Gap out of Reavis Ranch in the late morning and made our way out of the valley. Then we descended to the junction with Campaign and took a little break. I couldn't keep up with Todd and Linda much further after this point, so they moved on. I took a break to get some water from a standing pool . . . was kicking myself for not bringing water treatment or filtration supplies. I downed a liter of creek water--hoping the giardia nasties won't be making residence with me anyhow :scared: There were plenty of clear pools along the Campaign. Following the Campaign--however--was a bit difficult. I think God was watching my back (and perhaps Saint Chumley of Dickarrow, too) because I didn't ever lose the trail though I certainly felt like I did at points. It doesn't seem Campaign gets too much play--people must be tired of such things this election season :lol:

    I junctioned with the Fireline and began the steep 2 mile ascent. Let me tell ya--it was slow-going. After reaching the high point, it was smooth sailing from there. You then junction with the Reavis Ranch trail. I was pleased to get back to camp only an hour after the speed hikers, and I was greeted with some fresh, wild apples at Reavis Ranch. They're great!

    Permit $$

    Map Drive
    Strictly 4x4

    To Upper Horrell Trailhead
    From SR 188 turn off onto 449 (also called J-B) just past milepost 235 Follow 449 about two miles to the junction with Cross P Ranch. FR449A is located through the white fence to the left of the Ranch. FR449A is said to be possibly used by high clearance vehicles. I wouldn't recommend. There are some deep sections of sand as well as a couple creek crossings. This is no place to get stuck, no cell phone signal and a long day hike back to SR88. Follow FR449A about six miles to the Upper Horrell(Campaign) Trailhead parking. Along FR449A notice the awesome slot canyon passed along the way.

    From PHX (I-10 & AZ-51) 112 mi - about 2 hours 25 mins
    From TUC (Jct 1-10 & Grant) 154 mi - about 3 hours 28 mins
    From FLG (Jct I-17 & I-40) 178 mi - about 4 hours 18 mins
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