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Wasson Peak Loop, AZ

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Difficulty 3 of 5
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Distance Loop 8 miles
Trailhead Elevation 2,907 feet
Elevation Gain 1,775 feet
Avg Time Round Trip 4-6 hours
Kokopelli Seeds 16.88
Interest Peak
Dogs not allowed
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Kings Canyon Trail
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Wasson Loop
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Wasson Loop
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Author pnkfld77
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Location casa grande, az
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Preferred   Oct, Apr, Feb, Mar → 8 AM
Seasons   Late Autumn to Early Spring
Sun  6:12am - 6:23pm
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Perfect loop of trails
by pnkfld77

King Canyon Trailhead, King Canyon Trail, Hugh Norris Trail, Sendero Esperanza Trail, Gould Mine Trail.

We arrived around 11:00 and found that the parking lot was a bit full, but were able to find a spot. I would recommend starting this hike a little earlier. The King Canyon Trailhead was well marked a short walk from the parking lot. At this point you have a choice, to walk up the wash, or to follow the old mining road. We chose to follow the road to avoid the sand in the boots.

After about a mile on the road we came to the Mam-a-Gah picnic area. This would be a nice place for a short hike for a quick picnic, but we kept on going cause we were going to the top of Wasson Peak. The trail here is well marked and easy to follow, but you could still follow the wash bed if you wanted. Continuing on the trail for a little over a mile we came to the intersection with Sweetwater Trail.

At the Sweetwater intersection we turned left and continued on the steep section of Kings Canyon Trail about another mile to the short side trail to the top of Wasson Peak. This part can be steep at times, very rocky, and follows a set of very short switchbacks. It is well worth the trip. The view of the valley and Tucson is spectacular from the peak. In order to keep the scenery fresh we had decided on a loop rather than an out-and-back. We returned on the Hugh Norris Trail for just under 2 miles to the intersection with the Sendero Esperanza Trail. We followed this for just under a mile to the intersection with the Gould Mine Trail. This trail covered the last mile or so and came out right at the parking lot for the trailhead.

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2008-02-18 pnkfld77
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Wasson Peak Loop
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Claire & I headed down to Tucson for a nice hike in Saguaro National Park. We made the drive down and started hiking in mid morning. We started with the Kings Canyon Trail and headed up. We took a short detour over the petroglyphs roughly a mile in. They are really cool and worth checking out. From there we continued up as the trail climbs for the peak. The trails are in excellent condition as they switchback up. We took a short lunch on the summit and then headed down the Hugh Norris Trail. This trail was in excellent condition too and we flew down. We stopped for a moment to check out the mine and then returned to the TH via the Gould Mine Trail. Afterward we headed over to Signal Hill to check out the Petroglyphs.
Wasson Peak Loop
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Tucson Mountain Tour
Thanks to old machinery breaking, I managed a couple of days off again. Though much of my time will be spent in personal biz, I needed a long beater to burn today away. As I did last week in a similar situation, I hit the Tucson Mountains. With the weather like it is in Tucson right now, the time is perfect to hit these hills. I figured I had time for about 20 miles, so that's what I did. These lower altitude hikes are probably gonna remain on the menu for the next several months, or until I get used to wearing warmer clothes.
Wasson Peak Loop
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Got a fews, surprise days off!

Plan for day one:
1) Plan days 2 and 3 while hiking in the Tucson Mountains
2) Go home and eat chicken wings till I barf.
Mission accomplished...

On a very low note, a passing hiker today, told me that they killed a bear somewhere around the Josephine Saddle for approaching some hikers there. It seems that G & F did all they could to avoid killing it over the past few months, but had to finally shoot it. Right or wrong, it still sucks to see a mother bear being killed for trying to feed herself and/or her kids. :(
Wasson Peak Loop
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Wanted a longer hike with kind of a mid-range elevation gain. This one comes in at 213 FPM.

Not happy with my new shoes. They have a sloppy fit, leaving my feet achy.

Anywho, the weather is great and I'm glad to be out in it. :)
Wasson Peak Loop
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Good afternoon hike in lovely Tucson. I started out about 3 from the TH, good time up to the peak with no breaks. I took a quick side trip to Amole Peak just for the sake of it, and back down the trail. Good bloom down below, but not a whole lot up higher. The Cholla were giving a nice show, with all shades of yellow, orange and red. Some bloom on Desert Marigold too, the Palo Verde were giving a nice show in the washes. There were all manner of flying and buzzing insects below, but once I got onto the Hugh Norris it was not a problem. Another good day up Wasson!

Palo Verdes, Desert Marigold, and Cholla all in good color at lower elevations.
Wasson Peak Loop
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First trip up Wasson for the year, woo hoo! I wanted to do this peak, but something a little different...I saw SAMBA's track and thought, well that must combine the trail on the east side of King Canyon that I have looked at before and wondered about. Parked at the TH about 2:30 to find 18 other cars there, must be overflow traffic thanks to the gem & mineral show. Went on up the trail to the peak, made it in 1:06 with only one brief stop. Headed back down, crossed over the Sweetwater saddle to the trail on the east side of the canyon. The trail is well established but has not seen much foot traffic lately, very few boot prints but I am sure this weekend's rain had something to do about that. A little extra mileage and AEG for the way back. Hit by the DQ in Casa Grande on the way home for a cherry dip cone, someone keeps mentioning these and I had to indulge. :D Good stuff, another great hike in Tucson too.
Wasson Peak Loop
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Nice to finally get this one off my list. Started the trip prepared for a little precip, hiked through low-lying clouds from about 4000ft up. Created a lot of humidity a little wet mist but that's about it. Stayed at the top over an hour to read and think, cool watching the clouds blow over the ridgeline and around the peak the whole time. On the way down I started seeing the sunlight starting to peek out a bit.

UP: 1:13:45, 3.5mi
DOWN: 1:11:45, 4.2mi
Wasson Peak Loop
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Great after work hike in Tucson! Nice cloud cover for most of the hike, I at least got to benefit on all of the uphill sections. I did the loop counterclockwise, made it up to the peak in 1:10, not too shabby! I took a good break up top to enjoy the views, visibility was fantastic today despite the overcast. I could see all the way north to the Superstition Ridgeline, and I could even make out a hint of the Four Peaks. You can tell how much rain has hit here in the last month or so, native grasses are flourishing and starting to bloom, there were even a few sections of trail getting overrun with Pigweed. So much green out here, the Ocotillos were not only leafed out but most had good new growth, I saw quite a few that had put on 8-12" recently, pretty amazing growth for the desert stalwart. I missed the turnoff at the picnic area and ended up getting back to the Kings Canyon trail. :-k No worries, just a little extra mileage and elevation for the day. Fall feels like it is coming soon...
Wasson Peak Loop
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We started just before sunset - I don't think I have been up Wasson since last summer at night so it was actually fun do do some miles in the light, I think I was starting to forget what a few of the sections actually look like!

Good climb - terrific summit - and as if that wasn't enough workout my friends pushed the pace on the run down.

Two night shots from the summit - and
Wasson Peak Loop
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Got this one in after work, 3 p.m. start at the trailhead. Did this as the clockwise loop, a nice constant incline with nothing too crazy. There was a decent breeze going all afternoon to make it much more reasonable. I really liked the trip up the Hugh Norris portion, I will have to try that some other day that I have a bit more time. Great views of the surrounding mountains up top! Always fun to sign the summit register and check out the USGS medallion. Best part of all, no one at the trailhead, and I didn't see any other people the whole trip. Definitely will do this one again.

Permit $$

Map Drive
Paved - Car Okay

To hike
Exit off 10 on Speedway. Head west until Speedway turns into Gates Pass Road. Turn right onto Kinney Road. The trailhead parking lot is right past the Desert Museum on the left hand side. It is large with lots of parking. Walk up the mining road for an area trail map and trail register.
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