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White Mountain 6,100, AZ

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White Mtn 6100 - Rough Cyn - Rogers Cyn
8  2017-04-01
White Mountain 6100 - Rough Canyon Loop
6  2015-11-22 friendofThunderg
27  2014-04-13
Sugar N Cimeron
27  2014-04-13
Cimeron Mountain 5570
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    White Mountain 6,100
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    It was time for another hike up on White Mountain to hit some sub-peaks and explore. FR172 is in good shape and the recent rain kept the dust down on the drive in. It was cool early but once the sun came out the weather was perfect. No animals spotted on this trip but there was some light snow. Nothing great was found but I did get a good look around.
    White Mountain 6,100
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    White Mountain 6100 - Rough Canyon Loop
    Joe's been trying to get me to do this one for awhile now, but there was always something that got in the way.

    It was his week to pick and the stars aligned. Dallin was looking for a place to stomp, it was on. One problem, Joe was having vehicle problems, so this hike went from 3 stooges, to only two.

    Reavis Ranch 109 is still in great shape. We made a brief detour at the Grave and made our way to the top. On the way up we stopped to trade stories with a solo AZT through hiker from Maine.

    Once to the top and in the pines, the route provide to us had us following a creek bed off of the #109. Easy enough. There was even some evidence of past trimming and cairns. This took us up to an alcove area we were going to check out. We decided the push through the bush, was not warranted.

    Missing a turn to go up, we opted for a southern approach to White Mountain. The views from 6075 or 6100' were some of the best 360 Supes views out there.

    Crappy Summit Video :next: [ youtube video ]

    Time to drop into Rough Canyon. This is a beautiful, tree covered, water filed, boulder hopping/sliding/traversing dream..... that turns into a nightmare. It took fooorrreeevvver to get through it. 4.5 miles and 4.5 hours (including lunch) to get through this monster. Don't get me wrong, this place is gorgeous, but I was so ready for it to be over. We even found plenty of "Use" tread, that kept us out of the boulders.

    Frog Tanks #112 was a welcome site, but still more boulder hopping off and on. We passed a couple of backpackers here, and then two occupied campsites in Angel Basin.

    The Rogers Canyon #110 was done mainly in the dark back to the car.

    Great hiking with Dallin, I'm sure there will be more. It's nice to have a 6'-7" body, breaking a swath off in front of you!
    White Mountain 6,100
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    White Mtn 6100 - Rough Cyn - Rogers Cyn
    I decided to crash Joe and Bruce's saturday hike this week. I met up with Bruce around 6:00 AM near Country Club and US-60. Joe ended up having vehicle troubles and had to bail last minute.

    We started around 7:30 AM at Rogers Trough, and cruised up to Reavis Saddle. We ran into an AZT thru hiker on the way up and had a quick chat. We turned off Reavis Ranch 109 South at the appropriate spot and started heading up a drainage towards White Mountain. Nice and easy for the first little bit, then our route had us leaving the drainage, and the fight with manzanita/oak hell began.

    On the summit of White Mountain we took a break and enjoyed the views. Bruce signed us in on the summit log. It was a little cloudy but the view on top was still pretty amazing, I can only imagine what it looks like on a crisp, clear day. I will be back again for this one. Getting to this point wasn't too bad, it felt like we were making pretty good time. I looked at RS, saw we had "only" 10 miles left, and told Bruce something along the lines of: "I think we will make it back in about 5 hours." Wrong!

    We left the summit and headed down the mountain towards Rough Canyon. The brush was much more forgiving on this side of the mountain, but the slopes were loose rocks instead. I wasn't exactly sure what to expect with Rough Canyon, I just knew it was off trail and the name made it sound a little intimidating. The canopy of pines and sycamores at the start of the canyon was a cool little spot. Plenty of nice spots to camp that look like they've never been touched.

    Eventually the canyon walls start to rise and you find yourself in the creek bed more often than not. Then a series of falls start and you'll be choosing whether to scramble down or skirt up and around the falls. The going got really slow. Along the way, Bruce decided to take a quick dunk in one of the pools to cool off, and about a quarter mile later I decided to do it as well. :) I kept looking at RS after what felt like a mile and usually found we had only gone about a quarter of a mile... So much for that 5 hour estimate. :lol:

    By the time we reached Frog Tanks I was pretty sore and I was starting to bonk. Rough Canyon used some muscles I don't use very often, and for much longer than I usually use them. We enjoyed a break at the intersection of Rough Canyon and Rogers Canyon before starting the ascent back up Rogers to the TH. It felt like it was going to be a slog, but I was just happy to be back on a trail by this point. One foot in front of the other is all that was required now. :)

    We ran into 2 groups of backpackers at Angel Basin, and then another group further up the trail who were headlighting into Angel Basin. I finally caught a good second wind just before the Rogers Canyon/Reavis Ranch JCT, but I still finished feeling pretty sore. We finished around 8:20 PM.

    If you just look at mileage and AEG this hike doesn't seem too difficult, but this is the hardest 17 miles and 4000ft I've worked for in a long time. I was telling Bruce on the way out I wasn't sure if I was going to come back again for Rough Canyon, but after looking at pictures of this canyon in the fall, and the ruins (we didn't look too hard), I think I'll have to come back again sometime.

    Great hike with great company!
    White Mountain 6,100
    rated 5rated 5rated 5rated 5rated 5
    We started at 7:30a and it was nice and cool at the trailhead. The road in is still in good shape but there was some signs of water running across a few washes recently. My idea of "not bad" off trail means not crawling more than five feet at a time, clothing remains intact, no catclaw, some class 3 scrambles with loose rocks and some maybe some brushes/trees to push through but they lack teeth. For me if it's better than that it classifies as a trail. :lol: There was a group stretching at the trailhead getting ready to do maintenance on the West Pinto trail. I thought West Pinto was just fine last time I hiked it but what do I know?? The Reavis trail was in good shape and the the off trail is "not bad". The breeze kept us cool and was almost chilly at times. Just another good day in the Supes ;)
    White Mountain 6,100
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    Sugar N Cimeron
    Somehow, neither Lee nor I was carrying today. Good thing we both still have faith in humanity!

    Lee promised me an 8-mile hike and it sounded nice. So in the dark 13 hours later, pushing 20 miles and 5,000aeg, with over 8 miles of OFF-TRAIL, we managed to hit two new peaks for me, including Cimeron, which is a great destination that I would recommend to anybody.

    The off-trail was slow, especially in Rough Canyon, as we were both pretty fatigued at that point. It was very welcoming to reach the trail again, even though we had such a long way to get back and knew that darkness would fall. At least there was a full moon.

    Of course, along the way, Lee had to take a few detours to find piles of rocks. I had established that if they weren't still assembled and held together with mortar, I would have no interest. Luckily he delivered. There's some cool stuff out there!

    And to think the Coliseum was built only like 1,000 years earlier than any of this stuff!

    Saw a huge black-tail below the Cimeron summit. Also a nice turtle in the water in Rough Canyon, who didn't really like me picking him up, and a great horned owl in Rogers Canyon. My photo was a little sub-par by Outdoor Lover standards, so I didn't even bother posting it.

    Great day out there. A little warm in the afternoon sun, but otherwise damn near perfect.
    White Mountain 6,100
    rated 5rated 5rated 5rated 5rated 5
    On 12/8/12 we hiked 12.8 miles in 8 hours and 12 minutes. This wasn't the plan but that's how it worked out. We started out at 7:36a and hiked in the brisk moring air from roger's trough. We made a stop at the grave and located a few pot sherds before moving on. Once on reavis saddle we took the spur trail and hiked over two false summits before topping out on White Mountain at around 10:30a. After a short break and some photos we bush surfed down the west side and heaed for the mesa. We stopped again at the big stone slab but after passing that I was zoned out and we crossed the drainage and went northwest. We followed the bear scat but the bear was going the wrong way. I was looking for ruins in Rough Canyon and realized we redirected. It was already past 12p so we set a course to intersect Frog Tanks trail and pushed our way down ugly draw. The future plan is to camp down by the Frog Tanks/Rough Canyon intersection and hike to the ruins and summit Cimeron Mountain while we're there. What do think Kyle? : rambo : Once on Frog Tanks trail we hiked into Angel Basin and stopped in to show Mike the ruins. We seemed to be making good time back to the trailhead but it seemed like a long four miles getting back at 3:48a. Just as we were leaving we noticed a white Nissan Altima with Texas plates parked at Roger's Trough trailhead. :o Must be a rental.
    White Mountain 6,100
    rated 5rated 5rated 5rated 5rated 5
    I'm not sure why I thought Joel's idea sounded like a good one-- I guess I was just excited about the meteor shower. There are so many other peaks you can bag at night that have actual trails.

    We started around 8 pm and made the summit just after midnight. I watched the meteor shower for a couple hours while Joel got frustrated at his inability to work his fancy camera :) . It looked like a pretty thick haze had rolled over the valley and surrounding areas so all the other stargazers must have been disappointed.

    We eventually headed back down and took turns getting lost and turned around. Bushwacking in the dark with no visible landmarks is quite the experience. I probably won't do it again (until the next time I hike with Joel).

    We hiked the last few miles in the light which was a nice change even though it was final proof that we were out way too late.

    The Perseids rule! I also agree with Joel-- this peak rules (in the daytime). Its weird that more people don't summit it.
    White Mountain 6,100
    rated 5rated 5rated 5rated 5rated 5
    Joel and I decided to see what the big deal was with this White Mountain/Rough Cyn loop was. Well, actually, I'll just blame this whole debacle on Joel-- I was just along for the ride :) . We made our way up White Mountain which actually isn't too bad of a bushwack. The ravine you follow for the first section is fairly easy to work up. Once you pop out of the ravine and start your climb over to the peak, the views start to really open up. White Mountain had snow on it which made things a little more difficult. I actually slipped while scaling some rocks and took a fall that I was shocked to be walking away from unhurt. Luckily I fell into a foot deep bed of snow. We made it to the summit with the best view of the Superstition Ridgeline I can imagine seeing. This is a summit worth your time!

    We ate lunch, signed the register (which has 5 years between some visits), and headed down the other side for Rough Canyon. We made it down and entered under a canopy of large trees. This first section of the canyon might be one of the coolest areas of the Supes I've been in. We slowly made our way down the canyon. When I say slowly, I mean SLOWLY. I've never had miles take so long. This truly is the canyon that never ends. Every time I looked down at my GPS, it seemed like we had barely moved. By the time we got near the ruins, I just wanted a break so I found a nice cool rock to sit on while Joel bushwacked up and checked them out.

    This is pretty much where the canyon stops being fun. More waterfalls start appearing that you either need to downclimb or find ways to avoid and everything is sharp and covered in thorns. It really never seems to end. As a clue of how slow going this is, we first reached the bottom of the canyon at about 2:45 and did the last 1/4 mile the canyon in the dark-- it's only 3.5 miles long! I found that climbing on rocks in the dark with only a headlamp is not my favorite thing.

    We finally reached the Frog Tanks trail. I'd never been so happy to see a trail! It's a little hard to follow in the dark, but better than being in that godforsaken canyon any longer. It felt good to finally pick up the pace. We did our best to make it back to the trailhead in decent time.

    hike start time: 7:10 am
    hike end time: 12 midnight :o

    White Mountain was awesome. The best thing about Rough Canyon is that I'll never have to hike it again! My camera apparently stopped working properly after we got into the canyon so the only pics I have are from the good part. :)
    White Mountain 6,100
    rated 5rated 5rated 5rated 5rated 5
    Starting from Roger's TH, we followed Rogers to Reavis Trail up to Reavis Saddle. From there we found a nice use trail up to the ridge that eventually took us up to White Mountain. The cool breeze atop White felt good, something I would really miss later in the day as the temps rose.

    On the way up to White I stopped to grab a dead century plant stalk to use as a walking stick. I needed to shorten it by about half so I laid it on top a rock and gave it a good stomp. Well, one end came up rather quick and whacked me dead in the ear! My ear swelled up to Obama size and was quite painful. This accident combined with my seasonal allergies kicking in pretty much made the rest of the day miserable for me. I tried not to whine too much though.

    After a short stop on White we headed down to the west, attempting to attain a mesa where we might have a good view of Rough Canyon. Bob took a strong lead ahead and decided to take a nap in his bivy sack while waiting for us to catch up. Due to a snagged zipper Bob was unable to exit his bivy. Watching him writhe around in this small black sack reminded me of a cat giving birth and the kittens breaking though the birthing sack :sk:

    Shortly after watching Bob come into this brand new world (it was quite breath taking :budrose: ) the group split into two. Bob and I went to check out some over-hangs and the other three went searching for a lunch spot, I guess. Even though the purpose of this hike was to look for more ancient ruins, it seemed like 3/5 of the group did everything they could to avoid finding any :-s .

    After an hour or two the group was whole again and we started looking for our exit. We followed some game trails around the west side of White, about a thousand feet directly above Roger's Trail. Bob and I stopped again to investigate some small caves while the others waited for us on a saddle. Most of the drainages that we wanted to follow down to Rogers Trail looked like they would have cliffed us out so we trudged on. Eventually we found a nice long slope that lead us to Rogers but not before passing through the worst cat claw field I have ever experienced! Good times!

    All in all a good hike with a ridiculously fast group that really wore me out. If I could do it again though I would opt to take Rough Canyon instead of the exit we took. Although longer, with the water falls and partial shade, Rough Canyon is more enjoyable.

    :thanx: guys...and girl! And thanks for driving Wally!

    (2 1/2 L)
    White Mountain 6,100
    rated 5rated 5rated 5rated 5rated 5
    This is the kind of hike you can like or not. The best route up to White Mountain so far is from Reavis saddle. The maps don't show the terrain detail that well so it's at your own risk and lots of route finding. I think it would be better to exit Rough Canyon or the unnamed drainage to the south if I find myself out there again. It was very interesting to see the various arches, windows alcoves, cliffs, hoodoos and side canyons in the interior. We did wait for Dave & Bob and I have a picture. ;)

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    Map Drive
    High Clearance possible when dry

    To Rogers Trough Trailhead
    Take US 60 east out of Apache Junction. A couple miles past Florence Junction turn north onto Queen Valley Road and follow 1.6 miles. Turn right onto FS 357 (Hewlett Station Road) and follow about three miles to FS 172. Turn left onto FS 172 and follow this for 9.1 miles (keep an eye out to your right near the four mile mark for a thin arch) to FS 172A. Turn right onto FS 172A and follow 3.8 miles to the Rogers Trough trailhead. The last mile of FS 172A is definitely four wheel drive due to the washed ruts and some steepness. A high clearance pick up without four wheel drive could probably make it but you'd be in trouble if it rained. Be sure to stop and look over your shoulder. The views are awesome looking down in valley extending below.

    40 minute video of drive
    FR 172 - Hewitt Station Road to Rogers Trough TH

    From PHX (I-10 & AZ-51) - 68.4 mi, 2 hours 3 mins
    From TUC (Jct 1-10 & Grant) - 102 mi, 2 hours 51 mins
    From FLG (Jct I-17 & I-40) - 213 mi, 4 hours 19 mins
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