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Camp Grasshopper - Mogollon Rim-C/Site#3, AZ

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Very nice first come, first serve vehicle camping area off FR139C in the shaded pines and oaks above upper Barbershop Canyon for 1-3 vehicles/1-3 tents maximum. From this base camp are numerous Cabin Loop trails, off-trail hiking areas, and mountain bike forest roads to choose from for some very pleasant and remote day outings.

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    WARNING! Hiking and outdoor related sports can be dangerous. Be responsible and prepare for the trip. Study the area you are entering and plan accordingly. Dress for the current and unexpected weather changes. Take plenty of water. Never go alone. Make an itinerary with your plan(s), route(s), destination(s) and expected return time. Give your itinerary to trusted family and/or friends.

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    Camp Grasshopper - Mogollon Rim-C/Site#3
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    I had such an enjoyable and relaxing seven day visit this past July at my favorite AZ Mogollon Rim campsite (at 7435ft) that I decided to do it again in August (from Wed-8/23 to Tues-8/29/17) :)

    For this August trip I invited a good friend (from East Mesa) and her partner (from Payson) whom I had originally met from my earlier 2005-2006 AZ camping/hiking days as an active member of Arizona Outdoor Travel Club (AOTC). AOTC & HAZ-blk and I have continued to be good friends but with her very active outdoor (local & worldwide) travel schedule, I was not able until this August to find a camping period that fit both our schedules.

    As has been the case for the last few visits and this trip no exception, I had planned more tinkering around camp, R&R, and good eats cooking than area day hiking, but we still managed to do a couple nice area off-trail loop hikes:
    [ Barbershop Cyn Upper - Merritt Draw Upper Loop ]
    [ Bear Canyon Upper - West Bear Canyon Loop ]

    For this Mogollon Rim monsoon season there was less daily/nightly rain than I had on my previous July'17 week visit. Both July and August trips provided moderate daily temps and comfortable nightly sleeping being serenaded by bugling elk and howling coyotes in close Barbershop Canyon and Merritt Draw.
    Camp Grasshopper - Mogollon Rim-C/Site#3
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    It had been almost to the day, one full year since I had been back to camp at my favorite "Happy Place" in the woods at 7435ft.

    This visit for a planned 6 nights / 7 days (Wed-7/19 to Tues-7/25) I had no agenda except to relax, read some, cook/clean, eat some :) , and just waste time tinkering around camp which I am very good at doing. I also knew this trip would be a wet one (and it was) due to being here in the middle of our summer Mogollon Rim Monsoon Season but this I was looking forward too. As long as I am able to setup my campsite without rain on my arrival day and on departure day teardown and pack it all up without rain then all is good..and..all was good!

    One thing I did have to look forward too for the week was a day visit at Camp Grasshopper with my friends from Scottsdale who now own my old "Grasshopper 92YJ Jeep Wrangler". They had previously accepted my invite to join me for a Saturday afternoon visit to "Camp Grasshopper" with a planned short hike from camp to Merritt Draw/Merritt Spring and a mid-afternoon Grasshopper cooked meal. It was a grand day and I much enjoyed their family of four visit.
    Camp Grasshopper - Mogollon Rim-C/Site#3
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    Mogollon Rim - Autumn 2016
    Not many hiking miles clocked today nor AEG, and a very long day with out and back driving miles, but so worth it for a beautiful cool, blue sky, Mogollon Rim day with plentiful Prime Autumn "Big Tooth Maple" colors :FG:

    A longtime friend of mine, a HAZ member, and a very active Arizona Outdoor Travel Club (AOTC) hiking member was interested in joining me for this Autumn day trip. Since all the areas I had hoped to hike were in the same general area, I thought it would be a nice idea to first visit my favorite Mogollon Rim vehicle campsite which my friend had not previously seen.

    I had four prime Autumn locations on my visit agenda this day, but one of the main ones I had hoped to view- Bear Canyon West Fork [ description ] , was presently closed for access due to the now active and managed "Pinchot Fire" viewtopic.php?t=9722 .

    So, as it turned-out, with the 3.5 hour drive up and a short visit to my favorite campsite #3, we really only had enough prime daylight time to visit the following three Big Tooth Maple areas noted below with hike descriptions linked above:

    (see posted 10/4/16 GPS Routes and Photo Sets for)-
    .. Upper Maverick Canyon- Autumn'16 [ photoset ]
    .. Upper Bill McClintock Draw- Autumn'16 [ photoset ]
    .. Upper Buck Spring Canyon- Autumn'16 [ photoset ]

    A special and rewarding day to visit our Mogollon Rim !!
    Camp Grasshopper - Mogollon Rim-C/Site#3
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    my first trip to camp grasshopper :)
    angela drove us up on the rim, arriving early afternoon
    mary jo was already up there at site #2
    set up camp, visited a bit with hank, then set out to do a hike into meritt draw
    nearby lightning prompted us to cut the hike short, climbing over the ridge directly west of camp
    angela, hank and i went for a walk on forest 139c after skies cleared up
    wanted to go to the end where it overlooks the confluence of merritt draw and barbershop canyon, but we would have finished in the dark, so we turned back after about a mile and a half
    relaxing afternoon and evening with some mellow hikes
    Camp Grasshopper - Mogollon Rim-C/Site#3
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    For mid-June I had planned a week trip up here and had some invites to join me. Due to some unexpected CA family needs I was not able to attend but fortunately Oregon Hiker, RWStorm, and Tough Boots were :)

    Not being able to go up in June, it was kind-of mandatory that I "get-out-of-Dodge" to this favorite Mogollon Rim camp-spot for a week in July for mostly R&R with two planned (new for me) loop hikes on my agenda. I knew that this July camping location at 7435ft elevation was going to be wet due to our always active Monsoon Season on the Rim but I did not anticipate for the 8 nights / 9 days I was here this trip (a new Camp G/H vehicle camping record for me), that it would storm on six days of the nine.

    I had originally planned to exit back on Tues-7/26 but ended up with my second planned loop hike on this day.. with rain. My campsite was soaked with my afternoon return and I needed a full day after for it to dry-out. Fortunately, this Wednesday day after was beautiful and without rain which allowed me to have a dry campsite to take down, pack, and load on my 9th morning..Thurs-7/28 (My thanks to Brian on 7/24 for the extra 10# bag of ice and to Mary Jo on 7/25 for the extra 3 gallons of H2O or I would not have made it for this nine day period).. Prior-to the extra 3 gallons, I had originally brought-up 23 gallons of H2O (all the cooking & cleaning at Camp G/H uses a whole lot of water :D )

    I really enjoyed this longer stay and having Angela, Kelly, and Mary-Jo stay over for 2 nights/3 days with a short day visit by BeeBee- Brian.
    Camp Grasshopper - Mogollon Rim-C/Site#3
    rating optionrated 4rated 4rated 4rated 4
    Humm.. not sure what else I can add to further compliment this Summer 2015 trip (Wed-8/12 to Tues-8/18.. for 6nts/7days) to my favorite Mogollon Rim Vehicle Campsite other than my now posted 42 pics with captions of a campsite area not really that large :lol:

    I presently have some "old guy" leg vein medical issues going on that prohibited me from any hiking this trip with my standard twenty-five pound day pack. I'm now awaiting an outpatient minor surgery date now scheduled for September so that after a hopeful brief recovery period I should be back in the game again for a while and until the other leg comes up for the same :)

    I will say that I'm probably one of the few that could hang-around a remote vehicle campsite for almost seven full days and totally enjoy it..which I did! ;) My thanks to Oregon Hiker (Larry) for his seven days of camping with me and giving me more to look forward to each day end with him returning from his different hikes and sharing these daily adventures. My thanks also to BeeBee (Brian) for taking the time out of his always busy & unpredictable work schedule to drive 225+ miles round trip for just a much welcomed afternoon day visit..thank you both!
    Camp Grasshopper - Mogollon Rim-C/Site#3
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    From GH Campsite#3 to GH Campsite #2
    Just to document the GPS Route distance and to update the June'14 status of Camp Grasshopper C/Site #2 and to add new reference pics/location for alternate Camp Grasshopper C/Site #2.5 :)
    Camp Grasshopper - Mogollon Rim-C/Site#3
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    This first of a hopeful two 2014 extended "6nt/7day" (Wed-6/11 to Tues-6/17) vehicle camping/hiking/R&R Summer visit to my favorite Coconino NF- Mogollon Rim area campsite (at 7435 feet elevation with week lows 41F and shaded highs only to 78F) with beautiful, sunny early Summer mornings, no rain, with three days of strong winds, and with more large wildlife sightings this visit including my first ever "Arizona Black Bear" :y: on my lucky Friday the 13th day hike with pics, made for a very rewarding, enjoyable, and relaxing visit :D

    As much as this entire Mogollon Rim- Cabin Loop hiking area is in need of rain, I was pleasantly surprised to see how green this entire area still seems to be.. it endures well and should continue too until our Arizona Monsoon season arrives.. hopefully in ~two weeks.

    This visit I actually did more day hiking and tooling around the immediate area than I had originally planned, but that's good because I needed the exercise. For my seven days this visit, two of which are always dedicated to driving up/back-camp setup/camp tear down-unloading/loading, I did four enjoyable, mostly "off-trail" hikes which also gave me an opportunity to be more familiar with my new Garmin Oregon600 GPSr and my new Sony Cyber-shot DSC-WX50 pocket camera:

    Thurs-6/12: Merritt Draw Loop - Mogollon Rim

    Fri-6/13: Merritt Draw Lower Loop - Mogollon Rim

    Sun-6/15 (Father's Day): Barbershop Cyn Upper - Merritt Draw Upper Loop

    Mon-6/16: McFarland Spring via 4WD - Mogollon Rim
    (hiked not driven)
    Camp Grasshopper - Mogollon Rim-C/Site#3
    rating optionrated 4rated 4rated 4rated 4
    Summer to Autumn 2012 (June-Sept) I managed to plan and actually pull-off four wonderful "5nt/6day" Grasshopper vehicle camping/day hiking trips to our Mogollon Rim. For this same period this year I had the same aspirations but for various reasons I only managed to complete two trips (June'13 & September'13) of four planned. It was a long and hot summer for me cooped-up for so many months without my needed "Outside" relief :)

    This second and extended "6nt/7day" (Wed-9/25 to Tues-10/1) vehicle camping/hiking/R&R Autumn visit to my favorite Coconino NF- Mogollon Rim area campsite (at 7430+ feet elevation with week lows 28-42F and shaded highs only 60-70F) with beautiful, sunny Autumn days, no rain, minor wind, and with welcomed Bull Elk bugling and Coyotes howling at night with crisp Autumn sleeping temps made for a very enjoyable and relaxing trip visit :D

    It takes me a full week prior-to planned exit day to pull-off one of these full blown "Camp Grasshopper" week away trips, but I do enjoy all the required logistics even though I have notice that I'm slowing down some.. may be that stinking age thing creeping-up on me :?

    Larry came up to join me for a couple of nights. We had two planned Autumn day hikes for prowling the area for Big Tooth Maple colors which was still nice even though we were about one to two weeks early for prime Autumn colors. Larry's visit and big appetite also gave me a good reason to plan another major dinner meal to cook something new that I had not before tried to prepare in the wilderness on my "Hilton Kitchen" set-up: Chicken a'la King with spiced creme sauce in fresh cooked veggies over boiled-steamed white rice, heated LeSueur Baby Sweet Peas with chives/butter, bread, and a fresh dinner salad with dressing (thanks to Larry for the salad). Pictures to follow of course which will confirm our dinner meal results!.. ;)
    Camp Grasshopper - Mogollon Rim-C/Site#3
    rating optionrated 4rated 4rated 4rated 4
    My first of four planned (June-Sept'13) "5 night/6 day" vehicle camping/hiking/R&R summer heat escape visits to my favorite Coconino NF- Mogollon Rim camping and hiking area (at 7430+ feet elevation with week lows 42-54F and highs only 82-86F) :) No rain, few clouds, and campfire restrictions in force for this enjoyable and relaxing trip visit.

    After a considerable amount of trip logistics and day outing planning for my previous week trips in March'13 (to the Salt River Cyn Wild) and in May'13 (to the Sierra Ancha Wild), I had only two priorities this trip: Impromptu area day hikes and a lot of campsite relaxing/sleeping with a significant amount of quality Trader Joe's food and snacks to eat. I actually ended-up doing more day hiking than originally planned but mission still accomplished :D !

    Permit $$

    Map Drive
    High Clearance possible when dry

    To Mid FR139C the arbitrary/unofficial Trailhead
    From Phoenix
    Drive Hwy 87 north through Payson, Pine, and Strawberry.. approx 10.5 miles north of Strawberry on Hwy 87 at MP281.1, turn right at signed FR300 (the Rim Road). From this intersection...

    Utilize this GPS Driving Route "from" the intersection of Hwy 87/FR300 (Rim Road) at Hwy 87 Milepost 281.2 "to" the recommended FR139C TH Start at Camp Grasshopper-Campsite #3 (or #2).
    (Trailhead is generic)
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