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Quartz Trail - CCRP, AZ

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Distance One Way 1.35 miles
Trailhead Elevation 2,115 feet
Elevation Gain -250 feet
Avg Time One Way 0.5 hours
Kokopelli Seeds 1.77
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Go John Trail - CCRP
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Location Phoenix, AZ
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Seasons   Early Autumn to Late Spring
Sun  6:16am - 6:25pm
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Go John By-Pass
by MEWhiteman

Overview: This is a new trail (as of December 2011) in the southern part of the Cave Creek Recreation Area. It can be used to create a short loop or to extend the Go John Trail loop for a longer hike. The views are nice and provide a pleasant change from those on this section of the Go John.

Hike: I did this hike as an extension of the Go John Trail, which I hiked in the clockwise direction. At 4.60 miles (N33 50.247 W111 59.176) on the Go John the new Quartz Trail goes left at a signed junction. The trail is well graded and easy to follow. It decends for a short distance then climbs gradually for about 1/4 miles. Then it decends gradually losing 300 feet while following the contours around the hills in the southern part of the park. The trail is 1.35 miles long and ends at the Slate Trail at N33 49.619 W111 59.290. Turn right onto the Slate Trail. From here you can follow the Slate Trail to its terminus south of the Go John trailhead or turn right on the Jasper Trail which will bring you back to the Go John, where turning left will bring you back to the trailhead. This was a total of 7.0 miles, adding about 1.2 miles to the Go John loop.

A shorter route would be to hike from the trailhead on the Slate Trail, left on the Quartz Trail and left on the Go John to return. I estimate this to be about 3.5 miles. Other options are available using the Slate and Flume trails as well.

Check out the Official Route and Triplogs.

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2011-12-08 MEWhiteman
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Quartz Trail - CCRP
rating optionrated 4rated 4rated 4rated 4
First time hiking the trails in CCRP and we both enjoyed the trip. We did three loops, first up was Go John where we cross paths with Angela (Tibber), made our introductions and chatted for a bit, then we headed up the Overton Trail and back down the north leg of Go John, seeing Angela again at the switchbacks, then after a short snack break at the TH we headed out on the Slate and Quartz Trails to complete the third and final loop.

I am not sure what a normal day is like in the park but the traffic seemed really light compared to what I have seen at other parks, which I really enjoyed. There was a haze pretty much the entire day but the temps were really nice.

Nice to finally meet you Angela :)
Quartz Trail - CCRP
rating optionrated 4rated 4rated 4rated 4
Subtitle: MISTified by the Marine Layer in the desert :o .

This was a workout hike for me. Mainly wanted to do Overton down rather than up. Wanted an extra mile or two so started with Go John to Jasper to Slate to Quartz (met a couple bikers there), to Go John where on the east side I ran into hikerdw and his son. He says "you look familiar", "Tibber?" and once I looked up and at Dave, I recognized him too. I asked what he thot that dust was in the distance and he thot it was more of a moisture mist. The humidity was 34% this morning so that made sense. The mist also seemed to filter the sun. I heard what route they were planning and said I would probably see them over on the Overton.

I continued on my hike where I saw a couple more hikers and a trio of bike riders in the distance. The mist was all around so I had to stop and take a picture or two as I don't recall seeing such a phenomenon in the desert before. I climbed up the hills of Go John and onto and down the Overton where I indeed did run into Dave and Ryan(?). We said it was nice to have some shade on this side and I told them how they could get to Slate Trail from Go John/Jasper combo.

I finished off the Overton where I started running into a few more hikers and bikers before arriving back at the parking lot. I had a good hike. Trail is nice and I can see where they do some work now and again to keep it that way.
Quartz Trail - CCRP
rating optionrated 4rated 4rated 4rated 4
With Judy. Go John :next: Quartz :next: Slate :next: Jasper :next: Go John
AVE HR:114
MAX HR:139
Quartz Trail - CCRP
rating optionrated 4rated 4rated 4rated 4
Started out on Slate-Quartz to the high point you can look down on the Go John Trail-turned around to Flat Iron Trail and did it out and back (1 mile total)-Quartz to Slate to parking lot. It the 12 years I've been hiking in this area this is the most color I've seen from wildflowers. Mostly brittle-bush. For only the second time I got buzzed by a rattler that was in a bush by the side of the trail...I'd not seen him until I stopped and looked.
AVE HR: 105
MAX HR: 133

Brittle Bush
Quartz Trail - CCRP
rating optionrated 4rated 4rated 4rated 4
With Judy...Go John-Jasper-Slate-Quartz-Flat Rock-Quartz-Go John. Only sample size of two but both of us felt really good after spending 7 days at 7000 feet in Grand Tetons. Only wildlife we saw in the park was mule deer and a coyote running across the road and today we saw a tortoise and a 4 point mule deer! We did see a huge herd of bison and about 20 antelope outside the park on a preserve.

Ave HR:111
High HR: 138
Quartz Trail - CCRP
rating optionrated 4rated 4rated 4rated 4
Go John counter clockwise :next: Quartz :next:Flat Rock down and back :next: Slate :next: Jasper :next: Go John. With Judy.

AVE HR: 122 72%
MAX HR: 143
Quartz Trail - CCRP
rating optionrating optionrated 3rated 3rated 3
Well this was a nice cloudy morning the way Rowdy likes it. Not as warm as yesterday but humid. This hike did not start out as I had planned. I had planned on parking at the new trailhead parking lot but there was one problem. All the gates were chained and locked so I had to park next to the bridge and hike in from there.
Well hiking from here to Go John Trail did save me $6.00 and added about 8 more miles to my hike. Except for Go John the rest of the trails were all new to me :).
The hike was nice and quite as I did not see anyone until we hit the Go John Trail. The trail that I started on really doesn't have a name yet but I am thinking about one. There are signs that say trail with a arrow pointing up the trail and I went through a fence and turned around to see a sign that said private property no trespassing oh well. I really did not see to much out to day such as wildlife but it is always nice to hit a new trail that I know nothing about and just check it out. A really fun hike with no tickets or notes on my car :y:.
Quartz Trail - CCRP
rating optionrated 4rated 4rated 4rated 4
Sunday hike and breakfast with Kathy and Larry. Go John :next: Jasper :next: Slate :next: Quartz :next: Flat Rock :next: and back the same way.
Quartz Trail - CCRP
rating optionrated 4rated 4rated 4rated 4
Overton GoJohn Quartz Slate
Wanted to get in a workout hike that might have a display of flowers. Usually if the flowers are blooming, you can count on the GoJohn Trail. Then I couldn't decide morning or after lunch. I went with after lunch thereby giving the poppies time to wake up. But it didn't matter as there was very little flowers popping out here. One of the trail rider boss's I ran into said it was early for flowers but I'm thinking there just isn't going to be much :(

It was nice to get on a normal trail but this was ridiculous as it was so manicured compared to what I have been doing the last two Sundays. Oh, I'm not complaining, just commenting as I glided along and gawked to my heart's content :D . I haven't been on the Overton for a decade. It's funny though, I remember the picture I took of myself and exactly what I was wearing like it was yesterday.

The trail is in marvelous shape and with just enough scenery to keep you interested. The brittle bush was blooming so that was nice. I did run into a beauty of a garter snake in the middle of the trail; got a couple good pics and a movie.

I'm back to using the FZ150 while the ZS50 is at Panasonic getting a new lens due to dust issues. I am quite shocked that Pany is covering the 1-yr manufacturer's warranty as the camera is in pretty rough shape with dings and nicks; that's why they didn't honor it on the ZS40. Will be quite glad to get it back as the movie stabilizer is exceptional compared to the 150.

Anyway, I switchbacked up the back side of Overton to reach the saddle and down to the GoJohn. Still no flowers really except the little yellow globe flowers. Eventually I wrapped around the north side of GoJohn to get to the intersection of Quartz which takes you east before looping you around a mountain and head WSW. Now this trail is in pristine shape and has pretty views too :) . There is an intersection with another trail (don't remember the name) as you continue south and then pass the namesake quartz outcropping before reaching the intersection with the Slate.

By the way, there seems to be benches about every 1/2 mile on this stretch. So I took advantage as I hadn't rested yet after about almost 6 miles. It was so nice to sit on the bench that I actually nodded off for about 5 minutes; I could have gone for the full fledge 20 minutes but that just didn't seem right. Finished off the hike on the Slate Trail, meandered thru the picnic/recreation area to Tonto Jr at the VC.

There weren't a lot of people out and just as few bike riders. Two different trail rides were going on and I ran into them both and one of them twice. I only saw three people when finishing off the Quartz and Slate Trails. I think going Sunday afternoon seems to be the key on these city-like hikes to seeing a few less people.

Overton Trail - ... vfuQ including the garter snake.
a little of the GoJohn and Quartz Trails - ... D7Ns including zoomed view of what I think is a woodpecker sitting in a tree

saw maybe a dozen poppies and lupine and some chikory and a few hedgehogs. Brittle bush is blooming pretty nice.
Quartz Trail - CCRP
rating optionrated 4rated 4rated 4rated 4
Wanted to complete a loop hike taking in the new Flat Rock Trail off the Quartz Trail. Slate-Quartz-Flat Rock-C4 (in Desert Foothills Land Trust)-Slate. The miles on Flat Rock, C4 and area off Slate Trail right off C4 are very rocky. I'd not recommend for dogs and I'll not hike this on a regular basis. Joined by Judy, Java and Kai.

Permit $$
Maricopa Regional Parks - Fees more info

$7 per vehicle,$85 annual or trade your first born for the life pass

$2 walk, bike or horse ride into park

Map Drive
Paved - Car Okay

To hike
Directions to hike: Take 17 North to the Carefree Highway (Exit 223). Head east on 74/Carefree Highway. Turn left (North) onto 32nd Street. About a mile and a half up the road you enter the Cave Creek Park area. After the gate continue past the visitor center and turn left on the paved road to the Go John trailhead.
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