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Valle Verde Trail - Sonoran Preserve, AZ

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Distance One Way 1.25 miles
Trailhead Elevation 1,902 feet
Elevation Gain -168 feet
Accumulated Gain 48 feet
Kokopelli Seeds 1.41
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11  2019-04-15
Sonoran Preserve - Peak 2383
27  2019-02-15
Great Horned Owl Trail - Sonoran Preserve
9  2018-10-26
Great Horned Owl Trail - Sonoran Preserve
4  2018-07-06
Dixie Mountain Loop - Sonoran Preserve
5  2018-03-12 RowdyandMe
6  2018-03-04
Dixie Mountain Loop - Sonoran Preserve
5  2018-01-29
Great Horned Owl Trail - Sonoran Preserve
5  2017-12-26
Dixie Mountain Loop - Sonoran Preserve
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The trail spurs off from the Dixie Mountain Loop stretching south toward the Desert Tortoise, Cactus Wren and Great Horned Owl Trails.

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Valle Verde Trail - Sonoran Preserve
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Just a glorified dog walk with the pups. Nice temps and great late afternoon conditions. The trails were a little busy near the trailhead, but still a pleasant walk with the pups. We knocked out Dixie and Union "peaks" along the way, making our own variation of the Dixie Mountain Loop.
Valle Verde Trail - Sonoran Preserve
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Phoenix Sonoran Preserve website states that the park is open from 5am to 7pm. Got to the Desert Vista trailhead just before 6am to find a line of cars waiting for the park ranger to open the gate. Crazy humidity made today's hike with harem member Maria quite unpleasant. Someone placed a summit register at Union Peak. Creative Maria left an interesting entry with yesterday's date :) One of my favorite city hikes!
Valle Verde Trail - Sonoran Preserve
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Union Peak Loop-West
A great day to be out on a Trail anywhere. I decided to do this Loop from the west side as I did it from the east side last time.
It is a great way to hit Union Peak from the south. The trail is not as easy as it is from the north. There are more switchbacks going up and really I don't think I will ever hike down it but that's just me.

Poppies everywhere
Valle Verde Trail - Sonoran Preserve
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Cactus Wren-Great Horned Owl Loop
Well it was a wet hike and we never seen anyone until head down Hawks Nest Trail.
With all the rain it is like I am hiking some place else. I am really going to enjoy Spring when it gets here.
There should be a very nice display of flowers this year.
My new insoles seem to help but I still am adjusting to them.
Valle Verde Trail - Sonoran Preserve
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It really was great to get out today with Rowdy. I had my granddaughter for the tree day weekend for her 15th birthday. So Rowdy was really glad to be on the trail again.
The really sad part is the way Joe list things on the menu as hiking, run/jog, hang gliding and storm chasing. If he would add sale chasing and mall walking I would have the most miles this month.
When we asked our granddaughter what she wanted to do for her birthday weekend she said shopping and she got an extra day to shop.
Well I think I walk over a hundred miles going back and forth waiting on my wife and granddaughter. They spent over an hour and half in a store called Pink. We shopped a three malls a few shopping centers and my ankle is killing me.

But today's hike was a real relaxer for me. Just Rowdy and me and the desert just the way I like it. When we reached the trailhead there was only one car.
It was not to hot but seemed very humid. I really had to hike in mind we just started hiking and I turn when ever I felt like it. When we reached the trailhead I saw this very beautiful young women and of course her mom. I did ask if I could take her picture and she said no so I let it go. This was the second time I seen a beautiful women on a trail with a wedding dress flowers posing for pictures in the sunset awesome.

Oh and I did talk to another park ranger about my last encounter with another park ranger. She knew who he was and laugh. I showed her that Rowdy was on a leash and that the signs don't say that I have to hold the leash and she laugh again of course Rowdy came over for her to pet him and she did.

I told her about the beer incident with the other ranger and of course he really doesn't know the rules. The signs are all the same everywhere but beer permits are for city parks and not preserves.
Hoping for another good hike tomorrow. Sorry if I bored anyone.
Valle Verde Trail - Sonoran Preserve
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Well again we were the only the only ones at the trailhead and that is nice. We got started just after 11am and it was warm and humid. Rowdy struggled a little with the humidity and so did I. We stopped and took more breaks and longer breaks. I was not on a schedule and no particular place to be so we took it easy.
We got within a half a mile from the end of Cactus Wren Trail and I decided to turn back and get Rowdy home.
We stopped and Rowdy found some nice shade so I put my pack down gave him water. I decided to do a little exploring while Rowdy rested. I did check out a old mine that has been filled in and then walked up what looked like an old road but did not find anything. When I got back Rowdy was ready and I planned on some more breaks for Rowdy but he did not them as the weather change again.

The clouds blocked out the sun which Rowdy loved and as we moved toward the Valle Verde Trail. Once on the Valle Verde Trail the winds picked ... 9KS0. And shortly after the rains and hail came. I decided to head up to the Dixie Mountain Loop Trail. Once we were on the trail the rains let up and we headed toward the Hawks Nest Trail and by that time the weather improved so I decided to do the loop but as we headed down the trail the rain picked up and then I called it a day and turned around and headed back to the trailhead and then home.
Valle Verde Trail - Sonoran Preserve
rating optionrating optionrated 3rated 3rated 3
Another nice day for a hike. Rowdy and I even got to enjoy a few sprinkles today.
There is a new sign on the trailhead which a couple of people asked me about. I know the only reason they asked about it is because I had Rowdy on the trail. And yet there was a Park Ranger there and he never said a word to me about Rowdy being off leash or even for being on the trail.
I guess dogs are no longer allowed in the preserve.
Valle Verde Trail - Sonoran Preserve
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Cactus Wren Loop
Well I decided to take Rowdy out for a little hike before work hoping to miss the storm. Well at the 3 mile mark we got hit hard all at once :o . We got hit with rain, hail, lightning and thunder all at once. We both were really soaked and cold as it got really windy.
I had planned on hitting peak 2383 but decided not to as everything was soaking wet and I really don't need to slip and fall. It did stop about a mile from the trailhead. On a positive note the restrooms at the trailhead are now open. :y:
Valle Verde Trail - Sonoran Preserve
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Cactus Wren-Great Horned Owl Trails
What can I say my wife wasn't feeling well this morning so I took care of everything before heading out which was just afternoon. Believe it or not but it was warm when we started our hike.
I started out to do the Great Horned Owl Loop but decided to just jump on the Cactus Wren on the way back. There really wasn't a whole lot going as far as wildlife.
When I reached the Desert Tortoise Trail I just decided to stay on the Valle Verde Trail and I am glad I did. Once I started down the Hawk's Nest Trail I notice two baby owls in the nest. They were very young and mom was with them with dad very close by. It was really a awesome experience to see.
Valle Verde Trail - Sonoran Preserve
rating optionrating optionrated 3rated 3rated 3
Well it was a beautiful morning just to be outside. When I reached the trailhead I stopped and talked to construction workers there and they said the new restrooms will be ready to go for this weekend. Which is great news as it will free up more parking spaces as well.
On the way up I stopped again and talked to a fireman sitting out by his truck to see what was going on. He told me it was just training for rescue and as Rowdy and I headed up Hawk's Nest Trail we saw four fireman heading down the trail. I thought it was odd that they were not carrying and gear at all and I also notice none of them had water as well. So I was just wonder what kind of the training they were doing.
After that we continued on our and as we started up Union Peak I did notice group of horse back riders coming up the trail. As they caught up to us on Union Peak Trail I decide to take a break off the trail so they could get by us. After they passed us we headed up to the top and met them there again. We talked a little as two of them told me they just retired from a mountain search and rescue team but I can't remember the name. Oh and they all really liked Rowdy even the horse. After our little visit Rowdy and I headed back down in front of them as they took a longer break.
It was really fun and interesting hike.

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Map Drive

To Desert Vista Trailhead
From I-17 and Jomax Rd, take Jomax to it's east end. Turn left on North Valley Pkwy, right on Copperhead Trail, left on Melvern Trail, and right on Desert Vista Trail to go behind the neighborhood community center. Desert Vista dead ends at the trailhead parking lot. Studying a map before you go is recommended as the trailhead is somewhat hidden in the neighborhood.

Address: 1901 W Desert Vista Trail, Phoenix

From PHX (I-10 & AZ-51) 29.4 mi, 34 mins
From TUC (Jct 1-10 & Grant) 134 mi, 2 hours 4 mins
From FLG (Jct I-17 & I-40) 122 mi, 1 hour 54 mins
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