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Bull Basin Trail #270 - Superstitions, AZ

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Distance One Way 5.1 miles
Trailhead Elevation 3,441 feet
Elevation Gain 1,650 feet
Accumulated Gain 1,700 feet
Kokopelli Seeds 10.77
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Bull Basin Loop - Eastern Superstitions
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Bull Basin Loop - Eastern Superstitions
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Bull Basin Loop - Eastern Superstitions
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Bull Basin Loop - Eastern Superstitions
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Bull Basin Loop - Eastern Superstitions
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Government Hill
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Bull Basin Loop - Eastern Superstitions
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    Bull Basin Trail #270 - Superstitions
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    After a bit of a dry spell it was nice to get back to Miles TH. 287 through the mine is in great shape. 287a seemed a little rougher than I remember but still 2wd passable. It looked like it was recently graded which dug up a lot of small rocks so I felt like Ace Ventura bouncing along down the road.

    Paradise Trail is a real treat, absolutely beautiful, and with water flowing most of the way elevates this trail to a 5+ IMO. Passed a couple trail crews along the upper sections of Haunted Canyon Trail but other than that we saw no others. Took a break and had a snack near Tony Cabin Spring. Bull Basin Trail, as reported by others, is in nice shape. Not as groomed as Paradise and Haunted Canyon but very easy to follow. Really enjoyed this hike on this day :D
    Bull Basin Trail #270 - Superstitions
    rating optionrated 4rated 4rated 4rated 4
    Rick's Son, Dustin is visiting from the U P Michigan, wanted to do some camping and hiking. We scouted out Miles TH last month and determined if we are to camp there it has to be during the week to have some solitude :) . Showed up mid morning on Monday and :o only one spot left to set up camp :pout: We made the best of the situation and it turned out, no problem, was all quite around us. :zzz: After we set up camp, gathered all the camp wood, we set out on West Pinto to Cuff Button and returned. Met a young lady heading up to Oak flats to set up camp, found out she was part of the Arizona Conservation Corps, and rest of the group was joining her on Tuesday. The plan was to scout out all the trails in the area, and process them for future trail maintenance this summer and have work done by next fall. :D Also all the other camp sites were occupied by Wilderness Volunteers planning on working this week on Trail Maintenance, Monday they finished Paradise Trail, Tuesday they were heading up Bull Basin Trail to the saddle. So looks and sounds like Miles TH will be busy hosting work crews this summer. According to their Web site, Champaign Trail is on the agenda this week. Tuesday Bull Basin Loop was our chosen hike. Wow hats off to all that has done this :) When they say steep, they mean steep !!! Got to Haunted Canyon finally :scared: took the side trip over to Tony's. While there we met 3 yes 3 state workers from the Fishery Dep't, checking if there were any fish my the stream next to the cabin, talk about time wasted management :( :? Great time can't wait to get back.
    Bull Basin Trail #270 - Superstitions
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    Kelly and I have been talking about doing something out this way and agreed on the Bull Basin Loop with a side trip to Tony Ranch. It was scheduled for Sunday, but rain got in the way. Monday looked better. John was looking for a hike so we invited him along too.

    Running water ruled the day. We initially thought that log crawling across a creek at the outset would keep our feet dry. :lol: A couple of dozen or more creek crossings later we didn't care about wet feet. Some of the creeks resembled rivers. Some sections of the trails resembled creeks. At the saddle near the start of the Paradise Trail, John noted that it was the first time all day we could not hear running water.

    The trails are in excellent shape. As noted in a couple of recent trip logs, they've been trimmed back nicely. A tiny bit of cat claw here and there, but easily avoidable. A little muddy here and there, more so at the saddle on Paradise trail, but a day or two of sunshine will make it all good.

    We took a nice break at the cabin on Tony Ranch. What little bit of sunshine we had at the outset gave way to overcast skies. Our wet feet could have used some sun. Instead, they started to get cold. Time to move. It was 37 degrees at the start and it didn't get anywhere close to the promised high in the low 60's.

    Wet, cloudy or cold, it didn't matter today; this was a fun hike. If you're on the fence about this one, or if you hiked it when it was bushy on Bull Basin trail, you should get out there. This is good hiking with the opportunity for much more. We all had fun.

    John and Kelly, it was great hiking with you!
    Bull Basin Trail #270 - Superstitions
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    ray and john had monday off, so we picked the best weather day of the holiday weekend to hike bull basin loop
    road was a little muddy, but ray had no issues on the drive in
    37 degrees around 7:30, starting out on west pinto trail
    came to our first crossing of rock creek and found a slick log to crawl over
    stayed dry on that one, but gave it up on the next 40 or so :lol:
    there was water flowing in every creek and drainage, and often on the trail
    the bigger crossings got pretty cold :o
    turned onto bull basin trail, which climbed to a saddle and then dropped down to haunted canyon trail
    took the side trip to the cabin as i had not seen it
    cool spot for a snack break
    headed back to the intersection with paradise trail, which also climbed to a saddle
    the initial descent was a little steep, rocky and wet, but soon moderated into a nice dirt path through the woods
    finished up and headed into superior for a late lunch at los hermanos
    fun hike on all new trails for me
    good company, too
    trails were in great shape - very little brush
    love seeing some new territory in the eastern superstitions
    thanks for driving, ray
    plenty more to do from miles trailhead, which is worthy of some wandering around to check out the old ranch stuff
    Bull Basin Trail #270 - Superstitions
    rating optionrating optionrated 3rated 3rated 3
    I started my morning headed towards Rogers Trough to do White Mountain, but no vehicle is getting across Queen Creek right now and I saw first hand why. I pulled up behind a pickup who had a friend outside mulling over whether it was crossable. I kept thinking that there was no way that it was uncrossable and I even thought for a minute that the guy ahead of me might be being a little cautious and if he did not go, I was just going to go around him and try, but just then he went for it after his friend on the outside seemed to give him the thumbs up. He was done for as soon as he hit the water, his front end briefly went hood deep he lurched forward a little and then there he sat about bed deep in Queen Creek. I got out and said to his friend, "well I am not going this way," turned around and headed back to the 60 for a plan B.

    I figured I could not go wrong with Miles trailhead for a plan B, although, it did cross my mind that even that road may be impassable due to the rock slides that always occur out there after a big rain. I got lucky and it was clear sailing to the TH. Every drainage was flowing along the road and it was very apparent from the start that the area had been hammered recently. I ended up stopping before Miles and went in Paradise Trail to do a variation of the Bull Basin loop, but with Government Hill and its long ridgeline as an off trail linking route between the two trails. Paradise was a tremendous start to the day. It was nearly impossible to keep your feet dry on the trail, the creek was raging and trailside was one cascade after another, topped off by the main attraction which is less than a mile in. From the flowing water of Paradise, it was across the snow dusted ridgeline to Government Hill for some fantastic views. In particular, the Ancha are in rare form and look more like a range in Colorado right now due to the amount of snow its holding. From Government Hill it was down to Bull Basin, more cascades, more water and then the rugged detour up Rock Creek Trail to view its falling water highlight.

    It was impossible to stay dry going up Rock Creek, as it was just calming down from what looked to be a pretty intense little flash flood. The crossings were deep and fast, but all manageable. The horrible trail along the bench was probably worse anyways. Its a real shame the Forest Service decommissioned this trail, it was probably a good one in its day, now the falls are slowly becoming perhaps not worth the hassle. A couple stretches of the trail along the bench are becoming a tad brutal with acacia, deadfall and general overgrowth, during lower water this can be remedied through simply walking up the creek bed, however, that was not happening today. The hike back from the falls went much quicker, as I took up to wading more stretches of the creek when I could, rather than bushwhacking along its edge. Once I hit Bull Basin, it was a pretty quick hike back to the car and other than the fact that West Pinto looks nearly impossible to cross on foot right now, nothing overly exciting occurred.

    A great plan B!
    Bull Basin Trail #270 - Superstitions
    rating optionrating optionrated 3rated 3rated 3
    Rock Creek Haunted Loop
    I created this loop for a hike Bruce and I did March 8th 2014.

    Rock Creek Trail #195
    This one still rates pretty high in my world. Arizona Cypress keeps life in balance. Rock Creek is generally easier to follow than the trail. Once again catsclaw is not an issue for more than a few yards of the entire hike.

    Bull Basin Trail #270
    This one grew on me a tad so I upped it from a 2 to 3 rating. It has recently been cleared six feet wide from Rock Creek to maybe the saddle with Government. Still a shadeless toaster for long stretches.

    Haunted Canyon #203
    This loop utilizes the absolute best segment of this trail. Which is a large stand of cypress. Naturally I love it.

    Tony's Backyard
    Due to overgrowth I downgraded this one to a 3 rating. Whoever traveled this trail on horse in past years is long gone.

    Overall nice temps. Pants saved skin but too hot. I like this loop but will look to switch out Haunted for Spencer next round.

    Sycamores are just beginning to turn.
    Bull Basin Trail #270 - Superstitions
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    Tonys Haunted Bull Eyes Paradise
    We had a couple of choices for the day, anything with Haunted Canyon #203, had to be the choice. Good pick Joey. Temps ranged from 40 at the start, to never reaching 75. Just perfect :y:

    The route was Miles TH CCW to West Pinto #212 :next: Bull Basin #270 :next: Haunted Canyon #203 :next: Toney/Tony Cabin :next: Kennedy Spring Canyon :next: Haunted Canyon #203 :next: Paradise #271.

    Bull Basin #270 trail is fine, except for 1 mile either side of the climb. Dave complained that the blood from my shredded arms, was transferring from the sharp folliage, to :lol: his white shirt. Boo Hoo.

    Some of my favorite areas in the Supes, start at the Haunted Canyon/Bull Basin intersection, into Toney/Tony Ranch.

    At the ranch, we ran into a few members from SALT ... html, doing some site evaluations on their 76 acre parcel. ... html

    We spent some time looking for eyes, then I made my way back to the ranch to grab some lunch. I ran into another group of SALT members and volunteers on my way, including Jack Carlson. We had a short conversation of our exploits and some of his, and of course he asked me if I knew Wally :lol: .

    On our way out, we hit up Haunted Canyon #203 north, to the Paradise #271. On the north side of the pass on Paradise, I'd classify this as a "tight" trail for the upper 150 yards. The lower 2/3rds of this trail are paradise with it's mixed conifers and Sycamores. What a treat.

    There were no sightings this year [ photo ] .

    Thanks for driving JJ
    Bull Basin Trail #270 - Superstitions
    rating optionrating optionrated 3rated 3rated 3
    Bull Basin 270 - Kennedy Spring - Paradise 271
    Haunted Canyon on Halloween felt appropriate. Temps in the upper 30s for our start didn't sting as we kept a nice clip heading up. Bull Basin 270 is a constant bush push up to the saddle with Government. From the saddle down to Haunted Canyon 203 seemed a notch better, most would still despise.

    Headed out past Kennedy Spring up the ravine then poked around the limestone bands. Heading back was the highlight. Stumbled upon the legend Jack Carlson. Halloween, Superstitions, Carlson, perfect temps, great company, fun little hike... was I in heaven?

    Nice little chat with Wayne at the cabin then off to our final leg of the loop. I chose this area for Paradise Trail #271 since Bruce and I haven't hiked it. Slightly reluctant as triplogs often mentioned bushwhacking to a dud rating for no running water in the creek.

    Maybe it was timing, I enjoyed 271. Perhaps a touch brushy. Nothing dense like the current state of 270. Late afternoon with shade advantage on a nice autumn day descending must be the ticket. The often thick and towering Arizona Cypress are on key with paradise in my book. A running creek would certainly be exceptional.

    Subtle perfection. A little early for the rust in sycamores. Arizona Walnut is the show. Ash is nice in areas.
    Bull Basin Trail #270 - Superstitions
    rating optionrating optionrated 3rated 3rated 3
    Water is certainly something to be celebrated in the Supes and today was my turn to go play in the water. I was very envious of all the HAZers who made it out yesterday while I spent all day cramped inside a gym coaching. I decided to head to Miles TH to avoid the groups of 15 that are plaguing the Western Supes ;) My modest plans included checking out the falls on Rock Creek that are pictured in the Hikers Guide to the Eastern Supes and check out some pour over areas in Wildcat Canyon that I thought might look pretty cool with some water going over them. Chumley was initially a go for the trip, but when I could not promise him 100 foot water falls, or give him exact mileage and aeg he canceled :roll:

    I could hear the West Fork of Pinto Peak raging the moment I turned off my car at Miles and Rock Creek was flowing pretty strong where it runs into West Pinto at the turn off for Bull Basin so I felt my chances were pretty good that I would at least see some nice cascades along the trail. It was kind of slow going at first the trail is a tad over grown in spots, a little acacia in along the benches. I got pretty soaked from swimming through branches hanging over the trail. The Falls or perhaps more appropriately large cascade were pretty cool, I was satisfied, on to Wildcat Canyon.

    I just thought some areas in Wildcat Canyon would be pretty cool with some water running through them. It turns out I was right, there was lots of water running through Wildcat Canyon and it had really transformed the area into something pretty scenic. I stopped for a photo shoot with the pups at a pretty cool pour over section and had a quick snack before heading back to TH.

    Paradise Trail was a dud. That trail can be a real treat with running water, but no such luck this time. In fact, it was very dry with only some puddles near Paradise Spring.
    Bull Basin Trail #270 - Superstitions
    rating optionrating optionrating optionrated 2rated 2
    Haunted Canyon HAZoween Hike
    It was a fun weekend in Haunted Canyon. Chumley, Thundergod and I started from the Paradise Trail on Saturday morning. The trail makes a solid climb to a saddle and then descends into Haunted Canyon. We arrived and met Oregon Hiker who already claimed the main campsite. We got settled and met all the day hikers an hour later. Our group made the walk over to the cabin and then did a short hike to the south. Afterward we returned to the water trough and said our goodbyes. I settled in at camp and started enjoying a cold beverage. We started the fire around 5pm and the seven of us settled in for the evening. I brought brats for dinner and they were delicious!

    I woke relatively late on Sunday morning. Tibber, Skillpore and DBmooner already left camp. I had breakfast and tore down camp. Then Chumley, Thundergod, Oregon Hiker and I made the exit via the Bull Basin Trail. This trail is heavily overgrown and was a real chore hiking up. I need to be better prepared for bushwhacking when hiking with Lee. My legs and arms were covered in cuts. We eventually reached a saddle and the rest of the hiking wasn’t too bad. We checked out a ruin on the return and then finished off the hike around midafternoon.

    This was a great weekend and I’m glad I went. I like these group activities and hope to participate in more of them. Thanks everyone for coming out on this one!

    Permit $$

    Map Drive
    FR / Jeep Road - Car possible when dry

    To Miles Ranch Trailhead
    From Superior head out east on US 60. Pass through the Queen Creek Tunnel and continue 10 miles to mile marker 239.4 Turn left onto this paved road that enters the Pinto Mine. Follow the paved road 2.8 miles and turn left onto FS 287. Go slow at the numerous intersections. Your goal is to figure out which are mine roads and which are public access. Public access signs are posted on most of the intersections. Some aren't exactly clear which way they are pointing. You will leave the private land of the Pinto Mine and crossover onto forest land. At about seven miles you turn left onto 287A. Follow FS 287A to the end. It's called Kennedy Ranch on maps, but the trailhead is called Miles Ranch.

    From PHX (I-10 & AZ-51) 88.0 mi - about 1 hour 53 mins
    From TUC (Jct 1-10 & Grant) 121 mi - about 2 hours 43 mins
    From FLG (Jct I-17 & I-40) 232 mi - about 3 hours 56 mins
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