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Woodbury Trail #114, AZ

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Distance One Way 2.05 miles
Trailhead Elevation 4,016 feet
Elevation Gain -857 feet
Accumulated Gain 95 feet
Avg Time One Way 1 hour
Kokopelli Seeds 2.37
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13  2019-01-20
Rogers Canyon - JF Trail Loop
4  2019-01-20
Rogers Canyon - JF Trail Loop
9  2018-03-17
Coffee Flat Trail #108
10  2018-03-03 wallyfrack
21  2017-02-25
Woodbury Coffee and Red Bacon with JF
20  2017-02-25
Woodbury Coffee and Red Bacon with JF
19  2017-02-02
Fraser - Randolph Loop
14  2015-02-08
Randolph Canyon
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    Woodbury Trail #114
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    Woodbury Coffee and Red Bacon with JF
    Most high clearance 2wd vehicles should be able to make the drive. Several water crossings. The only likely issue is for those timid with a gas pedal crossing Queen Creek.

    Woodbury Trail #114
    Hiked this to scratch if off a list.

    Coffee Flat Trail #108
    The cow patties get your attention when it's dry. It's a slice of heaven when the creeks are flowing. Really nice saguaros either way.

    Red Tanks #107
    Five years after our first hike on the eastern side we returned. It didn't ring a bell. A little rough. This trail has four distinct personalities: La Barge Creek, Upper La Barge Box, North of Red Tanks Divide, Red Tanks Canyon. I like 'em all. It's not a trail for flip flops and shorts, come prepared.

    Hoolie Bacon # 111
    The best part of this trail is Bacon in the name. Horse Ridge saddle is a fine lunch stop with great 360 views. 4143 is better, please keep that a secret.

    JF Trail #106
    I've jigsawed this in the past, mainly Tule to Peralta. I do not care for either end. The 2.3 mile middle segment from 4597 to Tortilla Pass is worthy. It has a Reavis spirit of intrigue that I find relaxes the mind.

    Bruce suggested JefF out-n-back. Meh... do I know you? He came back with this loop and it was game on! We had perfect temps with all the creeks in taper down flow. I didn't blink at 22+ miles. Boy howdy, 12 hours sucker punched my body.
    Hurts so good, great hike!

    carried 3.5 quarts, consumed 2.5

    a few sprigs of paintbrush was the main attraction, several dozen blue dicks scattered throughout our loop, two poppies... yeah not much

    lots of wiry lotus, which is like getting excited over dollar store cookies
    Woodbury Trail #114
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    Woodbury Coffee and Red Bacon with JF
    The drive in on 172/172A was uneventful. Queen Creek had a decent flow, but nothing a vehicle that would be driving these roads couldn't handle. Close to our TH, we saw a large Ford Transit panel van coming down 172A.

    Woodbury Trail #114
    There was one truck at the TH when we got there.
    This trail down to the Woodbury TH appears to be and old road.
    Probably a one and done

    Coffee Flat Trail #108
    This eastern stretch of the Coffee Flat Trail to Red Tanks was new for me. It was an easy stroll through Fraser Canyon. Very pleasant with the green and water everywhere. This would make a nice loop with other canyons in the area.

    Red Tanks #107
    I'd done this section before but did not remember much of it. It's quite scenic with the views of the surrounding areas and all the flowing water.

    Hoolie Bacon # 111
    Hoolie Bacon for me, is just a way to get to other places in the Supes. We had lunch at Horse Saddle and it did have some great views. The only hikers we saw all day, were at this saddle. One dayhiker, one backpacker and us just happened to all meet at the same time there. The hike down from Horse Saddle to the North is steep, rough and loose. Once down in the lower sections the trail is much nicer. You easily cross the flowing Tortilla Creek numerous times.

    JF Trail #106
    The northwestern portions of this trail is just OK. There are BIG views of the surrounding areas that help a bunch.
    The trail finally starts to get interesting in the mid section around unnamed Peak 4597. [ photo ] . It seemed to take forever to get to Tortilla Pass. Dropping down JF from Tortilla Pass, there is also some steep, loose washed out areas. Towards the bottom we hit sunset and donned our headlamps.

    The 1.2 mile 500'+ climb out on Woodbury to the truck, could not end quick enough.
    It was a full day in the Supes.
    You couldn't ask for better hiking weather.

    With this this loop I'm getting closer to hitting all the trails in the Supes (37 of 39 done).
    I Just have the 2 shortest left, with just 1.1 Total miles to go!
    Woodbury Trail #114
    rating optionrating optionrated 3rated 3rated 3
    Wanted something we hadn't done before and we needed to get out to Eastern Supes. Decided on Fraser - Randolph doing it CCW. Invited Steve for his 1st hike with us, showed up in shorts, :scared: To late now, headed over and down Randolph. Boy was it cat claw heaven, with so much water running we had to cross so many times it made the trip seem a lot longer, and more cats claw to fight. :o Needless to say Steve got initiated to AZ Pin stripping :( Got down to the Dripping Springs area and it was so nice, sat by the waterfalls and had a relaxing lunch before heading up Fraser. This went well and easy compared to Randolph and it's cats claw. Can't wait to return to this area :D
    Woodbury Trail #114
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    Central Supes Loop
    Me and Alex headed to the Superstitions to tackle some new areas we haven't visited before. I wanted hit as much new stuff as possible, and I think I did well clocking in at about 75% new trail vs 25% already visited.

    I liked Bluff Springs, western end of Peters Trail, JF Trail, and Rogers Canyon. Tortilla Pass to Rogers Trough was the highlight for both of us. Probably won't be visiting Peters Mesa, Woodbury, or Coffee Flats again anytime soon. Alex had similar opinions. We both felt this route was mostly drab and little flash, I probably wouldn't do this route again as it is plotted, I would take the parts I like and combine them with something else.

    We checked out the Peralta Map and Rogers Canyon Ruins. Both were well worth the small side trips. Probably the 2 easiest ruins to "find" in the Supes, but still exciting and has us craving more.

    The biggest surprise for both of us was how long these fall colors are holding on. Probably another week of good color.

    We were fighting against the limited amount daylight the entire trip. Comfortable 20+ mile days this time of year, for me personally, is probably a little too optimistic. 10 hours of daylight, 2 mph, hard to get up early because its cold. You do the math. 15-17 mile per-day would probably be more enjoyable.

    Water was not plentiful but the reliable sources are going strong after the rain. Bluff Springs to Kane Spring is pretty wet. Kane Spring to Clove Spring is dry. Pools near Clove Spring. Clove Spring to Reavis Ranch JCT is dry as a bone. Reavis Ranch JCT to Rogers Trough had the most water out of any drainage. Intermittent, varying sized pools along Coffee Flat Trail.

    Trail Conditions
    Peters Trail generally easy to follow, a couple of hiccups on top of the Mesa and near Tortilla Creek. A few spots of dodging prickly pear and agave on the Mesa, but mostly clean trail.

    JF Trail Great trail from Tortilla Creek TH to Hoolie Bacon JCT. Several hiccups along ridge between Clove Spring and Tortilla Pass. Wear long pants.

    Rogers Canyon Immaculate from Tortilla Pass to Angel Basin. A little brushy, and a couple hiccups between Roger Canyon Ruins and Reavis Ranch Trail JCT.

    Woodbury Trail A couple of hiccups, vague tread at times. Lots of cattle activity...

    Coffee Flat Several hiccups, usually just best to follow the wash. Lots of cattle activity...

    Nice colors at the lowest elevations, near La Barge and along Coffee Flat.
    Woodbury Trail #114
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    I'm calling this the "other" Tortilla Superloop, or maybe the super-duper loop. Clockwise from the Tortilla trailhead: south on JF > west on Woodbury and Coffee Flat > north on Red Tanks and Hoolie Bacon. Trails are all in pretty decent shape. Mountain biked between Hwy 88 and the trailhead.

    Ran into the FOTG backpacking crew of six (4 bipeds and 2 quadrupeds) as they were headed north on JF. Later on Hoolie I ran into another backpacking group, one of whom was a gal I worked with a few years ago. Small world.

    Water conditions going clockwise:
    JF is dry until it crosses the creek in Randolph Canyon near the southern end. Pretty good flow.
    CF going down (west) in Fraser Canyon - increasing intermittent trickles to good flow.
    RT has plenty of water in the lower (south) canyon, decreasing as you go north.
    HB has lots of water where it crosses Tortilla Creek.
    There are isolated pools in many places, mostly scuzzy.
    Woodbury Trail #114
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    trans-Supes (Miles to First Water)
    Originally planned to take a couple of days to do the Highline from end to end in Payson, but weather nixed that last minute as the first snow system of the year blew in 3-6". So, decided the day before to divert to the Supes and do a trans-Superstitions hike from east to west, and I decided on Miles as the start and First Water as the end.

    There are lots of possibilities for something like this. Actually, if we had had a little bit more time, I would rather have taken a route that included Rogers Canyon Trail rather than the forest road between Rogers TH and Woodbury E TH, but we needed to shave off a few miles. Weather was nice for our trip, but we knew we only had a day and a half, as my friend Bill needed to get to another appointment, thus the cuts. My first time out on the trail with him, great company!

    Spent the night at Miles Trailhead, just as the weather system was finishing up in the state. It actually still had more rain to get out of its system before daybreak, but we kept dry. Sure did make our start on day 1 a bit wet though, all the water on the grass and bushes had our pants, shoes and socks soaked through after we started out the next morning. Just before sunrise, checked out the property a little bit before starting on the trail. Was surprised to see a fairly new grave on the Miles property, dated 2014. Then stated down the West Pinto. At first the creek was dry, but once we passed Oak Flat the creek started building up a pretty nice flow. Past Oak Flat, there still was the sketchy trail for a few miles, requiring the GPS a few times. Saw a couple of whitetail deer on the trail, lots of bear scat (some fresh), punched through the catclaw and other bushes. We were able to make the high point of the trail, then descend to Rogers Spring, check it out and get to Rogers Trough TH by 11:30.

    Bill and I coasted down the forest service road to Woodbury's eastern trailhead, seeing our only person for the day ATV'er on the forest road. Once on Woodbury, much of it was intuitive, cross-country hiking, not any well-defined trail. I checked out the homestead again, whereby this time the bear scat of course was more like ... cow scat. Went around JF Ranch to hit the Coffee Flat Trail, which basically just follows Fraser Canyon's wash from the ranch to Dripping Spring and beyond before becoming an actual trail. Descended into Barkley Basin (love that view of all the saguaros in the basin!), then over to Miners Needle and the Dutchman Trail to get to Peralta. Bill had some foot trouble, all the water and wet feet on the trail led to some pretty nasty blisters that he ended up needing to have a doctor tend to (yikes!). Arriving at Peralta at 5:20, we decided to pause there for the afternoon, crashing nearby until sunup the next morning.

    That next morning was a quick half-day, heading up Bluff Springs Trail from Peralta to the Terrapin, and then over Bull Pass Trail to the Dutchman Trail and out. On our second day, we didn't run into anyone until we were on the other side of Parker Pass, just a couple of miles from First Water TH. Did see another whitetail out there on day 2, though.

    Trip took a bit longer than expected due to my friend's blisters, but not too bad at all. Had some nice breaks to sit down and admire the scenery, and give him a chance to go at his own pace and catch up to me. 10:45 day 1, 6:06 day 2.
    Woodbury Trail #114
    rating optionrating optionrated 3rated 3rated 3
    We spent the weekend making an overnighter to Angel Basin. We parked the jeep right on 172A at the start of the Woodbury Trail. We made quick time down Woodbury and connected onto the JF Trail and followed that north to Tortilla Pass. From there we dropped down to Angel Basin and set up camp. This is a great area with several campsites and multiple fire rings. The creek had cold and clear water flowing. It rained the week before. After camp was set up, we made a day trip up the Frog Tanks Trail. I really enjoyed this trail. The area is lush and beautiful. Lots of water in the creek and a couple of sweet campsites near the Fish Creek junction. I’d really like to return another time.

    We returned to camp and settled in for the night. We started a fire and enjoyed dinner and then a few beers. We woke the next day and took our time having breakfast and then tore down camp. We stopped at the Roger Canyon Ruins and then made our way to the trailhead. From there we hiked down the road and were back to the jeep around mid-afternoon. This was a nice hike and I’d like to spend more time along the Frog Tanks trail in the near future.
    Woodbury Trail #114
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    So I decided on the Supes for my Sunday hike. I don't remember much of the drive from the night before and Turkey Creek, but I woke up along Hewitt Station road and decided to give La Barge Mountain a shot. Oh course my last second planning meant I would have to wing it, but I had did some work already on route manager, I was pretty confident I could make the summit, my only worry was that I had Cup with me.

    First of all, I did expect to see a link for La Barge in HAZ, as I foolishly thought I might be the first to post something from top. However, it appears the summit has been visited by the usual suspects. Secondly, I did not make the top, I think I was .23 miles from summit when I got distracted by one of my nicer finds in the Supes. I only linked La Barge because it is where I found the dwelling and granary site, but that is about the most I will narrow the search area to ;)

    I had spotted a pretty solid route on my way in, however, I modified that route to check out an enticing south facing overhang on the way up. As it turns out my detour to over-hang took me off a pretty good route. After finding nothing at my over-hang I continued up with the dogs only to decide that I should retreat back to Randolph. It was pretty warm today and the terrain was not the easiest on the dogs. I am sure I could have pushed Cup to the top and I certainly had no problem going another quarter of a mile, however, that would have border line broke Cup off and we still had a mile plus steep scramble down the side of La Barge once we reached the top.

    Sometimes in life it seems when you make a good choice your are instantly rewarded. That happened today, I literally had just turned around and was dwelling a little on not making the top, when I noticed above my "dud" overhang area some stacked rock. In fact, a wall and small doorway. It was Situated completely out of sight from where I had climbed up, it was a small dwelling or granary. A modest find, but I was very happy with it. In fact, I appreciated it far more then the Turkey Creek site I had visited the previous day. Its like somewhere in the cosmos I got rewarded for not pushing Cup up that final steep approach to that mountain. Had we went to top, I never turn around. Its funny just when I start to think I am running out of places to explore and things to find in the Supes, I get re-motivated with a nice little discovery, like, today's.

    Pretty standard hike back to TH. I shot a pretty direct route down to Randolph, as the dogs were thirsty, we then hiked the canyon bottom back to trail. I saw Wally's jeep at the TH. I cant count the number of times in last year, both our vehicles have landed at the same TH on the same day, yet, not by design.
    Woodbury Trail #114
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    Campaign TH to First Water TH
    Due to coaching obligations, I was not able to maximize my MLK day weekend this year and had to settle for a Sunday to Monday over-night somewhere. I chose the Supes a place that I don't have a lot of
    familiarity with ;

    I chose your pretty standard Campaign TH to First Water TH over-nighter for the pups and myself. I was able to enlist the help of Chumley to set up my shuttle who surprisingly was very cool with the idea of waking up at 430 in the morning to drop me off at Campaign TH. I told Chumley that I thought I could make it across the supes in 32-34 miles, 35 tops. I think I may have missed a trail or two in my estimation :-k A very uncharacteristic mileage estimation by myself, very uncharacteristic, Kyle, and Chumley will attest to my usually very accurate trail estimation numbers.

    Day One: 20.6 miles

    Campaign Trail: Campaign Trail is always pleasant to me. I met a very large group of CCC employees out of Flag and they are in process of a multi day trail clearing project of Campaign Trail, might be a good time to hit trail, if you have never been.

    Reavis Gap The trail is in great shape! Trail seems to be seeing some decent traffic this winter. Water everywhere, water on trail, water in secondary washes, water flowing at intersection with Pine Creek.

    Reavis Ranch Trail (S): Ranch was dead, signs of over-night campers but everyone gone. Hike south was great, one of my favorite sections of trail in Supes. Water flowing nearly the entire way to saddle. I met a guy who said the reason he was hiking his dog out here was because of Blanco and Cup, I guess they have some fans, not to stroke their egos.

    Roger's Canyon: Standard Roger's Canyon conditions, a little busy around the ruins. Water conditions very disappointing, the antithesis of the conditions I encountered earlier in day and far below other winters for comparison. However, on bright side Roger's Canyon Trail seemed to have been the recipient of some recent trail work and the climb to Tortilla Divide was pretty much brush free.

    JF Ranch Trail: Camped near wilderness boundary at last available spot with water. Initially I planned to camp near this really pictureseque spot just before Dripping Springs, but I could tell Cup was beat. I figured I could make up those lost miles with an earlier start and I could also get Cup some extra rest for day two.

    Day Two: 21.6 miles

    Cup woke up relatively spry I packed up camp quickly devoured some oatmeal and coffee and hit the trail just before six.

    Woodbury Head-lamped it not much to report.

    Coffee Flats: I ran into two guys camping at Dripping Springs who immediately greeted Cup and Blanco by name, yup more fans :roll: Both guys were members on HAZ, but they said they don't really post much one username had a lot letters and numbers in it and I think the other one had a pirate it in it, I can't remember, but good guys, chatted for a minute and then continued mission. The cows have really done a number on this otherwise beautiful area.

    Dutchman Trail I spent a lot of time on this trail on the second day and still can't think of anything nice to say, just a means to an end in the instance of this trip. Actually, did not mind the Dutchman, its just not my favorite trail in the Supes. Water conditions were great along trail, met some cool horsemen, a few hikers, and enjoyed the nice trail.

    Bluff Springs Trail: short and sweet, lots of water took a dedicated break to filter and rest dogs.

    Terrapin Trail: I did dread the Terrapin a little, because not the most ideal trail for making good time and it has seemed to drag on from past trips. However, it was a blur today, seems as quick as we started it we were finishing and getting back on the Dutchman again. Water levels good, but have seen better, but generally flowing up to divide on each side. Trail is over-grown in a few spots, and enough acacia to make you wish you wore pants, I know because I wore shorts.

    Final Notes: An excellent way to see the Supes if you ask me, especially, if you are in a rush. It was very cool to go from the Pines to the desert to the riparian area of Fraser and essentially see all the Supes have to offer. I may have had a tremendous miscalculation in miles, however, I was correct in choosing the east to west direction of travel as my assumption that I would be losing more elevation then gaining. The profile really highlights the difference in elevations of the Eastern and Western Supes. I did choose the most dog friendly trails I could think of and Cup responded well. I was little worried about her the way she dragged herself into camp the first night, but she bounced back admirable and walked out right next to me at four o'clock on the dot today.
    Woodbury Trail #114
    rating optionrating optionrated 3rated 3rated 3
    I did an easy seven mile backpack into Dripping Springs to further explore some caves and overhangs in the area, and explore Randolph Canyon past the intersection with Red Tanks.

    I only saw one group of hikers all day on day one, they were camped near Reed's Water. The stretch of trail through Randolph Canyon along Coffee Flats is really a little paradise in the Supes right now with the still trickling water, great views and thriving vegetation. I was intentionally lazy on day one, I only revisited a modest cave-dwelling site that I had come across the week before and then spent the day reading, and enjoying the very warm January day with the dogs. Although, grabbing a fire wood was quite the chore, as there is not much firewood around the campsites near Dripping Springs and I did not want to start hacking off live limbs of trees, as others have resorted to :?

    I started Saturday morning off by exploring a cave in Whetrock Canyon that I had spotted with Wally over a month ago. It proved to be a dud, in fact, every overhang, cave and hill I climbed up to on Saturday proved to be a dud. They were also pretty rough on the dogs, lungs, and legs, yet great on views so it was a little quid pro quo I guess. I ran into Dave and his son Ryan while coming down Whetrock Canyon, they had day hiked in from Peralta that morning. The encounter was strange because that is the second time I had ran into those two in some pretty random off-trail spots in Supes. From Whetrock I explored some hills near the JF Ranch, I then made my way to Woodbury TH, where I photo-bombed a trail cam and then headed north on JF Ranch Trail until its intersection with the upper stretches of Randolph Canyon. From there the dogs and I left trail again and made our way down Randolph Canyon to its intersection with Fraser Canyon near our camp at Dripping Springs. Randolph Canyon was not to bad, typical dry creek bed walking, plenty of water, some great views, and a few minor attractions along the route. Dave brought out some great seasoned frozen pork Saturday night, and I think it may have been the dogs and myself's highlight of the weekend. I cooked over a pound of that pork on our fire and shared with Cup and Blanco, it was quite the pleasant surprise for the pups.

    Had a late night Saturday, slept in a little Sunday. Was not up for additional exploring though, mainly because Cup had a little bit of a limp. Our leisurely hike Saturday turned into a 13 mile loop with some significant off-trail mixed in and she was feeling it. That coupled with the fact that the dogs and I spent 8 of our last 12 days in the Supes and covered just a hair under 85 miles in that time frame may have had something to do with it. Dave went to Whetrock and I headed to the TH. Perlata was bumping as usual, with over flow lots packed, and people everywhere, further reinforcing my happiness that I only ran into two groups of hikers where I went.

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