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Plow Saddle Trail #287, AZ

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16  2018-11-09
Reavis Frog Tanks Rogers Canyon Loop
10  2018-02-03
Reavis - Plow Saddle - Castle Dome
15  2018-02-03
Reavis Plow Castle Dome
21  2018-02-03
Reavis - Plow Saddle - Castle Dome
6  2017-03-04 wallyfrack
15  2017-03-04 Tortoise_Hiker
49  2017-01-31
Reavis Ranch Frog Tanks Rogers Canyon Loop
14  2017-01-05
Frog Tanks - Reavis Ranch - Reavis Falls
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    Plow Saddle Trail #287
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    Reavis Plow Castle Dome
    Perfect weather day to hit up this area in the Supes. The sun was still behind the hills when we got off to our chilly start.

    We made quick work of the Reavis #109 Trail to Plow Saddle Trail #287. This was one of two Supes trails I needed to get the Supes done. I did not expect much, but was pleasantly surprised. Steep going down to the Plow Saddle Spring box and Intersection with the Frog Tanks #112 Trail. We did not take the time to check on the actual Spring location and headed up the much gentler Frog Tanks Trail.

    Now at Reavis Ranch we used many of the use trails to check out the Creek, farm implements, and take in some lunch.

    After lunch, Joe led us in a search for the old trailer by Owen's Spring. It was dry at the spring location marked, but plenty to filter from from a couple of pools just downstream.

    Next up was Castle Dome. We decided to climb this one from the south for 2 reasons. First, 350 less gain to get to the top and second, it looked like on satellite views that it was relatively brush free. This ended up being the right call. Sweet views along ridgeline while making our way over to Castle Dome 5308. It's final a steep 100' climb to get to the top.

    Getting down the 650' drop back to the Reavis #109, we practiced safety second. The brush was thick in spots going down, but you could find pathways. Still nicer going down this, as opposed to up.

    From here, just a cruise back to the TH.

    Plow Saddle Trail #287
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    Reavis - Plow Saddle - Castle Dome
    The Apache Trail is under construction from Dutchman to the marina. Looks like they are doing shoulder work before a much needed repave.

    After the slow and tedious Cactus Butte hike last week Bruce suggested the super highway Reavis North. 3 cars in the lot and a couple entries in the register before our 7:40am start. 2 other cars at finish.

    Plow Saddle Trail #287
    Old man competition needed this for his Superstition Wilderness Trails rank. New to me too. Steepish. More enjoyable than anticipated. Gets you out of seemingly barren rolling hills into a living area quick.

    Reavis Playgrounds
    Hunted a little for the machete I hid in 2012 after raising the nerves of @MtnBart01 & @Tortoise_Hiker with my samurai skill set. A guy we encountered before turning down Plow Saddle was in the primo camp site off Reavis Gap at the creek. Three small groups set up camp in the homestead vicinity. Just a glimpse of life, they must have been out exploring.

    Castle Dome
    Visible atop most peaks in the wilderness including 15 miles west along the Superstition Ridgeline, this has served as a great reference point over the years. Hands down the highlight of our hike. Bruce had us approach from the south, one saddle north of Windy Pass. The mini ridge is recommended, that said views on Castle Dome 5308 are the showstopper. Both ascents are steep and loose. The north has chaparral to help stabilize your stance when needed. The ridge on top is fairly easy travel. Keep a constant eye out for barbed wire on the ground.
    Plow Saddle Trail #287
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    Frog Tanks - Reavis Ranch - Reavis Falls
    Me and Nick checked out some new territory in the Supes. Frog Tanks and Reavis Falls was on my mind, and this made for a great opportunity to pick up the northern part of the Reavis Ranch Trail.

    Frog Tanks is a little gnarly. Plenty of cat claw and cactus dodging to keep you on your toes. Well worth the battle scars for the views down Fish Canyon, and the boulder hopping up Rogers Canyon. Back-to-back waterfalls up Rogers Canyon. This was by far my most favorite part of the hike. Having running water down the entire length of these canyons was a real treat.

    We had Reavis Ranch all to ourselves for the night, which was nice, except when it came to finding fire wood. We hit the sleeping bags after it started to drizzle which continued on and off for most of the night. Around 3AM the wind kicked up for several hours and you could hear big gusts make their way from the top of valley all the way down to the ranch.

    The next morning we hit Reavis Falls on the way out. The fall was running good, but nothing like some of the pictures I've seen on here. Well worth the side trip, and I actually really enjoyed the climb out, despite all the complaining I made on the way down :). Near Maple Spring you see Juniper, Pine, and Saguaro all within 50 yards of one another, which I found to be pretty cool. The area feels very diverse.

    Water is plentiful at the moment. Started with 3L, but eventually carried 0L - 1L between water sources. For a good portion of this hike, we were walking near, hopping over, or listening to flowing water. It felt more like spring than winter out there. It's getting green, the bugs are out, and the temperatures were mild.

    This has been one of my favorite Superstitions trips to date.
    Plow Saddle Trail #287
    rating optionrating optionrated 3rated 3rated 3
    It was time for another Reavis trip and this one didn't disappoint. Karl, Claire and I drove up on Saturday morning and made the hike in arriving to a vacant camp around 1:30pm. Apparently everyone was out hiking! We started setting up camp and Wally showed up to say hi. He was doing a big loop out of Campaign TH. He hung out for a bit and then continued on. From there the three of us headed for Circlestone. Along the way we passed everyone making the return. We hit Circlestone and took a handful of pics and then started our return arriving back to camp right before sunset. The rest of the evening was spent relaxing around the campfire with the group.

    Sunday started out slowly as the group woke and made breakfast. Everyone took their time and packed up camp over the span of an hour or so. One by one peeps started heading out. Some went out the south route while a group of six of us (Karl, Claire, Kyle, Nicole, Nathan & myself) went out the north. On the return Karl & I detoured along the Frog Tanks Trail and headed out the Plow Saddle Trail. It's a nice drainage but was completely dry even though there's Sycamores & Cottonwoods. We regrouped with everyone near the saddle and then headed back to the trailhead arriving around mid-afternoon.

    This turned out to be another fun trip. It was great meeting everyone and good times around the campfire. Thanks for Chumley for organizing and thanks for Karl for driving!
    Plow Saddle Trail #287
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    Reavis Ranch # 109 North Lasso
    Would recommend this hike, lot of beautiful views, what you miss going out, you'll see coming back :) Last hike in AZ for the summer, not many hiking trails in IA, but there is always the gravel roads :yuck: A lot of rolling hills and washes, that hopefully will give me a little AEG :whistle: The 3 R's are splitting up for a few months, but looking forward to new hikes, new partners and new areas when we return. :DANCE: Hot weather is coming so take plenty of water with you, and when it's half gone turn around and head back to the vehicle -- But that's just my :M2C: worth of advice !!
    Plow Saddle Trail #287
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    Reavis Ranch #109 North Lasso
    Bob came up with this combination, it's our last hike together for some time since Bob is heading back to Iowa :lone: This was a really nice hike, the weather was perfect and the views fabulous. Plow saddle appears to get very little use, but we had lunch down at a horse trough by the intersection of Plow Saddle & Frog Tanks, then hiked on Frog Tanks back up to Reavis Ranch trail and on out. Gonna really miss Bob, he's been a great hiking partner.
    Plow Saddle Trail #287
    rating optionrating optionrated 3rated 3rated 3
    Just what the doctor-to-be ordered --- a quick spring break backpack to get my mind off of graduate school. Always wanted to head down Frog Tanks for a nice loop trip including Reavis and Angel Basin. The solitude and sights didn't disappoint. While I passed a few people coming out of Reavis on the way up to Windy Pass, once I started down Plow Saddle I didn't see a soul until I arrived at Angel Basin later that day. Spectacular views were plentiful with the entrance to the confluence of Fish Creek, Rough and Rogers Canyons being especially choice. A Gila Monster even blessed me with her presence at one point just before the tanks. The cat claw was annoying but not too bad and I hiked in shorts with only a couple of battle wounds as mementos.

    Angel Basin was a mob scene, as expected. It was both spring break and stereos, good weather and water were plentiful. I chose a spot a little way up Rodgers Canyon to avoid the noise -- just far enough to avoid most of it, but close enough to react with glee when a brief midnight rainstorm apparrantly caught some spring breakers by surprise! :lol:

    The funniest thing about the trip was that, while cooking dinner, I realized realized my long spoon had been misplaced :app: . The annoyance of makeshift chopsticks, and the thought of repeating it again the next night put the thought into my head to simply hike all the way out the next day. I got an early start, got my fill of the amazing ruins in Rogers Canyon, and made it up to Reavis before noon. A nice cool breeze and nap in the hammock just below the ranch house made for a great start to the afternoon. The hike out was pleasant and poignant. My grandmother, who I started backpacking with as a young child, had been on the cusp of transitioning and I awoke from my nap to the feeling that I would return from this trip to a world without her. Indeed, she had passed earlier that morning. But my wife and daughters happily met me for some Mexican food after receiving a surprise text sent from the side of the mountain. In all a great trip that I will repeat again come fall.
    Plow Saddle Trail #287
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    Nice long lasso loop, south on #109 then back around on #110, #112 and #287. Good Spring conditions, with quite a bit of water in Reavis and Fish creeks and some isolated wildflowers.

    When I hit the #110/#112 junction, the trail looked to be heading past an occupied campsite and I didn't want to just barge through so I asked the guy where the trail was. He pointed me in the right direction and then said "are you toddak?". It was John9L, who was camping there with clairebear, and we chatted a bit and then I was on my way. Only later did it occur to me to wonder - how did he ID me? I'm pretty sure we had never met, only my wife knew my itinerary for the day, and I was pretty incognito in my sunglasses, shade hat and plain tan hiking pants/white shirt. Maybe HAZ users emit some kind of aura or something? In any case, it was cool to meet some fellow HAZers out there.
    Plow Saddle Trail #287
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    Rough Canyon via Reavis Ranch
    This hike started on Friday night at 8:30 P.M. from the Reavis Ranch Trail Head. Located North of Reavis Ranch trail #109. The hike in was very pleasant, a nice cool night with nearly 50% illumination from the moon. I had no difficulties following Reavis Ranch Trail in the dark, it is a former road after all. However, stick with your comfort levels when it comes to hiking at night. The hike into Reavis Ranch where I camped was 10.2 miles, and I completed it in four hours on the dot, with taking one dedicated break at Windy Pass to feed dogs, and eat a couple of snacks. I spent a couple hours getting settled in and going over route with my friend who I met at Reavis and then hit the rack just after 3 in the morning to catch a few hours of sleep before big day. It should be noted that the underlying goal of hike was to find a set or ruins above Rough Canyon, that a fellow member had given me some details about.

    Day two started from Reavis Ranch. After going over the map in morning we agreed that even though we had a solid route to ruins from White Mountain, we would try entering Rough Canyon from the Plow Saddle Spring area and Frog Tanks trail. This would prove to be our mistake, as we did not find the ruins, due to an inability to get to the angle needed to see the cave which housed the ruins. The cave was high above the canyon floor, and impossible to see from below, we accepted that shortly after reaching Rough Canyon.

    However, the day was not lost, as I got to draw another line on my map through a very rugged and remote area of the Superstition Wilderness Area. Our hike from Reavis Ranch consisted of Reavis Ranch Trail 109 north to the intersection with Plow Saddle Trail and headed West 1.5 miles to Plow Saddle Spring. From Plow Saddle Spring we followed Frog Tanks until we found the best spot to start heading South off of Frog Tanks Trail and towards the ridge line we would be using to make our way off-trail to Rough Canyon. From here on out remember this is just "a" way, its certainly probably not "the" way to do Rough Canyon. We headed south off Frog Tanks Trail into Willow Creek, from there we headed west a short distance and immediately started bushwhacking our way up hill-top 4922, which would mark the beginning of the ridge line we followed all the way to Rough Canyon. Once through bushwhacking, the ridgeline did not present an overly difficult hike, there were some very well defined bear trails and perhaps old cattle/horse trails. But there were certainly some over-grown spots as well, we stayed generally to the South side of ridge and seemed to do alright. We followed the ridgeline on a southwesterly course until the final major hill (5384). The views from the ridgeline were expansive with Four Peaks to the North, and even Pinto Mine to the east. We stayed east of hilltop 5384 and made our decent into Rough Canyon. We could tell right away that we were not at the proper place for viewing ruins, and to get to other side of Rough Canyon would have taken some time, so we chose to just head down Rough Canyon to Frog Tanks Trail and hope that we might catch an indicator or possible glimpse of potential areas for ruins, but no luck. We picked up a really nice trail that took us right down into an almost out of place pine forest. There were some very tall strands of pine, it wasn't too brushy and there were signs of bear everywhere, scat, tracks, etc. it must be their hangout. Rough Canyon was your typical off-trail Supers Canyon, probably a little bit worse than Trap Canyon and similar to Fish Creek and Tortilla in spots. However, it was slow going, expect a typical canyoneering speed of about one plus miles an hour, yet much slower for some stretches. I did Rough Canyon with my dogs, but would not recommend it to anyone. The canyon offered several dangerous areas for humans and dogs alike. Likewise, this loop ended just a few tenths of a mile shorter than 18 miles, so your pooch is going to have to be in really good shape. The canyon had significant water compared to how dry it was everywhere else. Therefore,if this hike is done during a wet winter, the water may prove to be too much of an obstacle keep that in mind. There will certainly be some deep pools and deep wades.

    Rough Canyon ends at Rogers Canyon which is also where the Frog Tanks trail crosses. If trying to pinpoint Rough Canyon from Frog Tanks its entranced is marked by a noticeable rock spire and natural arch. I am not going to lie it was around 8:30 P.M. at this point and we spent nearly 20 minutes looking for the actual Frog Tanks trail, it was a little grown over and where it crossed Rough Canyon it had been eroded. It felt great to be through Rough Canyon, but we were nowhere near finished we still had Frog Tanks to navigate at night, oh and we also had to regain the nearly 1500 feet in elevation we lost. Other than Blanco getting sprayed by a skunk the hike back to Reavis was pretty standard, we took some very liberal breaks, and showed up to camp after midnight. I inhaled a mountain house and went to bed, a little disappointed about not getting to ruins, but pleased with the completion of a challenging day. Blanco meanwhile earned himself a spot outside the tent on this night, due to his run in with the skunk along Frog Tanks Trail.

    The next morning we slept in a little and very lazily made our way back to Reavis TH. Sunny enough on the hike out, that the shade was appreciated at times, however, pretty nice hiking temps overall made nicer by strong breeze. My body was aching a little by the time I reached car, and dogs were certainly beat. For good reason though, as the final mileage for hike tallied 38.3. Anyone who has spent time in Supers knows that is a hefty weekend.

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