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Old Jeep Trail - MSP, AZ

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Distance One Way 1.37 miles
Trailhead Elevation 2,021 feet
Elevation Gain 118 feet
Accumulated Gain 133 feet
Avg Time One Way 25 minutes
Kokopelli Seeds 1.81
Backpack No
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21  2017-12-28
Lost Dog Wash to Taliesin Overlook
26  2017-03-23
Lost Dog Loop
6  2016-03-08
Ringtail - Old Jeep - Lost Dog
8  2015-12-06
Lost Dog Wash Access Trail - MSP
3  2015-05-09
Thompson Peak from Dixie Mine TH
14  2015-03-11
Lost Dog - Old Jeep - Ringtail - Lost Dog
37  2015-01-24
Lost Dog Wash to Taliesin Overlook
1  2014-10-10
Lost Dog Wash - Jeep - RingTail Trails
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Author paulshikleejr
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Location Scottsdale, AZ
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Preferred   Feb, Nov, Mar, Jan → 7 AM
Seasons   Late Summer to Late Spring
Sun  6:10am - 6:34pm
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Yes, that is a nice view!
by paulshikleejr

Overview: This is a quiet, relatively less used connector trail with its northern terminus at Lost Dog Trail and its southern terminus at Ringtail trail. About 0.77 mile from the northern terminus and 0.60 mile from the southern terminus there is an informal scenic overlook area I'm calling "Old Jeep Overlook."

Warning: Even though this is a relatively easy trail, you will frequently encounter rocky, loose terrain.

Hike: This short trail runs between the better known and more frequently used Lost Dog Wash Trail and Ringtail Trail. About 1.58 miles from the Lost Dog Wash Trailhead on the Lost Dog Wash Trail is the northern terminus of the Old Jeep Trail. At this point, the Lost Dog Wash Trail "T"s with the Old Jeep Trail heading off and up to the right/east. A short 0.20 mile later, the trail zigs south and head down into a small creekbed. As you ascend up and out of the creekbed, the trail soon zags northward and an easy 1/6 mile later (all told, 0.48 mile in) you'll reach the highest point of the trail (2,133 ft elevation). Looking to the right/south at that point, there is a teaser view of what you'll be able to see in a few more minutes. The trail thereafter descends gently for 0.1 mile after which it hairpins down into another dry creekbed. After bending back and heading up and out, just before turning again to the right/south (all told, 0.68 mile in), you'll find the marker for EM JT1. After a short 0.09 mile later, at (33.61652, -111.81163) is where you hang right and thread your way south quick 0.01 mile south to find a few rocks to sit upon to enjoy the "Old Jeep Overlook." At night, or during the day, you'll be able to see down onto Scottsdale and the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community. Far in the distance, you'll see San Tan Mountain. After returning to the trail, you'll head southeast for a 0.05 mile before the trail bends to run northeast along a dry creekbed for 0.09 mile. Soon, you'll make your way down into the creekbed and after climbing out (0.11 mile later), the trail heads nearly south for about 1/6 mile before bending slightly to the east (all told, 1.19 miles in). The downward grade you're already on continues south-southeast for another 1/6 mile and you descend about 109 feet to the southern terminus of the trail at the Ringtail Trail.

Water Sources: There are no water sources along this trail. The Lost Dog Wash Trailhead has a refrigerated drinking fountain.

Camping: Camping is not allowed on this trail.

Check out the Official Route and Triplogs.

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2014-11-02 paulshikleejr
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Old Jeep Trail - MSP
rating optionrating optionrated 3rated 3rated 3
Lost Dog Loop
wanted to take advantage of the cooler temps and do some sort of wildflower hike. I saw a post on FB that said the Lost Dog was coloring up so I decided to go there. It had rained off and on this day but I thot it was pretty much done so should be a beautiful hike... and it was for the most part.

I hiked the Lost Dog to Ringtail. There was the usual suspects of wildflowers but nothing too dramatic other than the BRITTLEBUSH. OMG! Yep, it's their time and they're showing off even after a week of very hot temperatures. The hedgehogs were apparently cold as their blooms were pretty tight.

Once you hit the Old Jeep Trail you have Brittlebush lining both sides. I just wish the sun would have stayed out as it makes a much more dramatic picture with the dark skies. I went in and out of a couple washes that were also lined in Brittlebush and then all of a sudden it got windy and cold and oh ya, the wet stuff. Fortunately I was in an area that had some trees so I huddled up next to a Desert Palo Verde presuming that the brunt of this little storm would be short as had the rain for most of the day.

In about 5 minutes it let up enough for me to continue; otherwise I would have gotten even more chilled. I'm glad I had my hat as it kept a lot of the rain off me too. My camera lens was having a tough time recovering because of course I was trying to film the event. The trail got a little slippery after. I contemplated doing the Taliesin part but decided against it since I was in my tennis shoes and the socks were rubbing me wrong (my hiking shoes got left in Ambika's car).

There was one more wash that had a nice display of Brittlebush. As I was back on the Lost Dog I ran into about 6 hikers and 2 bike riders. I finished it off by getting really close to a beehive that is marked by four cones on the sidewalk that marked the area. Now rocked off areas I will go around but I didn't even think twice about why those cones might be there ](*,) . Nonetheless, I took a picture and I think some movie of the hive.

And yep, I have videos in production. Done 04-03-2017

Lost Dog to Old Jeep Trail via Ringtail - [ youtube video ]
Old Jeep Trail and rainstorm - [ youtube video ]
Old Jeep to Lost Dog Trailhead - [ youtube video ]

mostly Brittlebush, some lupine and desert chicory, hedgehogs, chuparosa
Old Jeep Trail - MSP
rating optionrating optionrating optionrated 2rated 2
Sunrise & Taliesen Overlook
needed a double digit training hike with some aeg, not on south mountain
started from lost dog trailhead, went up to sunrise peak, down to 145th street and back
then took ringtail to the jeep trail, and lost dog to taliesen overlook
lost dog back to the trailhead
didn't know if anyone had a track for the new nature trail, so i finished with that - it's cute
saw maybe 15 hikers and three mountain bikers - no one on the west side of sunrise, old jeep or ringtail
83 degrees when i started, 91 at the finish and quite humid
cloud cover for most of sunrise and a good breeze all morning
always enjoy sunrise peak and the east side views
Old Jeep Trail - MSP
rating optionrating optionrated 3rated 3rated 3
Ringtail - Old Jeep - Lost Dog
had planned to hike Gateway with Kathy on Monday but I'm a "buttercup" and wanted to rest my knee a day. With the temps so nice though, I must get out so I decided a nice 4 mile hike after work would do the trick. And I was hoping for lots of blooming brittle bush. I don't think I've hiked this particular lasso cclockwise so thought I would do that today:
Lost Dog Trail Access to Lost Dog to Ringtail to Old Jeep to Lost Dog.

Lots of elderly people out and about. A few bike riders, a couple horseback riders (I think one of the horses was new to the city trail as he kept a good eye on me when I was behind; I tried to stay in his peripheral vision cuz I could see he was having issues) and a few other hikers were out as well. There was brittlebush blooming finally as I came up the south side of the Ringtail trail and some more for the rest of the way except not as much on Lost Dog. There were a few hedgehogs blooming and lots of creosote and some chuparosa.

The trail is in good shape altho there were two areas on a couple of the hills that it looks like they had to fill in some rock. But how nice was it to hike on a real trail after two weekends of cross country? VERY nice.

PS I did stop for short moments to take pics with Kemosabe and a couple times had to reset Route Manager.

chuparosa and brittlebush is blooming, hedgehogs are starting
Old Jeep Trail - MSP
rating optionrating optionrated 3rated 3rated 3
Lost Dog - Old Jeep - Ringtail - Lost Dog
finally on the last legs of being sick, had to get out after work, looking for wildflowers.
    People count 5, lizards 3, bike rider 1, squirrel 1, silly wabbit 1, bitty garter snake 1, wildflower 1 if you don't count brittlebush.
Disappointing, so it became just a hike; but I did take a bit of video; okay a lot (didn't start narrating until Old Jeep). It was somewhat warm and the sun was in and out amongst the flat broken layer of clouds. The brittlebush added some liveliness to the hike up to the Taliesin Overlook. I took Scout II along for the ride too ](*,) but I don't think there's much point in doing that anymore for established trails and no side excursions. (Thank you Garmin Oregon 450; I love wasting my time and money.)

At the Overlook, even though your view is of the city, it is still rather striking to have it all laying out there right in front of you. I checked my heart rate after walking around a bit and was not happy that it was still high. Oh well. Hopefully that will change soon! I moved Scout II back in my backpack and headed off to the Old Jeep Trail. I like this part of the hike as you go up and down a couple drainages. At the one big drainage/wash you can definitely see the road/trail has been effected by our winter rain.

The temps started to cool now as I came up the Ringtail Trail to top out above the area. This is a pretty part too I think. It's still quite green even if the brittlebush blooms are starting to fade. Before completing the hike I went around one of the two small loops of the Interpretive Trail that I believe is being dedicated at the end of the month. The signs are scheduled to go in this winter.

A couple videos:
from Lost Dog to Taliesin to Old Jeep -
Old Jeep to Ringtail to Lost Dog and Interpretive -
Old Jeep Trail - MSP
rating optionrating optionrating optionrated 2rated 2
Great weather for a hike, and the lot was popular too. I ended up running most of it, especially the last section. Went toward the Summit Trail first, then Old Jeep, to Taliesin Overlook. I came back on Lost Dog to RIngtail Trail and then back down via the Summit Trail back. Great exercise, although I tried new insoles and my feet got 3 or 4 blisters.

I forgot how scenic this section of MSP is….
Old Jeep Trail - MSP
rating optionrating optionrating optionrating optionrated 1
Hiked with 3 other MSC Stewards who are Nature Guides. I learned a heck of a lot and enjoyed the company. Lost Dog :next: Ringtail :next: Old Jeep :next: Lost Dog.
Old Jeep Trail - MSP
rating optionrating optionrating optionrating optionrated 1
I'm working with @Sun_Ray to develop an "All Trails Club" designation for MSC Stewards -- a program to encourage the 500+ stewards to know the trails better and explore the newer ones. Also hoping to influence some to track their progress here on HAZ.

So I typed up a list of all 133 miles of MSP trails and checked off the ones I've done, and I was shocked to find that I had not ever been on Old Jeep Trail. So I've made a list of the little bits and pieces of the Preserve that I haven't done to put on my 2015 resolution list.

In the boring spirit of checking things off a list - afterwards I parked at Anasazi Elementary (ok to do on the weekends) and took some of the access trails to get to the trailhead. Feels ridiculous to walk on a sidewalk basically to Via Linda on the "Lost Dog Wash Access Trail" but it's really a neighborhood access trail. I question whether this land is really in the Preserve and should be "counted" in the total mileage, but all the signs on the trail are from City of Scottsdale. To get a straight answer would take a dozen emails and not worth it.

Old Jeep Trail is pretty remote feeling but very, very rocky. A little unpleasant like Levee Trail. But nice to not see any houses. There's a peekaboo view of Camelback Mountain from the highest point on Old Jeep Trail.

Happy holidays to everyone!!! : rein : : rein : : rein : : rein :
Old Jeep Trail - MSP
rating optionrating optionrated 3rated 3rated 3
Lost Dog Old Jeep Ringtail Loop
Picked a local loop this morning to beat the heat and try out some new Oboz boots I picked up at REI on clearance on Tuesday. Temps were good, humidity was high, sun was low, and the mountain provided some shade. My hiking buddy Tricia joined me today and we had a blast! New boots worked great!! Very stiff soles, just what the Dr. ordered! Not much going on, on the trail this morning, just like most other morning hikes I go on in the valley.
Old Jeep Trail - MSP
rating optionrating optionrating optionrated 2rated 2
rehab hike
lost dog wash to the overlook, then jeep and ringtail trails on the way back
quite a few hikers and some mountain bikers out on the trails on this nice afternoon
kind of a long drive for a short hike, but i needed something different
will post my track if anyone is interested in this loop
Old Jeep Trail - MSP
rating optionrating optionrated 3rated 3rated 3
Quick night hike out with old friends. Nice easy trail with a quick stop at Taliesin Overlook, the city lights are...a change... :?
Great to get out with Zuker and Volcano again!! Hope to see you both soon for another little trek.

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Although there are many possible starting points for hikes that can incorporate this trail, it is is usually approached via the Lost Dog Wash Trail or Ringtail Trail. Corresponding trailheads are Lost Dog Wash Trailhead and Ringtail Trailhead.
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