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Geronimo - West Webber Connector, AZ

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Distance One Way 1.35 miles
Trailhead Elevation 5,703 feet
Elevation Gain 632 feet
Accumulated Gain 632 feet
Kokopelli Seeds 3.46
Interest Seasonal Creek
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8  2019-06-08
Milk Ranch Point Loop
11  2019-06-08
Milk Ranch Point Loop
15  2019-04-17
Geronimo Turkey Milk
18  2019-04-10
Red Geronimo Milk
15  2018-09-01
Red Geronimo Milk East Pine Bear
30  2017-06-03 JasonCleghorn
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Pine Webber Loop
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Signage reads "Milk Ranch Point".

This is a local trail. Naming is confusing. This is NOT the top of the rim.

Connects Geronimo Trail #240 to West Webber Trail #228 about two-thirds of the way up the rim.

Check out the Official Route and Triplogs.

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    Geronimo - West Webber Connector
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    Camp Geronimo weekend, day 2:

    Left for a solo hike after breakfast with the parents in the dining hall and made my way to the west end of camp. Started on the Milk Ranch Point West Trail, then took the West Webber Trail to the top of Milk Ranch Point. Followed F.R. 218 north for a mile or so, looking for the Turkey Trail, which, as it turns out, is not signed at this time. After a couple of wrong turns and some bushwhacking, I finally located the Turkey Trail and descended the Mogollon Rim into the toasty warmth of the West Webber Creek watershed. Had lunch with my dad near Lake Geronimo and then I started for home, stopping to meet my brother for dinner at Serrano's in Tempe. :)

    Things learned on the drive back to Payson: the Washington Park trailhead and access road is now closed to camping, and delays should be expected on Houston Mesa Road while the new (!) Second Crossing and Third Crossing bridges are completed.

    Trip log data reflects West Webber-Turkey Trail loop and Camp Geronimo hiking.
    Geronimo - West Webber Connector
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    Mike and I started out at the Pine TH and did a longer loop this week. We took the Pine trail to the rim. Along the way we surprised by a black rattler hiding in some rocks :scared: . We warned a group of people coming down with a dog about the snake. We took the Gen. Crook and forest roads over to Milk Ranch point and had lunch at the West Weber trail. We saw about 6~8 people with dogs climbing up the West Weber.

    We milled around a bit before heading back on the Highline trail. When the sun dropped, the super moon took over. It was great hiking by moon light until the trees obscured it.
    Geronimo - West Webber Connector
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    I started out at the Washington Park TH and headed West on the Highline.
    The highline from Washington Park to Camp Geronimo is free of deadfall (except for one small tree) and is extra wide. The crews did a great job on the trail maintenance. I took the Geronimo to the Milk Ranch trail. On the Milk Ranch Trail, I came across a guy who looked confused. He was scouting out a loop for a trail running event. The course (starting at the Pine TH) was going up to Milk Ranch point to the Donahue, then back to the Pine TH. I showed him where he was on map and he took off.

    I had lunch in the cool breeze on top of Milk Ranch Point. I took the Milk Ranch Point road to the Rim/General Crook trail to the Col. Devin trail. I did a little sight-seeing and exploring along the way.

    I noticed that the rim and Washington Park was pretty empty for a hot summer day. Not many campers or vehicles. That may have been because of the fire ban restrictions.
    Geronimo - West Webber Connector
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    Pine Webber Loop
    Parked up top off of 87, crossed through the fence and parked .2 mile down at the TH.
    The area took a lot of rain on this day and I was still able to get my 2 Wheel drive up and out with no problem at the end of the day (Phew).

    We made our way down the Pine Trail with its sweet views, having the place all to ourselves. We saw a King Snake and shortly there after the quiet in the canyon was gone for a bit. We passed 2 separate Church groups of young ladies (30-40 each).

    The East Rim Trail was next up....and I do mean UP. There were spots where I was on all fours going up. This trail is less than .75 miles long and gains +1,100 feet in that time. There are some great views on the way up. Towards the top there is a Boulder/Rock climbing section that's fun.

    This trail ends up top and you then follow occasional metal blazes on trees to get out to FR9283L. Now that we have that climbing out of the way, a short walk up top on Milk Ranch Point it was down on West Webber Trail, Milk Ranch Point Trail and met up with the Geronimo Trail. The forest on the way down is very thick and lush. Looks like the fall colors would be incredible.

    Geronimo was my least favorite. It's an old road affording little shade from the sun.

    East Webber was real nice for awhile. Once you get past the downed BSA Rim Trail sign, It is near impossible, to impossible to follow. What was a trail has been covered with blood stealing 5' tall raspberry type bushes. We trudged on for a bit making almost no headway, finally giving up once the rain started coming down at a heavier pace.

    A short lunch in the drizzle and then we were off, trudging back down the muddy Gerinimo sporting our 5 pound shoes. Hiking back up West Webber, the rain had finally stopped. We took a break at the top to change into dry socks. Wrong call as the rain started again.

    We had 3 miles of road walking on FR218 which drug on forever. I'd drawn up a route off of FR218, back to the truck which would short cut across the north rim of Pine Canyon. It used some old FR's and some bushwhacking. It should lend some good sunset views. One problem with that plan... it's now after 8pm, it's dark, raining, so no sunset views and all I have are my prescription sunglasses with me. So the glasses are off and I'm hiking blind. Also the roads in places were not there anymore and were replaced with prickly locust trees...

    We made the right decision and made our way over to the long way back on a more established trail... FR 300 to SR87 2.5 miles to the truck.

    Always an adventure
    JBM was all over the map
    Geronimo - West Webber Connector
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    Pine Webber Loop
    I threw together a loop in a few minutes from a map of several tracks Bruce sent over. Heading in I was excited having had great times on these trail in the past.

    We headed down and all seemed good albeit a tad humid. Passed two groups of 40 teenage girls from a church camp. Bruce wanted to find the "Tiny Cave" and then was upset on the lack of volume.

    I guess a few minutes planning a big hike is not a good idea. I assumed we were heading up Donahue as I didn't know anything else ascended the rim. Welcome to the BSA East Rim Trail. Mama mia it's practically a slide!

    Headed over Milk Ranch and down West Webber. Yeah it was getting a little toasty and the humidity was kicking in big time. We weren't making great time. Lunch was looking to be pretty late. I assured Bruce it was worth the wait to get to the back of East Webber.

    After making it through the frying pan on Geronimo, East Webber was mighty refreshing. Looked like a big storm was going to blow over too.

    It had been 5 years since my last visit. It seemed like there was a lot more vegetation in the creek than I remembered. Then it hit. Holy cow this was not the place to be in shorts. Some tall lethal weapon (plant) that resembles raspberry bushes has taken over. The trail disappeared with a half mile to go. I recall maybe 50 yards of bushwhacking and mentioned to Bruce that it was friendly

    It was all terrible and all before things really turned worse. We threw in the towel and gave up trying to reach the jeweled "end" lodged in my memory. It started raining. Crawling over slippery jagged trees was border line dangerous.

    Went from frying earlier to freezing and starving. We lunched at about 3:45 in light rain. After a half mile Bruce realized he forgot his GPS. Being the kind guy I am I offered wait and eat his chips while he hiked back.

    Feeling a tad better with some food down came the next joy. Just what every 20+ mile 5k hiker wants... ten pound feet clumping through the mud.

    Based on previous knowledge I decided the Turkey trail would be a bad idea muddy. The new plan was West Webber back up. We missed the turn and ended up on Milk Ranch Trail. No biggie and I was feeling pretty darn good at that point.

    Up top again we followed the road then made a left onto some leg Bruce threw together. Guess I didn't pay much attention to that either in planning. 8pm, headlamps on and I'm looking at this wall of pure hell, heading down... My stomach was beginning to turn. I figured it'd be best to take roads back. That took a while to figure out but it all ended well.

    I'm glad this one is over. It is sad that East Webber is so horrific now. We noticed several signs of flooding in the area. The super sized vegetation may be from all the moisture. I'll return, this just wasn't a great trip. A little hiking in the rain is cool, five hours is a drag. That raspberry stuff really hurts. Simple pants and a machete solve that issue.
    Geronimo - West Webber Connector
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    Camp Geronimo
    Met friends and family at Camp Geronimo (scout camp) for a fountain dedication and memorial service in memory of several scouts from our old troop who had passed away untimely in years past. Afterwards, a friend and I roamed around the camp, visiting friends, and reliving great memories from our many summers there. A beautiful service, a beautiful place, and a great time.
    Geronimo - West Webber Connector
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    Started off at the Geronimo Trailhead on the Highline Trail for a short distance west to Geronimo Trail #240. Took the Milk Point Ranch diversion which eases into West Webber Trail #228 two-third of the way up. Followed the road on the rim north and took Turkey Spring Trail #217 down and returned back on #240.

    It was a cloudy day that started off sprinkling. Enjoyed a nice 63 degree break on the rim before heading down into the upper 70's.

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