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Secret Mountain Trail #109, AZ

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31  2019-04-06
Loy's Hidden Secrets
16  2019-02-16
Loy Canyon Trail #5
10  2019-02-16
Loy Canyon Trail #5
15  2018-11-04
Loy Canyon - Secret Mountain
9  2018-11-04
Loy Canyon - Secret Mountain
31  2018-10-25
Loy Canyon to Secret Cabin
17  2018-05-12
Loy Canyon - Secret Mountain - 6607
12  2018-05-12
Secret Mountain 6607
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This trail can be accessed from the end of FR 538 on the rim or as an add-on to the Loy Canyon Trail. The trail climbs up from the Secret Mountain Saddle where it joins with the Loy Canyon Trail. Because of the remoteness and infrequent use of the trail, the trail can be easily lost. Several trail spurs take the hiker to spectacular views but pay attention to where you left the main trail. There is only one way to return and that is the way in. If you lose the trail, retrace your steps immediately to pick up the trail again.

Red Rock Wilderness
This collection of cliffs, buttes, and canyons has to rank as one of nature's most magnificent masterpieces. It certainly is one of the most colorful. Red is the predominant hue here among these 43,950 acres of wind and water sculpted pinnacles, windows, arches, and slot canyons. The area is criss-crossed with trails that take you everywhere from the deepest gorges to the most prominent panoramas. Along these pleasant paths you'll discover wonders made both by nature and by some of the area's earliest human inhabitants. Watch the canyon walls and high cliffs for rock art and abandoned dwellings as diligently you keep an eye to the horizons for vistas and breathtaking overlooks.

As you part the chaparral to emerge into a hidden grotto or clamber up a slick rock slope to a dizzying precipice, you may even experience the unmatched thrill that you could have been the first to see whatever you've stumbled upon. One thing you'll surely rediscover here among the manzanita and red rocks is your own sense of wonder.

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2018-07-14 HAZ_Hikebot
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Secret Mountain Trail #109
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Secret Mountain 6607
Dial back to 2009. I had a deep desire to walk on Secret Mountain. Father Dave, Denny, Snowlar System Kokopelli and I failed to access via [ Boynton's Backyard ] . 2 months later, Christmas came 7 days early. Without prayer or chip kokopelli we made it happen in kryptonite snow. You can drive up the mountain. That drive is 7 hrs RT from the skillet. 3 hrs more hiking / less driving is more appealing for myself.

Loy Canyon Trail #5
Several miles of nice forest hunkered in a red rock canyon is mighty enjoyable in nice weather. Semi sandy tread for a mile, lack of a running creek and bumpy road access keeps the wild idiots or whatever the current term is out.

A meaty ascent then dynamite views seal the deal.

Secret Mountain Trail #109
First time on the trail past the cabin. Pines were better than anticipated. My second fav to North Rim GC with canyon views. Here you get red rock canyon views plus the San Francisco Peaks. The trail is great then swallowed by manzanita 0.3 miles before 6607... wild buffer. The most forgiving manzanita I recall but let's keep that on the down low.

Content with turning around the eagle forged on. Grateful. A view I never expected opened up.

This is a 3.2 out of 5 for 4 out of 5. A solid 5 for this mixed up kokopelli that enjoys Piestewa Peak.

2009 memories with a great kokopelli
- petrified wood 3:45
- music & views 6:30
Secret Mountain Trail #109
rating optionrating optionrated 3rated 3rated 3
Loy Canyon - Secret Mountain - 6607
I've always liked the Loy Canyon trail and the top of Secret Mountain contains some beautiful stands of pines. I'd only been on the Secret Mountain Trail #109 as far as the not so secret, "Secret Cabin". When Joe suggested hitting the trail to the end and beyond to 6607, I was in.

After a few problems with my intrepid Navigator, we finally reached the TH for a later that expected 8am start.

Loy Canyon Trail #5 climbs relatively gently for the first 4 miles, gaining about 1000'. The final mile to the saddle gains an additional 750', most of it in one steep section. The first 4 miles is pretty, shaded with pines and mixed deciduous trees and spotty canyon views. The first two miles has a few pesky areas of sand.

When you get to the Saddle where you intersect Secret Mountain Trail #109, you still have another 200' of climbing to do before dropping into the cabin area, 1.2 miles from the saddle.

From the cabin it's about 5.5 miles, rollercoastering 5 climbs of 75' to 200' to get to the end. At the top of the climb out of the cabin, where the trail takes a hard left, take a few minutes to go straight and check out the first of many great views for the day. We had some pretty strong winds on the day, gusting to more than 40mph, that forced you to not get to close to the edge.

[ youtube video ]

You go through areas of nice established pine forest, thick new growth pine, mixed hardwoods and some areas of manzanita. There are quite a few areas that you can walk slightly off the trail to get some good views. This trail is in much better than expected shape, until it abruptly ends prior to reaching peak 6607'.

We busted through the Manzanita to reach the non climactic peak 6607', before retreating to some rim views of the east fork of Long Canyon for lunch.

Temps were perfect with the high winds all day and almost cold a few times. I found myself saying "I need to get out of the shade and into the sun".

Won't be saying that much longer.

Secret Mountain Trail #109
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Fun overnight on Secret Mountain. Carried more beer than water, finished the beer, but only 4 liters of water. :)

Met a Polish woman on the way in looking for Sedona views. She was a strong hiker and I took her to the overlook and she shared her extra margarita with me!

Later I met up with Karl and we ventured to the end of the maintained trail which is generally in outstanding shape but just ends abruptly earlier than you would expect. We pushed through a wall of manzanita looking for an old route to an ultimate viewpoint but came up empty.

Next we fought some manzy for a short stretch to get out onto a ridge that juts out into Boynton Canyon. This was a highlight.

Later we met up with Joel at camp and enjoyed a pleasant evening by the fire with a stunning display of stars.

It was breezy overnight but the hike out in the morning was just about perfect. Holiday weekend and we only saw four others on the trail. My kind of hike!
Secret Mountain Trail #109
rating optionrating optionrated 3rated 3rated 3
Met up with the crew for a nice hike in west Sedona. We left the Happy Valley Park n Ride a few minutes after 7am and headed north. We drove through Cottonwood and followed FR525 (Very good condition) to the Loy Canyon Trailhead and were hiking by 9am.

We started our hike and met Lee & Jackie near the ruins roughly a mile in. Once together our group of five plus four dogs continued the hike in. The Loy Canyon Trail is in excellent condition as it makes a steady climb for the first few miles. It’s easy going and very scenic. The trail becomes much steeper around the 4 mile mark as it makes a big switchback up. We took a snack break roughly a half mile from the saddle. The final stretch to the saddle gains a couple hundred feet as it traverses to the east.

Once we reached the saddle, we decided to head north for Hidden Cabin. The going is fairly easy as you gain a few hundred feet on the Secret Mountain Trail. After a few minutes we reached the road and continued on to Hidden Cabin. We took a short break there and took a few pics. This looks like a great area to car camp. From there we headed back south towards the saddle.

From the saddle, we continued south for Secret Cabin. This section of trail is in great condition as well as you hike through a shaded forest. The trail has a slight drop in elevation as you pass three tanks with lots of water in them. The drainage also has plenty of water so now is a great time to backpack to this area. We took our lunch break at Secret Cabin which is deteriorating quickly. The entire roof is gone and the walls are roughly four feet high. The cabin sits in a small scenic valley and has a corral and a fire ring. This is a great spot to backpack to.

After lunch we started our return. The hike back to the saddle went by quickly and we cruised back down the Loy Canyon Trail. There were some clouds and a few drops of rain but nothing significant. We neared the ruins and FOTG & Chumley headed up to take a look. Kyle and I headed back to the truck at the TH. We were back in Phoenix around 5:30pm.

This was a fun hike with great views. All of us really enjoyed it and would return another time. It was great hiking with Lee, Jackie and the pups again. And thanks Chumley for driving!
Secret Mountain Trail #109
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Loy Hidden Secret
Despite getting a late start due to the valleywide Verizon outage that prevented communication between us, we somehow all ended up in the same place within an hour or so of each other. :)

Great day. Perfect temps. A little breezy. Almost chilly up on top during breaks. I think we saw 7 other people on the day. Not bad for a spectacular Sedona hike.

Loy Canyon really is scenic, but you have to get off the trail to have a real view. Lee and I hit up the ruins on the way back and even I was excited. I might have wet my pants! :lol:

Good day on a new trail for me. It's a nice time of year to be in Red Rock Country.
Secret Mountain Trail #109
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Casner - Cabins - Loy - Robbers Loop
Needed to get to cooler ground...

I had some unfinished business in this area and reused a couple of past hikes to create a loop.

There were two (Turned out to be 3) cabins up in the pines that I had not seen yet, Plus I'd never been to the Sedona version of the Robbers Roost.

In pre-production, I stumbled on a Ruin while trying to minimize the road walk, so that added one more "Destination".

We started a tad south of the Robbers Roost and saved that for the end of the day.

We bushwhacked over to the Ruins and Class 4'd it to the top. A small but interesting perch.

Next it was up the Multi-use Casner Mountain Trail #8. If you start from FR 525C, it's a 2.8 mile steady climb, 2100' to the top. It's an old road, but you do get some tremendous views of the Red Rock-Secret Mountain and Sycamore Canyon Wilderness areas. There have been some rock slides, but most ORV's can still make it.

The first cabin up was Buck Ridge Cabin. This one actually turned out to be two Cabins. The first, a log cabin built long ago, sadly had taken a direct hit from a fallen tree. The roof had caved in. The 2nd cabin was more recent maybe from the 60's or 70's. It had a well that came into the cabin, with a pump, into the sink. It even had a poured concrete floor.

Just outside was one of the nicest tanks I'd see. All nestled in the pines, it almost looked like a swimin' hole.

We bushwhacked over to the area of the next cabin. We stumbled on some old roads that could have made it a bit easier, but I'd never seen them on the Sat. views.

I expected Hidden Cabin to Hidden. But there it was in view from the FR. The WARNING HANTAVIRUS sign on the front of the building was apropos. The rodents had overrun that cabin.

Secret Mountain Trail #109 to Loy Canyon Trail #5, was our way off the mountain. Always spectacular views here. The upper mile of Loy is sun exposed, but after that you are in the pines and a gentler grade for the remaining 5.5 miles.

The next part I was a bit worried about. I could see some houses on the Sat. view. We approached a few closed gates across the FR, and could see larger signs on them. No motorized traffic, respect others property, etc. so we continued through without incident.

For the next off trail section, I tried to pick stuff on the Sat. view that looked "Less Thick". There were only a couple of catclaw sections that wanted to decorate my legs. Somehow I managed not to kick any of the low growing, grass hidden prickly pear.

Finally with darkness coming, we were on an old mining road and with a stop at the Robbers Roost left. Just as we approached the Roost, 3 college aged young ladies emerged saying how they's just finished a Photo Shoot, complete with costume change?? hmmmm.

Robbers Roost smelled like purfume.... much different that the Robbers Roost in the Superstitions.
Secret Mountain Trail #109
rated 5rated 5rated 5rated 5rated 5
Casner - Cabins - Loy - Robbers Loop
Casner Mountain Trail #8
We enjoyed this one five years ago and it held it's value. It is a high rolling road perched over red rock views. If you remotely like Ord via Slate this easier version with world class views will smack you silly.

Buck Ridge Cabin
After a nice walk through pines this was a great find. Most notable is the nearby tank, lake sized compared to most tanks surrounded by a nice forest.

We walked through a lot of pines with wind wisping above. The hike was a therapeutic recharge. In the summer you get hints of coolness. Today we got hints of scorching radiation. Sure was nice to turn the tables on that badboy.

Hidden Cabin
The "Hidden Cabin" sign in front of it gives away the secret. Another nice setting. Minus a few brownie points for lack of fishing pond.

Secret Mountain Trail #109
Only a short walk on this storybook trail over to Loy #5. The trailhead is remote and in pristine condition.

Loy Canyon Trail #5
We are currently hitting recorded temps for a good week. It was pretty toasty where this one opens up heading down. Ignore the tears as the views are just outstanding. Down into the canyon you get shade relief back to square one.

Off Trail Joy Joy
In order to make this loop work we came nauseously close to a few houses. It all appeared to be on the up and up, not one stay out sign. Just be respectful, no weapons or motor vehicles. Step two was getting across some thick brush. It wasn't terrible since the worst part was a couple hundred yards. A mile plus dodging prickly pair was the balance. The day was cooling off with the sun dropping behind a ridge so it was semi enjoyable.

Robbers Roost - Sedona
We approached this backwards. Latching to the top of an old 4wd road for a mine. We headed down and worked in the roost just as the sun melted away. No cars at the makeshift trailhead. Then three college girls leaving, surprised us rounding the corner to the roost =)

Bruce threw together a shocking winner in ten minutes. With miles of pines up top I could see hitting this in the summer with an early start. Roaming up top more until the heat subsides then drop back into the oven. It would undoubtedly be a water lugging event.

very isolated, two sprigs of paintbrush were the highlight
Secret Mountain Trail #109
rating optionrated 4rated 4rated 4rated 4
We hiked Loy Canyon to the Secret Cabin site on the Secret Mountain Trail. For the Sedona area, at least during this time of year, this is a good hike if you want to avoid the crowds. We saw 2 deer but they were far enough ahead that we couldn't get a picture. On the return we were able to locate the ruins. Great hike!
Secret Mountain Trail #109
rating optionrating optionrated 3rated 3rated 3
Loy Canyon to Secret Cabin
Invited Joe to join me and my son up in Sedona.

I liked this hike, more than Joe. The trail was in good shape and it was a nice climb up the Canyon. Beautiful views!

Up on Secret Mountain, just before the cabin, there were a couple of man made Dams holding quite a bit of water.

We at lunch at the cabin, while Joe was trying to determine how he was going to arrange the furniture in the cabin.

We met Elizabeth (AzBackpackr) and a friend on our way down. Nice meeting you Liz!
Secret Mountain Trail #109
rating optionrating optionrated 3rated 3rated 3
Headed up Loy Canyon from the TH at the south end. Along the way we saw several large black bear prints in the silty dirt trail, along with a rather LARGE bear scat pile that was very fresh when we came up on it, around 7am. We looked everywhere for the bear, as the tracks went along the trail for a mile or so, but never saw one.

After getting to the junction with Secret Mountain Trail we headed west to the Secret Mountain TH, then followed the Secret Mountain Trail beyond Loy Cabin & Corral until we couldn't make out a trail anymore, in a very thick area of small pines and manzanita. GPS route posted.

On the way back we looked for the N2700Q crash site. We were able to get as close as 34 feet from the coordinates I had of the site, but could not find it. The logbook at the Secret Mountain TH said that someone last week had been hauling out wreckage. However, we just weren't seeing the rest of it that hasn't been hauled out. The crash was on a steep area of the canyon, and when we got within 34 feet we saw pretty high walls on both sides of the ravine. We went down the ravine, and found small pieces of the plane there (see pictures), which were no doubt washed down from the crash site above us by rains into the ravine. We followed the ravine out to where it met up with the Loy Canyon Trail and followed it back out. Official Loy GPS route posted, without the crash site route.

Of course, this trip wouldn't have been nearly as fun without Wally & Denny. Cheers!

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Red Rock - Secret Mountain Wilderness
see map for camping restrictions

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