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Dixie Peak 2429 East Side, AZ

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Distance One Way 1.05 miles
Trailhead Elevation 1,615 feet
Elevation Gain 788 feet
Accumulated Gain 840 feet
Avg Time One Way 45 min
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Interest Peak
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LV Yates Trail #8
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2429-2342 Ridgeline Loop
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The Peaceful East
by chumley

This is an unofficial trail, but is very well-traveled and maintained. It climbs to the top of Dixie Peak 2429 in the Phoenix Mountain Preserves, ascending the eastern ridge from the residential PV neighborhood accessed from Tatum and Mockingbird Lane.

This hike begins at the cul-de-sac of East White Lane in Paradise Valley. On-street parking is permitted during daylight hours only, but at the time of this writing, rarely will you find more than 2-3 cars parked, even on a busy weekend. The trail is not marked, but is easily found, ascending uphill directly from the cul-de-sac.

This one-mile trail is easy to follow, and features typical loose dirt and rock found elsewhere in the Phoenix Mountains Preserve. The lower half is a moderate climb, before ascending more steeply through a series of switchbacks at the top.

This east ascent provides nice views of Mummy Mountain, Camelback, the McDowells and Four Peaks, as well as views of some impressive Paradise Valley homes and back yards. There are numerous veins of prominent white quartz rock along the route, providing for some more unique geological experiences than are typically found on other trails in the preserve. Additionally, there are a couple of dense thickets of teddy bear cholla that seem atypical for the preserve as well. While the trail goes through these thickets, the cholla never pose a threat to the hiker passing by. In addition to the cholla, ample ocotillo and barrel cactus will be encountered along the way, as well as creosote and desert wildflowers when in season.

This is a nice alternative to other trails in the preserve, especially if you are looking for a quieter, more peaceful experience void of many other hikers. (Note, you are more likely to encounter others on the peak itself, as many ascend the more popular trail from the west.)

You may return down the mountain by the same route for a simple 2-mile out-n-back, or you may continue on into the preserve for a longer hike by descending the more popular western route.

Check out the Official Route and Triplogs.

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2014-02-17 chumley

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    Dixie Peak 2429 East Side
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    I woke up this morning with a fever. And there was only one cure. I tried more cowbell, but that didn't work, so I figured I would have to squeeze a quick hike in to my work day. I have never done this peak from the east side, making this even more alluring. After a good 10 minute work call upon entering the trail, I made my way off to the peak. Fun climb with good effort, but certainly nothing too crazy. Seems a little less steep than the west ascent, nice trail the whole way. Brief stop up top for views, then back down to the truck too cool down and put my nice shirt back on. Fantastic.
    Dixie Peak 2429 East Side
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    Claire and I wanted an easy hike in town and set our sights on Peak 2429. We started the drive over to the east side off Tatum and FOTG texted me. I let him know we were heading for a quick hike and he decided to join us. Claire and I parked and started the hike up. We took our time as we enjoyed the views and the heat. Phoenix really warmed up today with temps in the high 70's. About a third of the way from the top we saw FOTG park and start hiking. We waited for him and the dogs on the summit. Once all of us were together we hiked down the west side and made a loop connecting onto the 100 trail. The last stretch involved walking through the neighborhood. This was a quick and easy hike and I'm glad FOTG & the dogs were able to join us. Sometimes the impromptu hikes are the best.
    Dixie Peak 2429 East Side
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    Leisurely morning up n down on the east side. Made our noon reservation for brunch at table 17-1752. A little warm when sunny, but high clouds helped keep things more pleasant. And the ice didn't melt, so the mimos were chilly and refreshing, garnished with some fresh-picked pincushion cactus fruit. I had no idea you could eat them! :)
    Dixie Peak 2429 East Side
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    2429-2342 Ridgeline Loop
    A lot of work lately, so I'm stuck doing short day trips near town. Plus, I still hate people. So I decided to go for an off-trail excursion in the Phx Mtns. It was a last minute thing, and I tried to recruit a couple of people but failed. No parking at my planned CMCT100 TH on Tatum (what!? You'd be surprised how often one of the 5 spots is open :roll: ) so I drove around to 40th St even though it would add a boring mile to my loop.

    Turned out ok though since BobP was doing laps around the preserve today and I caught him at his car, marinating some very tender veal. I skipped the BBQ and dragged him along anyway. We took LV Yates to CMCT100 toward Tatum and headed up the ridgeline just before it gets to the neighborhood. Fun scramble. Steep. Climbs 800-feet in under half a mile. Off-trail.

    On top it is a fun, typical ridgeline. Ups and downs. There's some actual trail to get to 2429, and from there it's 0.6 miles of off-trail ridgeline scrambling to get to 2342, where there's some kind of old communication facility remains, including an insulated electrical box/refrigerator thing, plenty of cables, and the remains of an old metal shed. Interesting stuff.

    We returned to 2429 before heading down the east slope on well-used but unofficial trail into the neighborhood by Tatum. There are several spurs at the bottom that drop you into different streets. All are marked with no parking signs, but only sunset to sunrise. Daytime parking is OK.

    We took Tatum a couple hundred yards north to CMCT100 and headed back to the 40th St TH. Nice day. Got a little sunburned. I did ok, managing to encounter only about 10 people.

    Permit $$

    Map Drive
    Paved - Car Okay

    To hike
    The traffic light intersection of Tatum Blvd and Mockingbird Lane lies 1.4 miles south of Tatum/Shea, and 2.1 miles north of Tatum/Lincoln. From the light, turn west and then immediately south onto Mockingbird, following the road as it turns right at the fire station. Just beyond the fire station, turn left onto Lillian Lane, and then right onto Charles Drive. Next, turn left onto Waterman Lane and ascend a steep hill. Turn right onto White Drive and park in the cul-de-sac. Note: parking is not permitted from sunset to sunrise (overnight).
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