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Hog Ridge - Siphon Draw Loop, AZ

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Distance Lasso-Loop 15.2 miles
Trailhead Elevation 1,879 feet
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High on the Hog
by Hansenaz

A few weeks ago while trashing around in the bottom of upper Hog Canyon in the Superstitions it occurred to me that the central ridge (located between the two main branches of Hog Canyon) would make a better route. Ordinarily I wouldn't go out of my way to test that idea. But I noticed something else about that time: the Broadway trailhead provides access to both Hog Canyon and to Siphon Draw. Putting these together I realized I could try out "Hog Ridge" and maybe make a nice loop.

Broadway Trailhead seems to be a little bit obscure but is easily reached: From Hwy60 turn north on Mountain View to Broadway and turn right. Proceed to end and park at entrance to subdivision. The trail soon reaches a junction: stay straight/right on the Lost Goldmine trail and cross the Hog drainage at 2 miles. Head up the drainage (either go through the fence or cross through the wash and head left to a small parking area and through a gate). It's rock hopping and sticker avoidance for the next 2 miles until you reach the nice waterfall area in a left spur of Hog Canyon (1hr 40min).

Now the goal is to gain the ridge (heading north and east of the waterfall) and ride it up to the ridgeline. I did it by climbing some steep scree near the waterfall, angling right around a corner then left with a bit of scrambling. After this the ridge open up a lot and is pretty good going. I mainly stayed on or near the crest except for one big rock step I passed on the left. The ridge is particularly nice near the top and I hit the ridgeline 4hrs after my start.

The Ridgeline is the nicest place in the greater PHX area and was a little crowded this day: I counted at least seven groups. Two more hours to the top of Siphon Draw which was extremely crowded. The combination of my worn soles and dirt/rock dust kicked up on every surface made me feel like I was descending in roller skates. Anyway it was a slow descent. As the trail starts to level out on the flat there is a prominent intersection. There are no sign posts but to get back to the Broadway trailhead turn left: this is apparently Jacob's Crosscut. Its about 4 miles further to the trailhead through some nice desert with amazing views of the Superstition Massif.

This is a pretty nice loop. I wasn't moving very fast so I don't think it would be hard to get it done a little quicker. The GPS had it at 3946' AEG: that must include all the ups and downs along the way.

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This is a more difficult hike. It would be unwise to attempt this without prior experience hiking.

Gate Policy: If a gate is closed upon arrival, leave it closed after you go through. If it is open, leave it open. Leaving a closed gate open may put cattle in danger. Closing an open gate may cut them off from water. Please be respectful, leave gates as found.

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2009-03-08 Hansenaz
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Hog Ridge - Siphon Draw Loop
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Had to take advantage of the freakishly cool May weather and get back out to the Supes for something different.

Karma was set for a successful hike, seeing a Javilina on 56th st at City North, on the way to the hike.

This hike was inspired by the incomparable Hansenaz's (AKA Steve, The Stevinator, Steverino) 2009 loop.

Started from the Broadway TH for the first time. Not a fan of the ankle buster rocky trail leading up to another one low on the list, Jacob's Trail #58. But it's a way to get to the Hog. We kept commenting on how perfect the conditions were to see snakes in the tall grassy wash area and Joe made sure to follow me, saying that "They're known to hit the person at the back of the pack, so I'll follow to watch out for you". What a good friend he is.......

We stopped at the dry fall to check the area out and then started our climb up the Hog Canyon Ridge. For the most part pretty straight forward, but we had Steve's track to keep us on the straight and narrow. You had to continuously look back to soak in the views. The scattered clouds made the views pop. I'd say the hardest part was the initial climb to get on the ridge and there was one other section where Joe just made it by going straight up, but my legs were too short and I had to go around.

The Climb up Hog Canyon Ridge :next: ... t=vd

Finally on the Supes Ridgeline and smooth sailing. One reason for making this loop was to pick up a short section of the Ridgeline I hadn't been on yet. We saw a single hiker on the Ridgeline and then started seeing a few more as we got closer to the Flatiron.

Down the trail to the Siphon Draw and then hopped on the Palmer Mine Trail over to the Treasure Loop #56 and by Praying Hands.

My least favorite part of the day was the 4+ mile slog back on Jacob's Trail #58. That trail just never ended...
The weather was absolutely perfect!
Hog Ridge - Siphon Draw Loop
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Hog Ridge - Siphon - Treasure Loop
2004 Fritzski posted up Hog Canyon to the waterfall. Itching to see it myself I headed out the very next morning pre-sunrise on a cold December day in the rain. Not sure if it's remotely legal these days, I drove to the canyon.
[ photoset ]

Bruce modified a Hansenaz route, presented it, then warned it might be "cold"... in MAY ( edge of the Valley of the SUN ), yeah right. Okay so we had a cool spell. Cold never panned out, just gorgeous weather all day with some nice puffy clouds to get the hiking juices flowing.

I wasn't yippie skippy excited about this loop. Jacob's Trail #58 and the Broadway access are among my least favorites. Heading up Hog Canyon then onto the ridge to the ridgeline those snarly woes melted away. Just ten minutes up the ridge looking back at the valley it feels like a world class hike in a huge mountain range. Hayes Peak in the Sierra Estrella range 51 miles across the floor of the sonoran desert screams hello!

The ascent up the middle ridge of the twin toed hog is just fun fun fun til your daddy takes your topo map away. Mmmm, that doesn't sound right. Anyhow we stayed true to the ridge most of the way. Despite whimpers from the peanut gallery... Hansen did this, Hansen did that :-({|=

The ridge up was the highlight. The "ridgeline" was bingo bonus bucks too due to unseasonably cool breezy weather. Down Siphon, then Bruce wanted to up the ante on his completed Mapped Areas. We didn't really do any other full trails but the top of Prospector/Treasure was nice. We were both a tad tired and cranky on Jacob's. Luckily the boring four miles were over quick with meaningless conversation and nice weather.

Met and hiked with Nathan from the ridgline down to Praying Hands. Always nice to meet new hikers.

This Hansenaz loop is a winner! Next time, think I'll loop the outlying ridges of Hog Canyon instead and skip our good buddy Jacob.

...gaiters would be a nice option for Hog Canyon and the ridge up
Hog Ridge - Siphon Draw Loop
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Solo Hog Hell Ridge of Death is what I call this trip. Actually this would/will be a good hike next time if there is a next time. Navigation issues as well as weather had a big part in the 'hell' & 'death' parts of my title.
First off, the weather report was iffy calling for cooler temps with possibility of showers with blowing dust in the afternoon 'possible'. What could go wrong?
I'm not really set up for dealing with rain. I have one flimsy rain/windbreaker jacket (I grew up in San Diego/ we didn't have rain). So of course it did rain lightly intermittently in the morning hours then blew dust all afternoon. On the positive, the temps were cooler.
I started this hike from the Mining Camp restaurant parking lot(free parking for hikers) in a counter-clockwise direction, so I could get the flatter section in the valley over with and head straight to the car after descending siphon draw. Very pleasant on Jacob's crosscut, then light/moderate bushwhacking approaching hog canyon and up the canyon to the waterfall area (just stay in the middle of the drainage until you reach the waterfall area).

Attention: If using a GPS don't rely solely on that. Keep your eyes open as well. Like an idiot, I was so focused on my GPS that I missed the waterfall completely passing by (its on your left heading up) I then realized that if you put your iPhone in airplane mode, the Gaia GPS app won't work. Duh..!!! The bushwhacking past waterfall area is heavy (that's when I decided I needed to buy hiking pants). I was wondering why it seemed like I was not moving very far on GPS. After about 1/3 mile past the turn off I figured it out, then backtracked.

The route I took was very close to that of Hansenaz's track. Basically, from the base of the waterfall I went straight up the steep scree hill to the right of the waterfall and kept heading around the bend to the right until I found a 'safe' scramble to the peak of ridge. From that point, it's fairly decent, uphill travelling (unless your inhaling dust from a duststorm). Hog ridge takes you all the way up and intersects with the Superstition ridgeline trail basically just northwest of Peak 4869 which I now call Hog Peak. I felt reassured after reaching the ridgeline. I still had a long hike to get back, but it was familiar terrain.

Permit $$

Map Drive
Paved - Car Okay

To Broadway Trailhead
The Broadway trailhead is located by taking Highway 60 east of Mesa to Apache Junction where the expressway ends but Highway 60 continues. Shortly after the expressway ends is the first stoplight marked as Mountain View Road. The stoplight only applies if you are turning left. Turn left here and proceed 1.5 miles to Broadway. Turn right and go one mile. At the entrance to Superstition Highlands Subdivision there is a fence and parking on the left for 5-6 cars. Park here, Jacobs Crosscut trail starts behind the fence and takes you to the Monument Canyon trail, and on to the Broadway Cave Trail.

From PHX (I-10 & AZ-51) 39.4 mi - about 48 mins
From TUC (Jct 1-10 & Grant) 132 mi - about 2 hours 5 mins
From FLG (Jct I-17 & I-40) 183 mi - about 2 hours 53 mins
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