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Shoshone Point Trail, AZ

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Solitude on the Rim
by desertgirl

If you want to enjoy the South rim views without jostling for elbow room at the view points, Shoshone Point provides for jaw dropping views with canyon solitude. An quick 1 mile easy walk under the cool pines along an access road will take you to the Shoshone Picnic area for some endless views of eastern GrandCanyon.

The hike/walk begins at a locked gate and follows the road in. It is a slight uphill walk under the ponderosa pines that cloak the rim. As you near the rim views open up framed by oaks, gnarled pinyons & junipers. The traffic noise on the East Rim falls away and sounds of nature take over -- the flutter of a pinyon jay and the buzz of bees in spring. You reach a developed picnic area at the loop at road's end which is outfitted with tables, firepits, grills and toilet.

Heading past this area your have another path for about 100+ yards that heads out north to the point with unobstructed views of the canyon. Looking up canyon (East) - you can see Hance Rapids and ocassionally hear the raging torrents. Longer views of the Desert View tower, Palisades of the Desert & Echo Cliffs take your eyes out to the horizon. You will also notice the prominent Vishnu Temple - a striking pyramidal peak anomg the spires and crags, buttes and mesas that stretch out below you. Pull out your topo and try and find the major landmarks to the east -- you can see Sinking ship, Horseshoe Mesa, buttes of Escalante and Cardenas, the deep incision made by Clear Creek could spend hours exploring the terrain from here. Return the way you came.

Solitude Buster: The Shoshone Picnic area located at the end of the road is rented out by the NPS for weddings/picnics/gatherings between May15-Oct15.

Check out the Official Route and Triplogs.

Gate Policy: If a gate is closed upon arrival, leave it closed after you go through. If it is open, leave it open. Leaving a closed gate open may put cattle in danger. Closing an open gate may cut them off from water. Please be respectful, leave gates as found.

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2009-09-18 desertgirl
  • Grand Canyon Use Area Boundaries - Dynamic Map
WARNING! Hiking and outdoor related sports can be dangerous. Be responsible and prepare for the trip. Study the area you are entering and plan accordingly. Dress for the current and unexpected weather changes. Take plenty of water. Never go alone. Make an itinerary with your plan(s), route(s), destination(s) and expected return time. Give your itinerary to trusted family and/or friends.

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Shoshone Point Trail
rating optionrated 4rated 4rated 4rated 4
Took the sister and niece to the Grand Canyon. We did this view point to get the pups a little exercise and hit up a few of the other popular ones as well. We also did the junior ranger thing for the little one. I was probably good on another trip to the canyon this week, but it’s always nice to show the natural wonder to others and watch them marvel at its expanse and beauty. After the canyon, we headed for some desert camping in Sedona, which was a big hit too.
Shoshone Point Trail
rated 5rated 5rated 5rated 5rated 5
We had some out of town wedding guests that had never been to Arizona before and wanted to see the Grand Canyon before they went home. So took a day trip up to the GC and was able to knock this hike off of my wish list. What can I say, but WOW!

Traffic going into the park was bad, the parking lots overflowing with cars and a sea of humanity. But a simple 5 minute drive away from all of this was a tiny unmarked parking lot with only two other cars in the lot. Took us about 20 minutes to get to the rim and we were blown away. Very nice to have the canyon all to ourselves. Spent about 90 minutes exploring and simply taking it all in.
Shoshone Point Trail
rated 5rated 5rated 5rated 5rated 5
First little hike of 2015. Decided to try out the Ice Trekkers that my NPS friend gave me last year - I guess that's what they pass out to Rangers ... they were perfect for an easy walk like this where my Microspikes would have been overkill. Beautiful day, sunny, around 40 degrees. There was a huge, happy snowman along the road. And I followed some bobcat tracks right out to the point - guess kitty likes the view too!
Shoshone Point Trail
rated 5rated 5rated 5rated 5rated 5
I got to work at 7am today, and by the time we opened at 8, word was spreading that there was a total inversion layer in the Canyon.
Most of us at the store were excited, and took turns leaving individually or in small groups to go see and catch some photos. I left the store about 9am and went to Mather Point (my first visit there in the two and a half years I've lived here!).
I ran into a couple co-workers and some NPS people I know ... took some photos for tourists, and tried to convince others that they were lucky to witness this rare phenomenon - they just wanted a clear view of the Canyon.
After getting off work a little early, I walked out to Shoshone around 2pm and it was still pretty awesome.
Shoshone Point Trail
rating optionrated 4rated 4rated 4rated 4
Rode my cannondale from work to Yaki pt then hauled my faithful aluminum beast through the woods a bit until we met up with the new and improved mule trail.... No bikes allowed by the way...

So I hopped on my bike and pedaled like a wild woman until the turn around where I dragged her through the woods some more until reaching the point and the Ramadas.
Seeing the "shroom rock" was like visiting an old friend.

Crazy Italian guy said he was quitting smoking weed and offered me the last of his buds...I was like "uhhhhh" I denied and he threw it over the edge... Wow.

So after an hour of solitude after his departure I realized I didn't have a headlamp. Had 30 minutes before sunset and 6 miles to get back to the store...pffft cake.

Hit the final downhill at 32mph!! My eyes were tearing up and my hair might be permanently "feathered"

Shoshone Point Trail
rating optionrating optionrated 3rated 3rated 3
A quick hike during my lunch break. Sure is a nice change from going to crowded overlooks. I pretty much had the place to myself. Forgot my Trails Illustrated map. I've been endeavoring to learn all the place names: side canyons, temples, etc. No matter. Nice walk, nice views, great place for a lunch break between tours.
Shoshone Point Trail
rating optionrating optionrated 3rated 3rated 3
I was in a hurry, thought I might have another tour to lead, and realized after I started walking out there that I would not have time to complete even this short hike. Oh, well, next time. I guess I look pretty "official" because a Japanese couple asked me if there was a view out there, and a German couple asked me how far it was to the view.

Sometime soon I'll have time, maybe tomorrow. A fairly hot day, and very dry.
Shoshone Point Trail
rating optionrated 4rated 4rated 4rated 4
Dragged my ranger friend on this quick paced little jaunt, we were all too lazy to go IN the canyon so next best thing...

Followed the OLD rim trail along most of hermit road, it takes you down into a pretty "wild" ravine and the ponderosa pines smell yummy and sweet during and after rain!!

Fun lazy day, did some off trail to a few points, we grabbed margaritas in the village and made quick time out to SK, Yaki and Shoshone.
Shoshone Point Trail
rated 5rated 5rated 5rated 5rated 5
Tour of South Rim Points
This was a private photography tour I led so we hiked out to few different places throughout the day including: Shoshone Point, Pinal Point, a smaller point near Zuni Point, the old hotel site at Grandview, the paths around Desert View, and a stroll out to the upper Little Colorado Overlook. A fine day, albeit a bit toasty during the midday. Biggest excitement was me getting a bit of whipple cholla stuck in my leg near Pinal Point. Fortunately I was wearing pants so removal wasn't too bad ( I didn't have a comb with me). That sucker did draw blood on my calf though. Ice cream at Desert View ended the day on a good note.
Shoshone Point Trail
rating optionrated 4rated 4rated 4rated 4
I was planning on taking S. Kaibab to Tonto across to Bright Angel buuuut my morning didn't start off so hot :zzz: :sk: :yuck:

So I woke up late, drove the suby to the "rock Star Parking" and caught the next shuttle out to Hermit's Rest....yaaaay Hermit's Rest whooo.... :-s

And from there I just started walking, at a Skunk Creek Trail pace, east along the South Rim Trail...I wanted to see everything the South Rim has to offer, which actually is a LOT more than expected!!
Thanks to Butchart and Tomasi :worthy: I gathered a ton of "secrets" the night before and was able to spot quite a few of them for myself along the way, my camera on the other hand was unable to, but if you're ever feeling lazy I can point the way!

((Also apparently I need a GPS because the S. Rim Trail doesn't have a track??? Ugh, I had to free hand it to get my exact mileage!))

Anywho, from HR to "The Village" I didn't spot much because I was cussing at myself for walking this section of the trail again (Uncle Chum and I skipped merrily down it barely two weeks ago heading west and I promised myself I'd never do that again unless I had my daughter with me!!)
What seemed like ten hours later I made it to the bus depot above Mallery's Grotto (near the BA TH) and ignoring the looks of tourists I scrambled down to view the rock art from above, the lighting sucked and my photos were awful (worse than usual anyway!!)

I then raced down to the Flagpole by El Tovar trying to catch a glimpse of "something" off the west side, no luck, I oughta try finding it from below, off trail, first so I might spot it easier from above next time!!
I did spot the old cableway/tram ruins from way up there though (thanks to some old guy's binoculars!) From there I ran like a bat out of hell to Yavapai (wasn't I sick this morning why am I running?!?!)

I popped in to the geology Museum and overheard a ranger nature talk was ending just ways down the trail toward Mather so I darted back out and ran in to none other than our dear friend Ranger Cutie Pie, she knew me in an instant, we had a quick chat, in the end we both agreed the best way to find what I wanted to find in that area was a jaunt down the Tonto and a climb up a adventure!!! We said goodbye and I brisked down to Mather Amphitheatre where Ranger Rick was giving another mature talk, awesome! Break time, I was tired...after I asked Rick the same things I asked Ranger Kristi I tore off my shirt (which by the way is the ONLY HAZ shirt I own) and pranced down the trail in my bikini top, such a lovely day to get a tan!

At Mather Point I joined a throng of tourists and was able to spot a gorgeous Pinnacle that sits due east and down below the lookout, Old Ornery Mike Weaver says it can be reached from Tonto Trail also, sounds like Tonto Trail is the place to be!

From here I forget everything I saw of importance (shush, I was tired!) but somehow made it to the place near Pipe Creek Lookout/Vista, pretty sure somewhere around here is where I parked then hiked along the rim trail to reach S. Kaibab last time I was out this way, which was saturday, also where I threw up after doing rim to river and back :lol:

Some gorgeous views along this stretch of the S. Rim trail, Wotan's seems to loom nearer and nearer with every step! Some tourists caught me naming the landmarks to myself (honestly I thought I was alone!) and asked me to point them out to them, which I gladly did, of course!

Somewhere along the way I made it to S. Kaibab TH and while petting the mules I spotted my coworker Kenny, he had just finished rim to river and back via S. Kaibab, he said it was his first time along that trail and loved it, we shared stories and I invited him to join me to Shoshone point, poor guy had no idea what he was getting in to.

We cut through the woods toward Yaki Point startling some gorgeous stellar's blue jays, those things are hard to catch on camera! And we crossed paths with two elkers. Then we came up to Yaki point took a few photos, skipped the bus stop and staircase and cut through the woods along a dirt trail that eventually turned into a rocky scree trail then back to a dusty dirt trail, about 15 minutes along we encountered a loud whirring noise, I grabbed Kenny by the backpack and we darted behind a tree as 5 HUGE Zamboni looking tractor mabobber things came bumbling down the trail disrupting our solitude!!! :x

We laughed and made a game (it's been a long day!!) out of avoiding the Zambonis and tromped through the forest more or less playing "cowboys and Indians" which is funny because I found out along the trek that Kenny is a full Navajo! Awesome!

We finally broke into a small clearing that had 2 restrooms, multiple picnicking areas and a "fenced in" amphitheater. Everything I've read says this is "for park use only", riiiight.

There was not a soul in sight since we left Yaki Point and we bounced down to the actual Point where a 7 maybe 8 foot tall rock (in the sporadic shape of an edgy mushroom) rises up from the platform. For some unknown reason my phone decided to chime in that it had signal, so I managed to inform my Uncle where I was and he was quick so suggest I climb the rock...well, what else was I gonna do?! I climbed the rock!

I wanted to go further but I was tired and quickly boring of this pathetic excuse for a "trail", we ended up gallivanting through the woods all the way back to S. Kaibab TH totally bypassing Yaki Point which probably would have been the better choice for picking up the shuttle...whatever!!
We hopped the shuttle back to the village where we parted ways and I ended up at home with my head in books cross referencing all the "secrets" I missed or could not find...I feel like I left a lot out but whatever, I'm tired. Goodnight!! :zzz:

Map Drive
FR / Dirt Road / Gravel - Car Okay

To hike
Shoshone point access point is not signed. The location is along the East Rim drive ( North side aka Canyon side) - 3.5 miles east of the Hwy 64/Village Loop Drive intersection. This will come up after the prominently signed turn off to Yaki point (@ 1.25 miles from the said intesection).

If you are headed in from Cameron/DesertView along East Rim Drive, Shoshone Point is located 6.3 miles west of the turnoff to GrandView point.
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