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Buckskinner Trail #130, AZ

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11  2018-08-19
Williams City Loop
21  2015-08-08
Bill Williams Mountain Tour
23  2015-08-08
Bill Williams Mountain Tour
11  2015-08-08
Bill Williams Mountain Tour
10  2014-06-04
Clover Spring Loop Trail
12  2013-08-03
Bill Williams Mountain Trail
41  2013-08-03
Bill Williams Mountain Trail
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These trails ( Clover Spring & Buckskinner ) are located on the lower slopes of Bill Williams Mountain. They offer the hiker access to the mountain and the Bill Williams Mountain Trail from the City of Williams and, if used together, provide opportunities for short loop walks through the forest of pine and oak. Clover Spring is a small seep once developed as a domestic water supply which now provides water to wildlife. Water from this spring may not be safe for human consumption.

The well defined trails can be used to create a variety of short hikes or to access the Bill Williams Mountain Trail for a longer hike to the top of Bill Williams Mountain. A suggested short hike is to begin at Buckskinner Park and walk the Buckskinner Trail to the Clover Spring Loop Trail, follow this loop trail (connected by a section of the Bill Williams Mountain Trail) around clockwise, and return to Buckskinner Park. This 2 mile hike will take about one hour to walk.

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2018-07-14 HAZ_Hikebot

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    Buckskinner Trail #130
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    Bill Williams Mountain Tour
    Ray wanted to get in some hiking at Elevation. I came up with this one that starts at 6,900', climbed to 8,700', dropped to 7,800, and then up to the top of Bill Williams at 9,256. Once again, Dave was a 9:45p the night before addition.

    The Bill Williams Trail #21 was as I remembered. It climbs like a mutha, right from the gitgo. There's a few spots where it levels off to let you catch you breath, then back up again. There is some large, thick, old growth that is defiantly not JimH approved.
    There are not many views at all on this trail through the trees.

    First time on the Bixler Saddle Trail #72. This trail does not get much use, but is in great shape. Finally you get some sweet views to the west. There are some cragily rocky peaks that look like some of you rock hounds would enjoy climbing. We went down to the western TH and then turned around and climbed back up the 900' we'd just descended. I like this trail.

    Next we made our way to the Bill Williams Peak at 9,256'. We descended a bit to find a place where it might be a bit warmer to eat some lunch and catch some views. Of course this was the first time on the day it decided to rain lightly. We abbreviated our lunch as we all needed to get moving to get warm.

    Next it was the Benham Trail #38. Some how we missed the TH up top and ended up joining it partway down the Tower Road. Another trail with good views and in great shape. Also another that does not get much traffic.

    The plans next were to follow some back roads to catch up with some more trails to the north. We ended up traversing around some PP and ultimately walk through a nice neighborhood where some of Williams Upper Crust call home.

    After passing the City Reservoir, we found some use trails that met up with the City of Williams Link Trail #124. (Looks like it caters to the MTB community)

    We took the Buckskinner #130 to check out Clover Spring and then back to the Clover Spring Trail #46 and back to the TH.

    Buckskinner/Clover Spring/Williams City trails, would make a nice short loop if you were in the area.

    Perfect temps on the day ranging from 61 a couple of times, to 75. We had a bit of light rain and the Gods were Bowling overhead a few times.

    Good times, always good conversations, bickering, poking, jabbing with these gents.

    Thanks for driving Ray....
    Buckskinner Trail #130
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    Bill Williams Mountain Tour
    Today's hike was one Bruce drew up to help me train at higher altitude. Both the starting (6900 feet) and highest (9200 feet) elevations would be new personal highs for me.

    This was my first time on Williams Mountain. The trails here are very well maintained, at least those that we hiked on today. The rain from the day before made them nice and soft, but with firm footing. Not many views on the way up, but the views from the top are fabulous.

    This route was a fun one. We started out with a 2300 foot ascent to a saddle, dropped down 900 feet to another saddle, then finished the uphill portion with a long ascent to Bill Williams Lookout (Bixler Saddle to Bill Williams L.O.). The uphill portion at this elevation is always a struggle for me, so Bruce and Dave let me set the pace. It was a slow pace with lots of breaks, but it made the hike much more enjoyable for me. Thank you Dave and Bruce!

    After a break just below the summit, we headed down the Benham trail. At the end of the Benham Trail, we had to deviate from the plan due to private property boundaries, but even that was fun. We got to see some amazing real estate while following some public roads as we headed around the mountain. After a short off trail section, we passed the city reservoir before reaching Buckskinner park, where we took a final break. We headed off trail once more before finally reaching maintained trails again.

    From there it was smoothing sailing back to the TH. This was a very fun hike for me but the great company kicks it up a notch to a great hike. Thanks Bruce and Dave. This was a most enjoyable day!
    Buckskinner Trail #130
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    Kelly put a great weekend conquest for us and this was the start. Still don't know why this was on my wishlist but with Kelly leading the way and with her words of encouragement, I would make my way up yet another mountain :sweat: : rambo : .
    After stopping at Q-T for coffee, frozen and hot, we got out of Phx a little before 6:30AM. We had a pleasant drive to the TH as the traffic wasn't too bad. I had read several trip reports and stuff on the net about this hike hoping someone would say it's not as bad (steep) as you would think but NOPE... it is a mountain after all :doh: .

    It started out with a short flat section before you make the initial climb. It does level out after 3/4 mile for quite awhile as the trail slowly takes you upgrade for a period of time... too long actually because you know you have another 2000 feet :-({|= or so yet to go. We did notice quite a few slash piles on the flatter section. We did encounter some other hikers along the way too; one was doing some trail drainage maintenance.

    The trail was in great shape and when you're climbing, I say a big "KUDOS" to the trail crew : app : . There is a nice change of topography as you make your way up the mountain including some unusual plants; one that we would really notice on the way down though we have no clue what it was or is. You finally start hitting the switchbacks. They aren't super hard but I gotta dig in with my poles. And like most switchbacks, occasionally you get a chance to barely catch your breath in-between.

    It was very cool when we finally hit the aspen too. And the flora would change as we got up higher. We were surprised at what little bird sounds we heard especially in the morning. Soon we were finally at the top. Have you ever noticed the top can never come soon enough ;) . Kelly went out on the rock outcropping the hard way but found the easy way for me to join her for a quick snack before we hit the tower. It was a great place to fuel up. One more mountain more or less done.

    Another couple joined us and we strongly urged them to go to the tower but apparently, they chose not to. We hiked UP the road to the tower and hoped the keeper of the tower would be there to let us in. I yelled up a couple times but perhaps he couldn't hear us. Kelly had almost reached the top when he heard us and opened up the door. It really is a small tower but the views, despite the humidity haze were pretty spectacular. We saw the smoke from two lightning started fires (one to the NE and one to the SE). The wind really hollers thru that little tower. We said thank you to Jeff and headed back down as it was lunch time.

    We took pics of the lady bugs that had enveloped a couple bushes below and then walked down the road with the hiker who had been doing maintenance work. He showed us where the old trail used to go to get you to the top. It is slightly overgrown now. We had our lunch at the rock outcropping :DANCE: before heading back down the mountain. It was a wonderful hike down. The greenery on both sides of the trail is so lush too. I took most of my movies on this part of the hike since I don't need to use my poles.

    We noticed some new things and revisited some things we saw on the way up. This is a good out and back as there is a lot to entertain you in the way of flora and in this case, a tall tree stump that had been stabbed by branches. Kelly did a rock climbing demo (on film). We decided we would try the Clover Spring trail on our way down and that was a nice detour plus you get to finish off the hike in new territory. I really liked that bottom half once you get back to the Clover Spring intersection back to the TH.

    We got out the Tibber snack box and Kelly had her root beer and I had my usual 1/2 of my pumpkin spice beer. The picnic table could stand to be in a different place as you would get an occasional whiff from the outhouse. On the drive out, I actually turned around and came back toward the station as I wanted to get a pic of Bill Williams from just below it. There was also a meadow of wildflowers :D that got my attention.

    On our way back to Flagstaff, we spotted rain off in the distance to the SE. Little did we know the hiking area we would be going to tomorrow was getting pummeled. We also encountered rain as we arrived in Flagstaff but it didn't last too long. We checked in at our very comfortable motel and then headed to one of my favorite eating spots Buffalo Wild Wings of Flagstaff :) . The waiter was kind enough to indulge my craving of wings and one slammer by letting me order off the Kids Menu. It was a great day with one more yet to go.

    Video 1 -
    Video 2 -

    a few columbine, 1 lupine, some mushrooms, lots of meadow rue
    Buckskinner Trail #130
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    there are several hikes i've been wanting to do up near flagstaff
    it would take me a couple of weeks to hit them all
    asked angela if she would be interested in a bill williams/sycamore canyon rim combo for a weekend overnight and she agreed :)
    we left north phoenix around 6:15 and were on the trail a little before 9:00 with clear skies, cool temps and fresh mountain air
    hiked bill williams mountain 10-12 years ago but very little of the trail was familiar to me, which is odd, as i usually remember it once i see it again
    there's a good initial ascent, then it levels out at times
    only a couple of steep sections
    the trail is well maintained
    we focused on just getting up due to the possibility of storms, and had a snack where the trail meets the road
    there's a little rock outcropping to the south of two benches that offers good views
    from there we walked up the road to the summit, and the lookout let us come up to the tower
    the views from there made the hike in my mind - who doesn't love a 360 view from a high point?
    talked to jeff for a few minutes, then went back down to our rock outcropping for lunch
    took our time heading down, as we could see we wouldn't be getting stormed on for awhile
    opted for a trip to clover spring, which had a stagnant pool in the tank, then looped back to the BW trail
    had pupus and a beverage at the trailhead before heading to flagstaff for the night
    forgot to get times for this - angela?

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    Access: Buckskinner Trail #130 - In the city of Williams go to the south end of 6th Street and follow the signs to Buckskinner Park. The trail begins just southwest of the picnic shelters.

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