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Safford Canyon to Peak 3263, AZ

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Distance Round Trip 5 miles
Trailhead Elevation 2,280 feet
Elevation Gain 990 feet
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13  2014-11-20
Peak 3263
20  2006-09-18 fricknaley
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Location Tucson, AZ
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Mountain Lions in my Backyard?
by fricknaley

Unless you see it from the correct vantage you would never know that there is a rugged and relatively wild canyon cutting between Safford Peak and Panther Peak to the north and Peak 3262 (the broad flat table-top like peak) to south in the Northern District of Saguaro West National Park. The best place to see it is actually from the south side of Sombrero Peak. It got me curious, so I decided to check it out. I wanted to use this canyon to access the broad, flat Peak 3263 that is such a landmark here in northern Tucson.

To get there, take off from Sanctuary Cove. I have described this under the description to Safford Peak. Follow the same route, just continue on past the right turn off to Sombrero. Keep going along the desert terrain, enjoying the huge Saguaro and Barrels. In about 1.2 miles there is a well-defined split in the trail to the right. Take this. It starts as kind of an old jeep track, then disintegrates into vagueness. You can start to see Safford Canyon now. It is not actually named Safford Canyon, by the way, that's just what I call it. I actually called the Park Service to ask it it or Peak 3263 had a real name and neither do. In about 1.8 miles the path dumps you off in the wash that leads up to the canyon. Just follow it. There is no trail. The wash is sometimes overgrown and you will also have to boulder-hop. It's like solving a puzzle, except that the pieces rip you up if you chose the wrong way (ha ha). Really this part is pretty cool. You will be surprised how wild and rugged this little hidden canyon really is.

There are side gulleys entering from the left. You can choose any one you want to climb up and access the peak. I chose the second, for no real reason other than I was having fun bushwhacking up the canyon. At the second side canyon just climb up and out of the wash, and up the side of the wall. There are millions of large rocks to climb up. It's not technical, but it certainly requires hands and gloves. Pretty cool stuff. As you work your way of the sidewall of the draining canyon you will soon see the ridgeline. Peak 3263 is a long relatively flat peak. You can access it wherever you want. The views off the other side are nice, out over the Saguaro National Park. To your left/south is the true summit of the peak. Angle along the ridge towards it. It only takes about 15 minutes from where the side canyon places you. There is a little cairn on the highpoint. Nice views to the north of Sombrero and Panther peaks.

On the way down you can choose the canyon you came up, or go for the first one. I chose the first one, to see something different and boy did I. This canyon is much steeper, really requiring some concentration and agility. About half way down I stopped because I simply felt a presence. Then I looked across the narrow canyon and stared straight into the eyes of a beautifully full grown mountain lion, who was climbing up the other side. We just looked at each other for about 5-10 seconds, then it went on it's amazing way and I continued blundering down the canyon. I've never felt more awe while hiking. What an unbelievable treat.

Continue back the way you came, on the way back the only thing you want to make sure to do is hang a left at a fork near Sombrero, you may not have noticed a trail junction here on your way out.

As a note, this trail is much tougher than the distance or elevation gain would lead you to believe. This is because you are bushwhacking through some seriously rugged stuff. Wear pants and gloves.

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2006-09-18 fricknaley
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Safford Canyon to Peak 3263
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Last trip to Tucson for the year, time enough for one more peak...last week I had done the other peak 3263 to the south, and I had been thinking about this one ever since. Actually, I have been thinking about this one ever since I climbed Safford and Panther last summer. I followed a track similar to what Sirena had described in her trip last year. I parked at the first turnoff after Contzen Pass, and headed northeast along the gravel wash. I followed this around to the east side of the mountain, and then headed north a bit until I found a cross country spot that looked promising. From here on, it was straight bushwhack and trying to avoid spiky things.There is abundant cholla and cactus of all sorts out here, but the footing was at least pretty good, lots of rock slabs and small bouldering. Continued on up to the summit, had a look around and then headed for the southern edge of the top. Enjoyed a nice break here, and then started working my way down. I thought I would try to turn this into a loop to keep things interesting and it worked out well. I dropped down off the eastern edge, always trying to angle for the saddle I had seen from where I parked. There were a few interesting moments, but nothing too spicy in the end. This section had more vegitation, but less cholla so that was a win in my book. Followed my way back around to the van having seen no one on this hike. Such a 180 from the #300 trail I did yesterday, completely off-trail and no people, that is OK by me. Just for kicks (and what the hey, one more peak) I made a side trip to the Hayden Butte Summit as I got back into Phoenix. It was about 6:30 by the time I found a parking spot, and then I headed up in the darkness. For a short trail, I will say this one packs a nice punch, there is effort to be expended. No need for a headlamp, there was enough ambient light from the city to find my way. They did have some holiday displays up top, kind of need to see the big wise men signs and a half lit Menorah. First time up this one, figured I had to do it at some point just to strut my Wildcat swagger... ;) Two hiking firsts on the HBS trail surprisingly: first time I have hiked without any water, and the first time I have encountered a stogie on-trail. I could understand around the campfire, but on-trail? Seriously? It is Tempe I guess...four peaks in two days (3 new ones) = Booyah!

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Saguaro National Park
2019 $20 vehicle, $15 motorcycle or $10 for any individual on foot or bicycle - the receipt is valid for 7 days Fees

Map Drive
FR / Dirt Road / Gravel - Car Okay

To hike
From I-10 take Cortaro Rd. west (exit 246). Turn right`(north) on Silverbell roughly 1 mile. Turn left on Coachline (at light) go approx. 0.3 miles. Turn right on Pima Farms go approx 1 mile. Turn left on Scenic, this dirt road takes you 0.25 miles to the parking lot (Sanctuary Cove) on your right.
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