AZT and solar panels vs. battery bank alone

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AZT and solar panels vs. battery bank alone

Post by gringodevil »

Hola HAZzers,
More last minute prep for AZT. Last Grand Canyon backpack trip I saw a guy with a Renogy 5W single panel (6oz?) on the top of his pack, which he said was enough to recharge his GPS, iphone, and some other USB appliance, while he was walking. He had it hooked to an Anker battery bank.
In an Amazon box, I have an Anker 15W solar lite multi-panel (12oz.) that allegedly has significantly better solar 'reception' when you are draping it over the top of the pack, compared to a single panel unit, which reportedly makes a big difference when you are walking and on the move, per illustrious Amazon reviewers. I have an Anker 15mah battery bank. I am using the iphone and Guthook as my only navigation device, apart from backup oldskool paper maps, so it is critical I am not running out of juice.

Anyone who has been using solar panels on the AZT care to share your experience with them?

Any battery bank only afficionados care to share your experience--are you getting caught short?

64K$ question??? If I am resupplying in town every 5 days, and my 15mah battery can recharge my iphone 6s+ 3+ times, and I have all the apps and bells and whistles turned off on Iphone to lessen energy demands, apart from Guthook, do I really need a 12 oz. solar panel--or any solar panel for that matter?

Thanks in advance.
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Re: AZT and solar panels vs. battery bank alone

Post by Stavman »

I use an Anker or similar backup battery charger, its like 12-16oz. will charge my Android 3-4x. I use my phone a lot for Music and Adio Books at Camp

Id love to find a Solar Panel that acualy Works, But havent yet
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Re: AZT and solar panels vs. battery bank alone

Post by CannondaleKid »

Stavman wrote:Id love to find a Solar Panel that acualy Works, But havent yet
Three years ago I bought an X-Dragon 20W solar panel to use on our trip to Tanzania, where with the exception of 1 hour each day we were without power for three weeks. Although we had overcast conditions much of the time, the panel did a great job keeping my battery pack charged so we could charge devices in the evening.

We used it extensively for over a year (mainly while car-camping) when I put a 150W solar panel on the roof of the Cherokee, which has since been transferred to the 4Runner.

The X-Dragon has two USB outputs with a total output of 3 amps, it weighs just over a pound, has three panels unfolding to 12 x 24 inches, has loops to tie it to a pack and has a mesh pocket to hold charging wire(s) when not in use. I gave it a 5-star rating when I reviewed it on Amazon and I'd still recommend it.
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