Watch for the Geminids

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Watch for the Geminids

Post by azhiker96 »

Next weekend is supposed to be the peak for the annual Geminid meteor shower. If the sky is clear Saturday night, get away from the city lights and try to shield from the moon. I've read there could be up to 100 per hour. Great time to pack a thermos of hot chocolate and setup your sleeping pad and bag as an observation deck. I'll be checking them out under a Texas sky. 8)

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One interesting point about this shower, it's apparently spawned by an asteroid instead of a comet. Also, it's a very young shower. It was first observed in the 1800's.
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Post by Abe »

Thanks for sharing the scoop.
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Re: Watch for the Geminids

Post by joebartels »

According to
Naturally a daily read for a meteor enthusiast, mentions...
Active from December 4th to December 16th , 2019
The Geminids are usually the strongest meteor shower of the year and meteor enthusiasts are certain to circle December 13 and 14 on their calendars.
2019, guess it's advanced notice? No clue but Thursday the 13th & Friday the 14th do match the attached 2018 forecast.
- joe
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Re: Watch for the Geminids

Post by chumley »

@joebartels It was great last year. With up to 120/hr, you just need to figure out how to stay warm away from light pollution.
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Re: Watch for the Geminids

Post by big_load »

chumley wrote:you just need to figure out how to stay warm away from light pollution.
I'm not worried about staying warm, but the clouds won't cooperate in NJ. I was just happy to see the sliver of moon for a while tonight.
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