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Feb 1 2012
Robbers Roost - Superstitions
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Robbers Roost / Weavers Needle Loop
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HAZ founder tevajoe escaped the heartland of Oklahoma in 1986. The family had their sights set on Scottsdale Arizona or Santa Cruz California. After an exciting journey to the Valley of the Sun, teva was ecstatic to go swimming at the lack luster Warren House East motel on his first night in the valley. Perplexed by the abandoned environment teva dived in. Quickly realizing the water was well over 90 degrees. Unrefreshing on a 118 degree day he started dreaming of surfing in Santa Cruz California.

A week later it was off to Santa Cruz! Unfortunately his father found the market for architects in the Valley far greater and Santa Cruz did not offer an electronics course at the high school level. Back to the desert, he was not keen on this idea.

Teva found Saguaro High and the changed lifestyle quite acceptable compared to Okie life. Heat seemed like a good exchange to the high humidity of Oklahoma. Yet the tasty California waves never escaped his mind.

Over the years teva's sister nagged him to go on things called "hikes". He curled his nose, raised his brows and shrugged each time.

Sitting in English class at the Saquaro High prefabs, teva had stellar views of snow on the Four Peaks afar. While he enjoyed this view he assumed it was in New Mexico and didn't give it much thought.

Roughly seven years after high school teva pondered about those snow capped peaks. He began to investigate. The internet was just surfacing and he used it to find information. Disheartened by rude responses he really wanted to create an environment where others could share honest friendly knowledge. Imagine the look on his face when he realized the only access to the summit of his curiosity was by means of... hiking.

The adventure of hiking immediately grasped young teva. He scolded his sister for being so passive in her effort to persuade him in the past. Throughout his journeys he desperately tried to incorporate the essence of beach life into hiking. Flashy neon colors on the occasional garment, a hip visor and such. Most notably sandals... whoa nelly, not only did sandals work they were preferred and turning heads.

This was all great but waves kept haunting him. That was until 14 years after high school. Teva was in the midst of one of his favorite past times, off-trail hiking. On this fifth day of December 2002 he spotted the perfect wave atop Dacite Mesa. A slow smile rose ear to ear and without further ado the legend was sealed and his childhood dreams came to life on the Dacite Tide!

If you get the chance, the Dacite Tide is always rockin' and guaranteed to bring out the surfer in you.
Wave Cave, Big Kahuna, Hawaiian Mist and the HAZ Wave Logo round out the dream.
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