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Wildlife Handling and Feeding56 locationsGlossary Term
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Oct 8 2011
Piestewa Peak Summit Trail #300
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Jul 28 2012
Black Mesa Loop - Superstition Mtns
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Wildlife Handling and Feeding

Wildlife handling is a great way to learn about wildlife and experience the joy of the great outdoors and to get kids interested in wildlife and nature, but can be dangerous to you and the animal if you do it improperly. First thing you should know about wildlife before handling it is if the animal bites, stings, or possesses a toxin, and if it does sting or bite, can it cause damage or hurt. Also, make sure that it is legal to handle certain animals and in that area. The second thing that you should understand is potent harm that you can do to an animal if you handle it. If you do handle wildlife, please handle them gently. If you want to handle wildlife but are too afraid to get bit, you probably should not handle it. And if you are gentle enough, the animals will not have a reason to be defensive and will not bite or sting you, but remember, they are wild and don't always follow your rules. Also, if you handle snakes that eat mammals, make sure you did not handle any rodents or have pet your cat or dog recently, as the snakes might mistake your hand for potent food.

I do not recommending feeding mammals, especially large mammals, because they will lose their fear of people and may lose their drive to hunt for themselves and may resort to begging and raiding trash bins and campsites. Feeding mammals also may lead to negative encounters between people and animals, as animals will expect food from humans upon contact. Picture this, if you go to a vending machine and place your money into the machine, and press a button, you will get your food, as expected. Repeat this option many times over until the one time your food does not come out of the machine. What is your first reaction? For most people, it is to beat the machine until you get either your food or money back. This is what animals do. If they approach people and look cute enough, people will reward them with a treat. When the animal encounters that one person who doesn't feed the animal, the animal can get aggressive. Also, people food is not always healthy for mammals. Before feeding other types of wildlife (outside mammals), make sure you are feeding them food that will not make them sick. Bread is not good for birds and is illegal in some cities and park, like Scottsdale.

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