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Cag Shot
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Aug 13 2010
Mount Graham
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Jun 20 2010
Pueblo Pintado
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The adult beverage. An essential part of many hot, dusty desert hikes. People have been drinking things besides water in the desert since the ancient Egyptians. Sometimes called capping the hike, or simply ending the hike right, these names do not indicate that the prevalence of beverages being drank during stages of the hike before finishing the trek. Often times on long backpacking trips elaborate concoctions are created from unassuming materials, while a simple beer at the end of a dayhike is the most common form of refreshment.

The term "Cag Shot" comes from the beer Cerveza Caguama, "brewed" in San Salvador, El Salvador. At $13.95 for 30 cans, this is likely the cheapest bulk beer available (this does not include cheap single-user products such as Colt 45 and Steel Reserve). The low prices makes it attractive for buyers with more sense than money - the aluminum used in the cans appears to be thinner gauge than standard cans too, reducing the weight for those who would carry this beverage with them on a hike.

This label should be associated with beverages being consumed by an individual or group, or beverages that will be consumed by the hiking group - NOT old beer cans and bottles.
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