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Rough Eye Javelina LoopPhoenix, AZ
Phoenix, AZ
Hiking7.90 Miles 1,156 AEG
Hiking7.90 Miles   8 Hrs      0.99 mph
1,156 ft AEG
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I just realized I hadn't done my triplog for this yet. Time includes a lunch break, claim inspections, lounging on the Katwalk and later on the elongated rock bench/hill off of the Golden Eye Mine Trail.

Snakemarks "Kat" came up with this "loop" idea based on AZLOT's "Bruce" routes so this was our hike of the week. Desertgirl "Ambika" said she didn't have anything going on so she signed on for this Katventure. Kat PMed Bruce to see if he wanted to go along with 3 crazy photo-taking female hikers and he agreed :) . Then I PMed John who also came as his other hiking plans were canceled.

So off we went at 8AM from the TH. It was good Bruce was along as first of all, we would have taken the Javelina Mine Tr first and done the loop that way. Bruce, being mindful of us crazy photo-taking women thot for the best light : king : , we should take the Rough n Ready Cany first. Well as you come up near the top of the jeep road, you need to take a quick left (west) to make your way down to the wash that runs kind of north/south. We knew right away that we would have missed that abrupt turn. Bruce said you could also catch the wash at an intersection/swale further up on the jeep road.

This hike keeps getting better and better as you make your way north through the wash, passing a couple small cascade drop offs, eventually turning east across a bedrock area with pools of water (Ambika called it a sculpted rock water course) where high above you can see the Golden Eye arch and then intersecting with the Quartz Crystal Arroyo and the Spire. From here you continue along the wash bed where you come to a bend. To your right is a rock outcrop that has a mine claim on top (Bruce investigated & we would investigate on the way back) along with some nicely placed saguaros. In front of you is the mesquite grove as you look west.

We stayed down in the wash around the bend while Bruce went down the northside of the mineclaim hill. You continue on where you will eventually come to one of those golden cliffs in front of you that looks like the Wave of Fish Creek. On top is the Kat walk, although we did the top part on the way back, and stayed along side the Wave to our lunch spot just past the intersection with the PackSaddle Route. Along the way we caught a glimpse of a golden rock above the horizon, lost sight of it, and then saw it again. We call it Mitten "south" in honor of the Mitten in Sedona. I thot it looked more like the feathers on top of a rooster's head.

Our return trip was full of fun and adventure as well as we took the secret passageway :-$ up the north side of the Wave where it opens into a flat area. As you move along side the east ridge of the Wave, Kat found a way up to the middle section where she found a Katwalk with a bucket seat in the center. After goofing around here, Bruce suggested we keep walking south to see if we could merge back down to the wash bed and with no difficulty at all, that's exactly what we did. Now if we had been in the Supes we would have cliffed out, ran into a mountain or would have to do : rambo : major bushwhacking.

You can continue in the wash bed and in some cases you can get on a little higher ground. We all decided to go up the backside (north)of the mining claim Bruce had investigated earlier on our route. John found the tag for the claim. After checking it out and admiring the great view once again, we headed toward the intersection with the Quartz Crystal Arroyo where we made our way south and then east along this very interesting part of the scenery. There were little pools of running water here and there along the way.

Bruce took a detour out of the Arroyo where we ended up on part of the Golden Eye Mine trail. We made our way to a bench-like rock outcropping that gave you a view of Helmet Rock to the NW and other monoliths to the east. It was so nice just to lay on this long bench and enjoy the view, the weather and the camaraderie :DANCE: .

We concluded on the Javelina Mine Trail with glances back at the northern Goldfield terrain. The weather turned cooler but having target shooters in the distance :scared: , especially when I heard something hit the dirt, made for a quick little jaunt to meet up with the main access trail. I think we all had an absolutely FABulous day. :y:
For me, sometimes it's just as much about the journey as the destination.
Oh, and once in awhile, don't forget to look back at the trail you've traveled.
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