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Grand Gulch - Collins to Bullet
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mini location map2010-04-23
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Grand Gulch - Collins to BulletSoutheast, UT
Southeast, UT
Backpack avatar Apr 23 2010
Backpack33.50 Miles 1,680 AEG
Backpack33.50 Miles3 Days         
1,680 ft AEG
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1st trip
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This was an incredible trip...and to think that it started out as a North Rim GC trip with 11 takers! Ha!

Seeing as how all reliable reports indicated that the Bill Hall TH was not accessible, and even if it had been, no one had seen the condition of the trail since all the snow fall this winter, we went with plan "B": Grand Gulch. We'd secured the permits as a CYA kind of thing, and I'm glad we did. Despite the world-class reputation of Grand Gulch, however, there was quite the exodus from the trip once the "Grand Canyon" magic was removed. A total of 8 people backed out, with 3 new comers on at the last minute, giving us a much more manageable trip size of 6.

To say that I was the weakest hiker in the group was kinda like saying you were the ugliest girl in the Miss America competition. I felt like I was constantly running just to stay in last place!

The Hike write-up has the majority of the details, and I'm still working on the photo-journal. However, there were a few more personal notes that I wanted to mention.
  • First: Sometimes is best to just let Bob disappear. It will save you heartache, unnecessary mileage and wasted discussion time ;)
  • Second: In the mind game of weighing the benefits of straight hiking up and over an insanely steep sandy shelf or whacking through brush, mud and water, never forget to check for that magical third option (easier trail up and over shelf).
  • Third: Sometimes it really is easier just to get your pumpkin feet wet.
  • Also: It is so incredible to sit and eat your lunch in the same spot you were fighting quicksand in only a few weeks before.
  • Avoid at all costs giving your only water to someone who hikes faster than you do - the moment that you realize the mistake will come MUCH faster than the moment that they do.
  • Don't try to keep up with the Frenchman. You'll just blow a knee or a gasket or something.
  • On a trip where you're the only girl and there are 5 guys - you'd better bring extra Mango Tango.
  • The ancients had really tiny hands, and were probably much shorter than me, too. That may explain how they were able to reach places that many monkeys would fear to go (but not Bob).
  • There isn't a post-hike food higher on my list right now than green-chili pork Navajo Tacos from Gouldings. Period.
  • And Finally: HikeAZ people seem to rock all over Meetup folks on the "heck yeah lets do it" scale. Rock on, hikers, rock on!

Overall, a tough hike that Rob accurately predicted would go by too quickly. But no regrets here. I've only whetted the whistle on this one!
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