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KP Rim Loop
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mini location map2010-05-31
19 by photographer avatarte_wa
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KP Rim LoopAlpine, AZ
Alpine, AZ
Backpack avatar May 31 2010
Backpack17.50 Miles 3,800 AEG
Backpack17.50 Miles3 Days         
3,800 ft AEG
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1st trip
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very hot out there!
i will give my best observations:

1)the steeple creek trail from the t/h all the way down to Mud Spring is in horrible condition. im talking log hurdling every 100 feet, and exposure to unusually hot temps (87 in the shade, what little there was) made for a slow, cursing, banged up first day.
I rate this trail 1 star.

2)the KP and KP north fork trails are nice. small trout in the creek, i caught 2 rainbows and 5 browns in the little time i fished. the issue is, the trout are very small with my largest being 5" long, and the area is nothing nice to the fly fisherman. simply too many treefalls and snags. i think this trail under most conditions is a stong 3.5, maybe a 4.

3)overall the trip was ok, nothing spectacular in the way of great views or special scenery, and i think there are many areas of interest that offer pine and spruce forests that offer more interesting scenery much closer to the valley. the steeple creek trail is in worse shape than many parts of the mazatzals, and it reminded me of the Y-bar trail's evil twin.
Horned Lizard
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