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Museum of Northern Arizona Nature Trail, AZ
mini location map2010-10-25
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Museum of Northern Arizona Nature Trail, AZ 
Museum of Northern Arizona Nature Trail, AZ
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This "hike" was not what we had set out for. For weeks Michelle and I had been talking about hiking the Hart's Prairie Trail.

So off we went at 7am making the 3 hour drive to Flagstaff. We drove down Fort Valley Ranch Rd and found FR151. Pulled into the trailhead...there was one man there in his RV (very drunk as we saw it as as we pulled up he was in the process of throwing up.) We asked him if we were heading in the right direction...he told us to go park at the parking area on the left side of the road just before Mile Marker 226. We drove in, looking for the parking area....and we are confronted with horribly, rocky muddy terrain. In the end by the time we left the area and gave up on Hart's Prairie Trail I had 3 low tires, and tore part of my bumper off

We drove down the road and stopped at the Museum of Northern Arizona to ask the folks in there. They told me that we had been in the right place where the guy was. By the time we had given up we had wasted 2 hours and just didn't have the time to start Hart's Prairie Trail because we had to leave in a couple hours. So we decided to kill time at the Museum's little nature trail. It wasn't what we wanted, but the dogs still had alot of fun.

Michelle's dog, Stewie ran himself crazy! Unfortunately he tore 2 of his toenails off. But being over prepared as I always am I had a full dog first aid kit with me and was able to treat and wrap both of his feet. The trail may not have been amazing, but we got some good pictures out of that's at least good!

We'll try Hart's Prairie Trail again soon!
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