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Esperero Canyon Exploration, AZ
mini location map2010-11-21
10 by photographer avatarSarae
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Esperero Canyon Exploration, AZ 
Esperero Canyon Exploration, AZ
Hiking avatar Nov 21 2010
Hiking7.50 Miles 1,000 AEG
Hiking7.50 Miles   6 Hrs      1.25 mph
1,000 ft AEG
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1st trip
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A trip with a couple of adventurous friends up lower Esperero Canyon. There isn't access to the mouth of this canyon without bushwhacking and skirting around the residential area guarding the base of the canyon. From the Sabino Canyon Visitor Center, we connected with the Esperero Trail and followed it for about 1.5 miles. We did a bit of dodging and weaving from about Bird Canyon on the Esperero Trail to bypass some residences and get to the canyon. Once we dropped into the canyon, we boulder hopped for a few miles, passing several good sized pools and hoisting ourselves up large boulders. There had been some recent fountain grass removal work done at the bottom of the canyon (one member of our group participated), and there is much more that could be done further up the canyon. Continuing on, we used an existing rope to scramble up an 8' shelf. A bit further up, we reached a narrows with a waterfall. There was a rope rigged to help climb to the top of the waterfall, but we decided to have our lunch and then call it a day. We retraced our path to the residential area at the mouth of the canyon and then followed Esperero Wash through the subdivision and the golf course (that was a bit dodgy :sweat: ), to Sunrise Drive, where we had stashed our second vehicle.

It had been awhile since I had done so much boulder hopping and scrambling, and it was a blast! But I sure am feeling it today :D Also, this place is terrible, don't go here ;)
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