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Kofa Queen Canyon, AZ
mini location map2010-02-19
9 by photographer avataramblinman
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Kofa Queen Canyon, AZ 
Kofa Queen Canyon, AZ
Backpack avatar Feb 19 2010
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Kofa Queen Canyon is adjacent north of Palm Canyon, which is just north of stone cabin in the Kofa Wildlife refuge (north of Yuma on hwy 95). This hike was on Feb.19,2010,the day was mostly cloudy and perfectly cool. Great light, giving wonderful depth to the mountains and formations you normally loose in the glare of full light.My destination was a shack/cabin about 12 miles in on the other side of a low pass. Like too many times before, I got a later start than I would have liked and so only got about 9 miles in before complete darkness overtook me. The clouds and wind got together and had quite a rain dance keeping me awake most of the night (I was only using a tarp for shelter at the time). It stopped just long enough in the morning to pack up,but my achilles tendons (which had been trying to get my attention for a while)decided they had had enough so I hobbled back out. Still it was nice. I walked through drizzling rain on the way out,which really exposed the variations of green in the canyon. I later disposed of the desert storm military boots I had been using and shortened my stride and that seems to have done the trick as far as my sore tendons. I know they're not the preferred hiking shoe these days but they sure handled the abuse of the desert rocks like none other, however the heal box was like steel and had to go. It was a sad parting,my eye got a little moist.So they went back to Good Will (I'm a thrift store junky) and a few weeks later in the same thrift store I found a pair of Merrels in very good condition for $15.00 that fit perfect, so I'm over my loss now.
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