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South Mtn Park / Pima Cyn
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mini location map2012-03-20
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South Mtn Park / Pima CynPhoenix, AZ
Phoenix, AZ
Run/Jog avatar Mar 20 2012
Run/Jog18.30 Miles 1,500 AEG
Run/Jog18.30 Miles   3 Hrs   41 Mns   4.97 mph
1,500 ft AEG2 LBS Pack
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I was surprised to see all the snow on the Supes flying into Phoenix last night. Much different than a weeks ago! Pretty cool for end of March! Since we got to the hotel about 8pm and had to leave early morning, I was excited to get in a night trail run. The closest hike I could find was the South Mountain Park. At three miles from the hotel it was very doable. I grabbed my headlamp and cellphone and headed out the door. I had the Pima Canyon Trailhead on my cell phone nav and got there with no problems. Someday I have to see if I can figure out how to load courses on my Garmin running watch. I stopped at a gas station just before heading into the park and grabbed some water.

There was only one car in the lot at the trailhead and I couldn't believe how many stars I could see. I looked at the map for a few minutes trying to figure out how in the world to run a trail in this area without getting lost. Just about any direction that I turned I could see a trail leading off in a different direction with my headlamp. I didn't want to run around in circles for three hours. I was hoping to catch a trail on the ridgeline and head west towards some of the higher hills. As I am looking at the trail map today, I think I got pretty lucky with the trails that I ended up on last night. It even feels familiar, like I know the area pretty good looking at the map! I would have liked to reach more of the eastern parts of the area though.

I started out towards the hills I could see facing the city. I swear the markers were alternately marked East Loop and West Loop. It was nuts and in the dark I was beginning to question finding a good trail that I could return on. But pretty soon I came across a wider trail with power lines on it and figured it had to lead somewhere. The markers said Beverly Canyon. Pretty soon I saw a trail heading right that was marked ridgeline and took that since I was hoping to cut along the ridgeline east. This trail was fun and had some great views of the night city as I went along. I came to a T in the trail and took a right on Javelina but after a quarter mile or so I could tell it was looping back west so I doubled back and followed it the other direction. I finally came to National and stayed on this one until climbing up for a good view of the city just past the Geronimo trail turnoff. By now it was approaching 11pm so I figured I needed to be heading back since I counted on getting lost once or twice. But going back was pretty simple and I found that I could see the reflections of the next trail marker out ahead with the headlamp and get an idea each time of where the trail was heading before running it. I didn't miss the other turns again until just about to the trailhead, where somehow I ended up on East Loop instead of West Loop in a basin and noticed that I was rounding the hill that I saw to the north of me when I reached the trailhead earlier. I cut across heading west along a trail until I reached a development and could see that resort/casino. From there it was easy to get back to the hotel. Very nice night trail run and I actually had a sweater with a hood on the whole time. I thought it would be a bit warmer in March!
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