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Pyramid to National to Bursera (Loop), AZ
mini location map2012-04-01
19 by photographer avatarjdashton
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Pyramid to National to Bursera (Loop), AZ 
Pyramid to National to Bursera (Loop), AZ
Hiking avatar Apr 01 2012
Hiking12.00 Miles 1,257 AEG
Hiking12.00 Miles   4 Hrs   30 Mns   2.67 mph
1,257 ft AEG
 no routes
1st trip
Great half day hike! Perfect weather in the 70's and nice cool breeze. Walked from home in neighborhood to trailhead at end of Chandler Blvd. Began on Pyramid (3.0 miles) National...west for approximately 6 miles to Bursera (2.85 miles)which brought me back to my starting point. About 1 hour from front door to peak on Pyramid (see cairn at peak). Continued west on National from which you now see downtown Phoenix/West Valley/Tempe/Scottsdale etc. Two caves along the way, and an open mine shaft. Descent down National before intersecting with Bursera was rather steep, and I was glad that I wasn't going the other way as the two bicyclists were while walking their bikes up the climb. Two bottles of water were sufficient for me in this weather. I only encountered a few people which was surprising, for being a weekend and such beautiful weather but there isn't much in the way of connectors with other paths in between except for Lost Ranch Mine Trail and Lost Ranch Ruins Trail which aren't marked from National so unless you are in this loop for it entirety, there's not much to shorten it. The end of the loop takes you back up an AEG of about 600 feet which was enough to slow me down considerably. I will definitely do this one again! (See photoset if interested).
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