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Rincon Peak
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Tucson, AZ
Tucson, AZ
Hiking Nov 25 2005
Hiking15.00 Miles 4,750 AEG
Hiking15.00 Miles
4,750 ft AEG
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Pretty awesome day for a great hike. I have never been to Rincon Peak, despite seeing it daily in my travels around Tucson.
I needed a workout, and decided today was the day.
It's a nice trail, I was early at 6:45 or so to start up the Miller Creek. It was double gloves, really chilly in the drainage. Even my face felt frozen. As soon as I climbed out the sun lit the peaks and I was taking a layer off. The trail climbs persistently but IMO moderately once you leave the drainage. You go by huge boulder mazes, cross some more drainages, and it is beautiful.
Soon the views start too, kinda blasted out by the early morning sun for any photos. I was the only one on the trail so early, however I would meet about 6 others as I trekked down.
At Happy Valley it was quiet, I saw some deer, dappled in the morning light. No water I could see. I made the turn to Rincon Peak, climbed a little more earnestly. Mostly in the shade, so I was quite comfortable, almost too cool, in shorts and tank top.
The last little climb up will get that heart rate going. The pines and the quiet of the trail make your rise to the top seem bearable.
At the peak register, in an odd place I thought, you go on up to the top and the most incredible views. It was hazy, but you could see out it seemed forever 360 degrees. The huge cairn must have been made by someone(s) with a lot of time on their hands. Sadly, I noted a fire burning in the Chiricahuas. You could see the Galiuros, Huachucas, Catalinas, Dragoons, and others.
I hung out here for an early lunch, looked around, then started down. My right hip twinged a bit, but did ok. A month ago I could stand maybe 5-10 minutes and walk about 50 feet without intense pain that stopped me in my tracks. I think my rehab is complete.
I met several couples on the way up, and a young man I scared nearly to death when I jumped back on the trail in front of him after going off trail for a pic. The afternoon light was wonderful, and I kept steadily at it, getting to the Jeep with daylight to spare.
Trip time--6:45 start, about 9:00 Happy Valley, the Peak a little after 11:00. Down from there about 11:40, to Jeep at 3:30.

With an early start this is a moderate hike, and one very enjoyable in the cool of the season. I'll do this one again.
Will have pics up later.

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