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Oso Flaco Lake Trail
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Oso Flaco Lake TrailLos Angeles, CA
Los Angeles, CA
Hiking avatar Jun 01 2012
Hiking2.20 Miles
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I was in Lompoc for my Uncle Alfred's Memorial Service but that wasn't until Saturday so we (my brother and two cousins) decided to be tourists. I wanted to go to Avila Beach where my parents had been in 1953. It was a very scenic drive from Lompoc (where we were staying) as you are going through prime agricultural real estate. This area is noted for its strawberries and there were strawberry fields everywhere :D .
We had lunch outside at Avila Beach and then headed for the See Canyon Winery. After photographing the peacocks and there were many, we headed inside for the wine tasting. We had heard they offered an apple Merlot so that is why we picked this winery out of the many in the area. And yep, we walked away with a case of wine between the 3 of us. The apple merlot is everything it's cracked up to be.... I coulda spent the afternoon there ;) .

Our next goal was the bird preserve at Oso Flaco recommended by Stacy (my first cousin-once removed; I have lots and lots of cousins). Now mind you, we really had vague directions and were told there would be signs of which there were none :? until you reach the TH. We were driving in the general vicinity (back toward Lompoc) and decided that Oso Flaco Lake Road may take us where we want to go and if it didn't, it was only 3 miles. If you're ever in the area, you need to ask for directions to Oso Flaco Lake.

It was a bit windy and overcast by the time we got there but we headed down the trail on a flattened dirt berm until you walk on the bridge-way across the end of the lake on the west side. None of us were dressed for these cooler temps but we continued on as the scenery was wonderful :y: . We saw lots of birds and ducks and cormorants. Eventually you get to the other side of the lake and are presented with a landscape of silver-lupined sand dunes mixed with other flora. There are interpretive signs along the way too.

Cousin Connie and I were laggards as usual when my brother yells softly, "bobcat". Well I thot he was kidding so I just continued to amble and when I reached him, my other cousin Dennis said the bobcat was on the boardwalk. He did manage to get a picture (whether or not I'll get to see it???). I thot my brother was kidding as he does that kind of stuff to me all the time [-X . Oh well. We did keep our eyes pinned just in case the cat would pop up again.

The walk on the boardwalk was so incredible as the silver-lupine (also called dune lupine) was in full bloom and lots of them. Soon we found ourselves overlooking the ocean; but that was all you could see :( as the marine layer was very low. There were signs pointing out various landmarks but we couldn't see a thing :tt: . When we headed back, the wind was no longer in our face so we were warmer.... thank goodness.

I highly recommend this short walk as it has a lot to offer in a short amount of time; even in the not so ideal weather conditions we encountered. There is a lot to see and enjoy along the way.
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For me, sometimes it's just as much about the journey as the destination.
Oh, and once in awhile, don't forget to look back at the trail you've traveled.
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