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Huachuca Meanderings, AZ
mini location map2012-07-01
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Huachuca Meanderings, AZ 
Huachuca Meanderings, AZ
Hiking avatar Jul 01 2012
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Hiking2.11 Miles
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Our intent was to drive around to the other side of the mountains and do a loop hike but between Lilo's sore paws (I think from the rocky terrain the previous day more so than the distance) and the heat, we just ended up doing some sight seeing. Quite frankly, this was fine with me since Wendy and I got in our extra hiking on Saturday anyway.

We had planned a later morning rise but since some sort of hiking club pulled into the Lot next to us at 6AM, everyone pretty well rose after that. It was a delightful nite temperature wise and I know I got in some long cat naps :zzz: cuz I caught myself snoring a couple times.

After breakfast we headed down the mountainside. Wendy showed me where the tall Carr waterfall could be spotted. We drove around the east side of the mountains before heading east and then south and then west up Montezuma Canyon to the Pass. The light was dancing all around us so I tried to get some movies and photos of our journey. Once to the top of the Pass, it was quite awesome :DANCE: to look over both sides and up at Miller Peak from its backside so to speak.

Our next stop was Oversite Canyon (sorry I spelled it wrong in the video). After turning off the main road, we ended up stopping where the now dry creek runs across the road. The road got kind of yucky so we pulled over and walked the rest of the way to the TH. This was an interesting walk from the mouth of the canyon as a few motor bike people passed by us and then there was this father/grandson duo parked alongside the road. We would later find out that they had been up to check out some of the caves. The caves on the left side (NW/E) were caved in pretty much but they did say the cave to the south of the road was open (sorry I forgot the name of the cave).

Stop #3 would be the remains of Sunnyside. I was impressed that Wendy rememberd the turn off to this place as you turn on Sunnyside Canyon road and then you come to a fork, take the right side off of the main road. This road was rather gnarly to say the least but Wendy and Bu powered forward :gun: . There is another opportunity to go right into the dry creek bed but she stayed left until you come to a bit of a drop off in the road. At this point, we all backed up and parked our vehicles for the very short walk to the ghosttown.

The sun peeked in and out of the clouds all day which added to the allure of both Oversite Canyon and now Sunnyside. We looked at the remains of two of the houses overlooking the creek. They both looked to be fairly nice houses and the one had a nice porch overlooking the creek. There was a well that you could still see water in and the substantial structure that held the tank was still in tact though the tank had blown off in the distance. The tank must have blown off in the last couple years as I saw a pic with the tank on the wood trellis.

We then went over to the newer house (McIntyre). It was a rather large house that seemed to have all the amenities of the day. Of course, the house is all open so you can peak in, around and under it. There was a nice large chicken coop and green house as well as a rather large shop. They also had an irrigated tree grove that was fenced in and there was still some grape vines growing on the fence. There was also what looked to be a large corral on the other side of the creek and maybe a barn. For whatever reason, we didn't go over there. This looked like one cool place that the owners had put a lot of work into. I have pics and also a movie.

Now to finish the drive which took us by Parker Canyon Lake (very nice) and onto Sonoita thru wine country. It really is beautiful out there though the road curves a lot. We stopped at Sonoita to pick up a sandwich to split so that we wouldn't be too starving by the time we hit El Charro in Tucson. It was sure hot :x when we got out of the car. We had the windows open pretty much until Parker Canyon Lake and then had to throw in the towel for the A/C.

I am always glad that Wendy makes my drive to her part of AZ worthwhile by adding on these side journeys. I still got back to Phx at a reasonable hour and didn't have to put up with too much traffic.

I hope you enjoy the video that has a little of the driving scenery, the hike at Oversite, the walk around Sunnyside and a tad more drive:
Water Well
For me, sometimes it's just as much about the journey as the destination.
Oh, and once in awhile, don't forget to look back at the trail you've traveled.
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