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Cape Royal TrailNorthwest, AZ
Northwest, AZ
Hiking avatar Sep 01 2012
Hiking1.20 Miles 10 AEG
Hiking1.20 Miles
10 ft AEG
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This hike was our final stop of 3 for the day. The ultimate goal would be a picnic under a full moon. Well it ended up being more by sunset but nonetheless, it was totally awesome :y: .

The clouds had rolled back in and were hovering above us as we made our way to look at Angels Window. The last time I was here we had bright sunshine, blue skies and a green Colorado. Today was pretty much the opposite of that. It's still a wonder to look through and around the window at the incredible landscape. I took plenty of photos and videos; especially thru the window. I got my focusing to shape up after putting the setting to Scenery so that the lens wouldn't focus on the flora in front of the window.

Next it was time to walk out on the terrace above the window. It was somewhat windy; however, we got the terrace to ourselves. You could see down to the Colorado and up to Humprheys Peak all in one fell swoop. After lingering a short time, we headed to the highlight of the day, the tip of Cape Royal. It is so unlike me to go past a railing but since there were other folks doing it, I followed suit. It looks like this happens quite often.

David, one of our fellow ABCers had been rapelling somewhere around here. Looking to the west, there was unusual light getting through creating that layered look we are so fond of when looking at distant landscape. Gradually the sun would break through and WOW WOW WOW, did we ever get a show by Mother Nature :y: . It was so unexpected and such a treat as the sun made its way up the canyon.

We were all starting to get hungry and thirsty so it was time to head to the picnic area. I stopped one more time at the Angels Window vista and then headed to the picnic ground. We rushed our stuff to the tables but then spent the next 20 minutes watching the sun set on Wotan's Throne which was made even more special by David's guitar playing. It was a magical time that went by way too fast!

So now it was time to prepare the potluck we would spread across 3 picnic tables. One ABCer, Dan, made this incredible Thai entree that put the rest of us to shame. But we also had fondue and salad and meats and cheeses and orange delight. It was such a grand dinner in such a grand place. You all would have loved it.

The next event was the moonrise. It wasn't quite as spectacular due to cloud cover but we enjoyed it for about 1/2 hour as we gathered everything back to the vehicles. We watched the moon rise and lightning to the west in the parking lot as that was the best visual. All I can say is what a morning :D , what an afternoon :) , what an evening : app : .

Here is the video from Cape Royal including Angels Window, the Cape, the sunset, the lightning show (the lightning show didn't film well but I still had to document it):
Oh, may I suggest you change the quality on youtube to HD1080. You can find that setting next to the minutes just below the video screen (or next to the clock icon)
Common Raven
Throwing a Wendy
For me, sometimes it's just as much about the journey as the destination.
Oh, and once in awhile, don't forget to look back at the trail you've traveled.
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