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Transept TrailNorthwest, AZ
Northwest, AZ
Hiking avatar Aug 31 2012
Hiking3.00 Miles 50 AEG
Hiking3.00 Miles   1 Hour   23 Mns   3.40 mph
50 ft AEG      30 Mns Break
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:DANCE: This was our second hike after coming back from the Widforss Interpretive Trail hike. I've wanted to do the trail since I was up here the last time. I have to say however, I guess I expected more.

Nonetheless we wandered from our camp spot to the general vicinity of camp spot 15 to find the TH. It's a nice little hike mostly on top of the rim, though you do have to go wide in one area. There are a couple places with a pretty good view before you hit the dip. There is a bench just before the corner and if you're not used to hiking and coming from the Lodge, this is an ideal spot to sit and enjoy the moment.

There is also a left over ruin up here, that was unexpected. As you get closer to the area just before the bridge, there is a fallen log that if you're brave enough, you can take a short cut. Wendy and I shivered at the thot. :scared: When you round the corner there is a small bridge that goes over a drainage and the remnants of some sort of pipe system.

Soon you arrive at the lookout with great views of the very deep Transept Canyon. It is a pretty canyon. Oza Butte is off to the west as well. We spent a few minutes here taking pics and in my case some video. It wasn't too crowded so we were lucky. We continued on toward Bright Angel Point. It was a very pleasant hike with not a lot of folks milling around. I enjoyed making my video with Wendy walking ahead. The views on either side of you really are so breath-taking; especially when you arrive at the Point :y: .

We stayed for a bit at Bright Angel Point looking down into the Canyon and beyond. But alas, it was lunch time, we had been hiking and the girl (that would me me) was HUNGRY. So we made our way up the big hill to the Lodge and to the deli where, as usual, my eyes were bigger than my stomach and I ordered 2 pieces of pizza which meant, no room for ice cream :cry: .

We checked out the gift and book stores. I found a little booklet on the Hermit Trail which I am supposed to tackle in November. And then it was back to camp via the Bridle Trail. This was a nice walk with a huge path for most of it and some excellent stone work along the way. You come out near the amphitheater and then it's just a matter of where is your camp space?

So now I don't have to wonder about the Transept Trail anymore and the Bridle Path makes a nice loop to traverse between the campground and the Lodge. It was a great first day at the North Rim. Quite a few of our group would come back to watch the sunset :) from the Lodge (I also got video of that).

The hike (Transept to BA Pt) and evening video coverage:
Oh, may I suggest you change the quality on youtube to HD1080. You can find that setting next to the minutes just below the video screen (or next to the clock icon)
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For me, sometimes it's just as much about the journey as the destination.
Oh, and once in awhile, don't forget to look back at the trail you've traveled.
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